Saturday, August 14, 2010

This will Brighten (shiny) your day

Ok so I, Patrick, have a special treat for you today. The songs below are, as per usual, all excellent, but today my friends, is all about one song. This one song is essentially the favorite child of my song family. It gets the most hugs and the other songs are disgruntled at their lack of attention in the face of my honor roll student varsity athlete star child. This song is totally unreleased and wasn't easy to track down, so promise me you'll do yourselves a favor and bump this tune on some speakers with a little bass. Finally, the moment you've been waiting for:

This song combines two of my most favorite artists. Chromeo's electrofunk stylings worked over by a genius man by the name of Siriusmo, based out of Berlin, Germany.

Much like me on the basketball court, this song is on FIYAH. MillionYoung is an up and coming new artist with a lot of potenital. Here he takes a Neon Indian song and turns it into a shining dreampop example of what a song should sound like.

At first you go, huh? Then you're all, what?? Then you go, more please. Do it.

Now get back to college.

Love, Patrick

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