Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Out Across the Sound

Honestly there's such a vast array of music I'm about to throw at you right now that A. it's borderline absurd and B. I'm having a hard time figuring out where to start. I suppose the best way to do it is to go from the slow/groove-filled and work our way up to the borderline demented while stopping at all the various points in between. In other words, if you don't want to wade through the babble, feel free to jump ahead to the requisite sections...

In one of the most badass re-appropriations I've come across in a long time, mystery producers Claptone get all sorts of deep on a Wu Tang Clan classic here, resulting in some kind of utterly dope ghetto funky deepness.
download: Claptone - Cream (Original Mix)

The melodic progression in this next track off of Miami deep house imprint Petfoods is really special. Skip to the ethereal build after the 3:00 minute mark if you want to know what I'm talking about. Sorrow is only one of three tracks on the EP and the other two are just as wonderful, make sure to support and give them a listen/purchase on beatport!
download: Pol_On - Sorrow (Original Mix)

Sticking with the Petfood theme, next up we have these two sensuous cuts from Steve Huerta, who you may be familiar with for his work under another moniker, Go Funk Urself (releases on labels like weplayminimal). The first track, Love Clap, is coming out this spring on Petfood's upcoming compilation, and is a perfect testament to the young labels growing collection of really high quality releases.

The second track, Revenge, is a groove-laden slice of Balearic style deepness that really hits the spot. The release deets for Revenge are still under wraps, so be sure to keep up with all things Huerta on his Soundcloud and check out a preview below. Based on these two tracks though, I think it's definitely safe to say this dude is one to keep your eyes on in the coming months.

The remix package for Azari & III's anthem 'Reckless With Your Love" is finally out after a much hyped and long delayed release process. The Tiga effort is worth a look for its oddly chopped up electro-tech approach, but for me the real winner is the deliciously deep and melodic Cole Medina mix. Grab it below and check the full Remix EP on beatport.
download: Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Cole Medina Remix)

This next Dj Glen release is simply up to something shady. 'Inside' is the a track that's mischievous right from the start, and is the type of quirky, freaky tech that would easily be right at home in the debaucherous 4th dimension colloquially known as DC10 in Ibiza.
download: Dj Glen - Inside (Original Mix)

I'll just come right out and say it; I could have sex with this bassline, it's that good. Or at least while listening to it. Bouncing vibes from one of our favorite labels out of the UK in Hypercolour. Something about this one just feels naughty; in other words, you should probably play it loudly next time you find yourself around lots of people dancing in a confined space.
download: Homeboy - Sound In D Air (Original Mix)

Flume has been breaking all sorts of boundaries recently with his unrestrained approached to electronic music. And I mean truly electronic music, because his tracks offer shades of all sides of the electronic spectrum, and refuse to adhere to a single definable genre. Grab his newest release which he gave away fo' free below.

And this other, older favorite from him (also free).. Forreal, this Aussie youngster is on some other shit, watch out..

So this one is relatively run of the mill for the first half or so, but after the 3 minute mark it COMPLETELY GOES OFF. Skip up to 2:45 to see what I mean; this one gets all sorts of baller funky with a murderous mix of nu-disco cuts and fat bass. Dancefloor gold.
download: Super Super - Babydaddy Dub (Original Mix)

Alex Gopher getting back to his extremely awesome electro roots here. I could listen to this side of his stuff for days.
download: autoKratz feat. Peter Hook - Becoming The Wraith (Alex Gopher Night Remix)

Killer, high energy progressive techy goodness from the Swedes Matisse & Sadko.
download: Matisse & Sadko - Amulet (Original Mix)

Attaque is a young producer hailing from Germany. I can only really describe his sound as techno that is at once absolutely terrifying and delightfully energetic, and he's pretty much as badass as anything I've come across recently. Keep up with him on his Beatport and his Facebook.
download: Attaque - Signals (Original Mix)

download: Attaque - Moderate (Original Mix)

Want more? Belgian madman Modek is making some equally powerful stuff:
download: Modek - Willow (Original Mix)

Green Velvet here doing what he does best; making delirious techno that seems equally effective for sucking you onto the dance floor as it is for dissolving any semblance of your rational mind once you get there. Traditionally this makes his style quite hit-or-miss, as his more mind numbingly repetitive tracks can definitely get annoying fast, but with "Michael Jackson", he completely hits the nail on the head. For those of you who'd prefer a vocal-less dub cut, check the full release on Beatport.
download: Phil Kieran & Green Velvet - Michael Jackson (Mic Jack In Version)

What do you get when you mix Rubix's disco-inspired sensibilities with Bart B More's instinct for dutch techno madness? A track called Ari that's 50% nu-disco, 50% acid house, and 100% Bright & Shiny approved dynamite.
download: Bart B More & Rubix - Ari (Original)

Disco of Doom pouring their predictable amount of insanity into this remix.
download: Bart B More & Rubix - Ari (Disco of Doom Remix)

Stay Classy,

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Fun

Kudos to PK for the reference on this amazing rework of the most classic house track of all time..
download: Kevin Saunderson ft. Inner City - Big Fun (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

Ken Loi's recent self-titled Ken Loi EP is pretty big. Actually, that's an understatement - it's absolutely gigantic. Each one of the tracks is somewhere between big room progressive house and off-the-walls electro, and that somewhere ends up being a seriously lethal dancefloor concoction. Expect to hear these next two all over Miami this year and be sure to grab the whole EP off of beatport.
download: Ken Loi - Cutoff (Original Mix)

download: Ken Loi - Hands Up (Original Mix)

Robbie Rivera going all sorts of crazy with this remix. Dude's been in the game for like 20 years and is still totally on point..
download: 68 Beats - Noise (Robbie Rivera Juicy Remix Part I)

Smooth, beachy vibes AND (presumably blonde) Russian girlfriends? I'm pretty sure Perseus has locked down the ultimate combination here..
download: Perseus - Russian Girlfriends (Original Mix)

More beachy deliciousness, this time from Bright & Shiny all star Bit Funk.
download: Boys Get Hurt - Can't Wait (Bit Funk Remix)

Face-melting builds and bouncing acid-inspired electro. I'm pretty sure this one has festival monster written all over it. Release from the homies over at GND records.
download: Decalicious - High Gloss (Jagerverb Remix)

Some Gesaffelstein is always the basis of a proper breakfast.
download: Gesaffelstein - Selected Faces (Original Mix)

Rave stabs and deep bass. Swanky Vibes. We already posted a track from this EP for free the other day, so if you like what you hear go buy this one off Beatport.
Purchase Link: Maelstrom - House Music (Coni Remix)

Bonus Time with Eli Escobar
download: Bag Raiders - Not Over (Eli Escobar Remix)

Stay Classy,

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mixtape Sunday: Episode 003

Two weeks in a row we're here with a Radio 1 essential mix, but hey, this is just too good to pass up. Scuba threw this together on Saturday and it is one of the most well-rounded mixes I have ever heard; it goes in about every direction imaginable, albeit with a consistently DEEP edge. I've just recently discovered this guy Paul Rose, but after listening to this I have a feeling he will be hot on our radar for the foreseeable future. For some reason Soundcloud is making this difficult to embed, so just click the link below to get there. Enjoy.

2012-02-25 - Scuba (Hotflush Recordings) @ Essential Mix, BBC Radio 1

Following up on his recent 'Adrenalin' EP, Scuba has released his third album, 'Personality', today on his own Hotflush Recordings. Check this preview and see what you think.

- Jimmy

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sound Symphonia

House music? House music.
download: Maelstrom - House Music (Boston Bun Remix)

Visa our friends over at Upside Sounds

Off the new Grimes album, which is absolutely mesmerizing and you should buy it now (itunes), is this track Circumambient, which perfectly encapsulates the hypnotic garage pop of Canada's newest indie star. For the impatient, skip to 30 seconds in.
download: Grimes - Circumambient

I'm glad I was superficial enough to let the beautiful girl on this youtube video lead me to this equally delightful song.
download: Jean Nipon - Dolphins (Original Mix)

The first single off of Lone's new album Galaxy Garden, which is set to release this May.

It is Thursday after all so i feel responsible for presenting you guys with some more club-oriented sounds. This Sticky K classic still goes big.
download: Sticky K - Club Persh (Original Mix)

download: Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl - In My Mind (Axwell Mix)

Also, this new remix of SBTRKT is an absolute can't-miss, and is actually rumored to have come at the hands of Thom Yorke (of Radiohead fame).
download: SBTRKT - Hold On (SiSi BakBak Remix) [removed by request]

For the more visually oriented of you, this video is worth a look as well.

Stay Classy,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


New Disclosure has me again scratching my head at why this is only available on vinyl... This song is simply too damned good.

Since you can't take that one, here's some Disclosure you can take home with you. Definitely one of the most exciting young acts coming out of the UK right now.
download: Crystal Fighters - At Home (Disclosure Mix)

Rediscovered this chillwave classic the other day. Still loving it.
download: Memoryhouse - To The Lighthouse (Millionyoung Remix)

Typical Brodinski here, meaning a touch of acid mixed with a healthy dosing of french techno... So yeah, it's wonderful.
download: Yusek - Off The Wall (Brodinski Remix)

New Bingo Players is quite large... I love that these guys can switch up their sound on every new single and still absolutely kill it.
download: Bingo Players - L'Amour (Original Mix)

Bonus Sounds from The Cloud


Stay Classy,

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mixtape Sunday: Episode 002

Yes it is Monday and not Sunday. No, I don't care. It's a long weekend in the states. A few days ago, Maceo Plex's essential mix aired on BBC Radio 1. For those of you who don't know Eric Estornel too well, he's actually been in the game for quite some time, releasing his first record in '98. Under the moniker, Maetrik, his sound consisted of mostly darker techno whereas recently, as Maceo Plex, he has devoted himself to a slower and sexier funk while still retaining a unique darkness to his new house sound. This mix is full of goodies and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I have. Pay attention to the first couple minutes for a short bio given by Pete Tong and Maceo himself. Full tracklist after the jump...

Bonus Maceo:

[Download Removed by Request]: Maceo Plex - Stay High Baby (Original Mix)

[Download Removed by Request]: Maceo Plex - Can't Leave You (Original Mix)

[Download Removed by Request]: Maceo Plex - Your Style (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [128kbps]

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jeffree's presents: Zebra Katz

Zebra Katz is a new producer on Jeffree's, an extension of the Mad Decent record label with the purpose of releasing the most progressive and forward thinking electronic music from around the world.  Here's a word from label boss Diplo on this new imprint:
“Our new extension of Mad Decent, Jeffrees, is the best new music -the most progessive, the most amazing. the deepest underground and subterranean sounds from the Earth’s crust; the best sounds available and it’s free.  It’s what Mad Decent was originally made for new artists thinking outside of the box” - Diplo
The premise of Jeffree's is that there will be a new single available for free every other Thursday, accompanied by higher resolution copies of the tracks sold with a compilation by Mad Decent that will be available for purchase on Itunes and Beatport every two months.

Zebra Katz's 'Ima Read' is his debut release and includes a slew of great remixes.  The original features Njene Reddd Fox vocals which add a serious amount of attitude to the dark, minimal tone of the track.  With little more than a round kick drum and low pitch drone for the instrumental, this track almost seems like it's moving in slow motion.  The provocative lyrics really make the track and include a frequent reference to the phrase "Ima read that bitch".  The term "Read" originated from the 1980's vogueing movement from New York City and simply means to verbally insult someone in a brutal way that may not necessarily be apparent to a common bystander.  Listen to and download the original, plus my favorite remixes from the group:

Zebra Katz - Ima Read feat. Njene Reddd Fox          [Download Here]

Zebra Katz - Ima Read feat. Njene Reddd Fox (Dj Sliink Remix)          [Download Here]

Zebra Katz - Ima Read feat. Njene Reddd Fox (Slick Shoota Remix)          [Download Here]

Produced by Lauren Castro and directed by Ruben Sznajderman, the video is incredibly compelling and I'm really loving how it was shot.  Watch it below:

For more Zebra Katz, follow follow follow:


[Download Here]

Love, Patrick

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Selection

For all those late nights, early mornings and every bit of ridiculousness in between, we got a bit of everything comin' at you for this weekend's playlist.

Progressive / Big Room
First up this new Mat Zo is completely banging from start to finish. The young Above & Beyond protege has shown glimpses of greatness before, such as on last year's bomb of a track 'Superman' but this new Bipolar EP really shows him maturing as a producer into a certified baller.  Each track has its own vibe, but they all feature a common balance between melodic progressive elements and heavy hitting drops; a combination that adds up to dancefloor gold. My personal two favorites are Ring On It and the title track Bipolar, but honestly the whole EP is worth your money, check out the previews below:

A classic from Adam K and Soha, this one is right at the top of my list of all time favorite late-night  tracks. All I can say is gorgeous.
download: Adam K & Soha - Twilight (Original Mix)

Simple in the best way possible, this next track is a straightforward hands-in-the-air anthem reminiscent of some of avicii's best.
download: Ehrencrona - This Is So Good (Original Mix)

Tommy Trash x Moguai = big room madness
download: Moguai & Tommy Trash - In N' Out (Original Mix)

Cali duo No Body continuing to get better and better as their tracks seem to be getting bigger and bigger.
download: Mercer - Vaquesso (No Body Remix)

Bonus time:
download: Mark Knight, Adam K, Soha - From The Speaker (Original Club Mix)

download: Atrocite - Only You feat. Mque (Deniz Koyu Remix)

download: Sebastian Drums & Avicii - My Feelings For You (Angger Dimas Bambu Remix)

The Deep End
Somebody suggested this track to me the other day, and let me say it is the ABSOLUTE JAM. I know it's not brand new so some of you might already have it, but for those of you who don't i recommend downloading it before you even finish reading this paragraph. The way it builds over the 7 minutes from the throbbing bass-filled beat at the start into the piano splashed anthem status at the end is utterly incredible.
download: Dj Nibc - The Doorman (Casino Times Remix)

Sultry, midnight deepness - play at your own caution, this track has been known to promote total irresponsibility wherever it finds itself hopping out of speakers.
download: Will Crawshaw & Matt Fear - Just One (Original Mix)

Melodic deep house + UK bass is pretty much a guarenteed recipe for success in our book. Londoners No Artificial Colours doing big tings on this one.
download: No Artificial Colours - Love Box (Original Mix)

I was recently suggested Rodriguez Jr. by a friend, and upon checking him out every single track I've heard by him is absolutely amazing. This remix of the newest Tiger Stripes EP shows the hypnotic, incredibly-well-produced allure of his sound. Definitely a dude to pay attention to in the future.
download: Tiger Stripes - Glorified (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)

download: Rodriguez Jr. & Cari Golden - Music Don't Lie (Original Mix)

download: Pan-Pot - Captain My Captain (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)

Everything Else Under The Sun
A funkin' throwback remix of Chromeo by Lifelike. Reminds me a lot of Grum.
download: Chromeo - Needy Girl (Lifelike Remix)

A classic remix of Jori Hulkkonen. I've always found the pulsing synth work here coupled with the surrealist vocal performance completely addictive.
download: Jori Hulkkonen - I Am Dead (Who Made Who Remix)

We don't often post rap, so when we do you should know there's a reason we're doing it: it's really good. That's the case with this next one which we got in our mailbox a couple weeks back. The beat is money and this dude has a pretty addictive flow, check him out, dudes about to blow up: Ramaj Eroc
download: Ramaj Eroc - For The Love (Feat Poncho) [Prod by Evelution]

Similar to the rap, we don't post much dubstep unless we find it particularly good. For some reason I'm really digging this Gosteffects & Rule of Eight remix.
download: Imogen Heap - Just For Now (Gosteffects & Rule of Eight "I'm God" Remix)

Is there a song Lone has ever made that's not been mind-blowingly good?
download: Lone - Risttowe (Original Mix)

New Deadmau5. It's catchy, you like it.
download: Deadmau5 - Maths (Original Mix)

Blende continues to impress here. All of his songs have a way of carefully building from a simple element in the beginning into a frenzy of addictive high energy electro. One of my favorite up-and-comers right now for sure.
download: Douze - Eternity's Call Back (Blende Remix)

Stay Classy,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Ready

Irishman Brian Durkin has been gaining momentum in the house music scene ever since he was picked up last year by Audiojack’s label, Gruuv Music, because of this debut single. Hugo morphs the original into a tech- house monster, ready to ensnare any late night dance floor dwellers. I’m not really a fan of the dubby breakdown later on, but everything else is on point.
Download: Deep Future – Do It All Night (Hugo Remix)

This dude Solomun has been making his mark on this blog for some time now. I’m sure when we see him live in Miami this March, we’ll be fully convinced that he’s a straight up wizard. Based around a Tupac vocal sample, this jam epitomizes a booty-shakin' anthem.
Download: Solomun – Something We All Adore

I don’t know much about this Spaniard fellow, Tuccillo, but I definitely know I like this song. There’s a cool little guitar riff in there, and the bell synths remind me of the Round Table Knights Remix of Burning by MK. If you’ve heard that song… that’s all I need to say. If not, go run and get it.
Download: Tuccillo – Sandbell

I found these last two off a mix just yesterday. They’re not too recent themselves, but definitely worth a listen.
Download: Nils Koenig - Tonight

Download: Kruse and Nuernberg – Daze Without You

I just listened to this song/video for the first time a couple weeks ago and I think I can speak for Sir Real as well in saying that its difficult to take off repeat. Also, Kimbra (especially naked Kimbra) is always a nice thing to see.

- Jimmy

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Mode

It's Monday, so I'm feeling getting a little deep with it right now. The homeboy Sir Real directed me to this hypnotically good track earlier today... all i can say is if you don't like this song you probably are on this website by mistake right now.

Forthcoming on Futureboogie, this is the latest from Bristol ballers Behling & Simpson.

I have to say, if there is one ongoing tragedy in my life it's that this masterpiece (as famed from Julio Bashmore's BBC Essential Mix) still only exists on vinyl:

Speaking of songs I'm dying to get a full [320] quality copy of...

And so you don't have to leave empty handed, I've recently been re-obsessed with this summer anthem by self proclaimed "gangsta house"-ers Puente & Rosch. A little history, this track first rose to notoriety during what was apparently somewhat of a shamanic set by Damien Lazarus on the famed DC10 Terrace this summer and thereafter became a staple for the rest of the season on the island. I'm sure you'll be able to tell why after a listen.
download: Puente & Rosch - This Feeling (Original Mix)

Stay Classy,

Mixtape Sunday: Episode 001

This is the first installment of our newest feature, which is every Sunday we're gonna start trying to share mixes that we enjoy (even though it's technically now early Monday as I'm writing this). We'll try and keep 'em diverse too, the focus will be more on quality and interestingness than necessarily being brand new or from big name artists. I found myself relistening to this Friendly Fires mix today that they did for Resident Advisor last fall, and let me just say it really hits the spot in all the right ways. Way more eclectic and dance floor-oriented than you'd probably expect from the UK band.
download: Friendly Fires - RA.285 Friendly Fires Podcast - 2011.11.14

On the other hand is this mix all the way from our friend Zooash in Germany, and it's a really nice blend of banging techno that starts fast and stays on point all the way through. Plus it contains a bunch of unreleased, really fresh tracks, like the very first one. Stay up on all things Zooash by following his Soundcloud and Facebook.

Tracklists for both mixes after the jump

Friday, February 10, 2012

School Kills

As I'm currently in the library dying a slow painful death at the hands of this midterm paper, I figured I'd take a break to let you all in on some of what's been (barely) keeping me alive.. (hint: pounding, pounding techno music)

Djedjotronic's new EP on Boys Noize Records sub-label BNR Trax absolutely kills it, like pretty much everything else this French madman has ever made. Here's my favorite off the EP, but definitely go buy the whole thing on beatport, it's well worth your duckets. [BEATPORT RELEASE]
download: Djedjotronic - Walk With Me (Original Mix)

In case you were curious, this is what your brain melting sounds like:
download: ZZT - Work (Nautiluss Remix) [BEATPORT for full release]

Zoo Brazil's last "The Kill" EP on Turbo definitely caught our attention. This new release (on Turbo sub-label Twin Turbo) definitely has our attention too. 'New York' is huge. The B side 'Game Face' is money as well, go check out the whole thing on beatport.
download: Zoo Brazil - New York (Original Mix)

And let me just say this video makes me wish very much I was living in Paris right now:

- Augustus

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back To The Bigness

Switching things up today and throwing you all some more progressive/electro type stuff than we've been posting recently. Enjoy.
My homeboy Ekstra as been slowly cultivating a name for himself with a slew of consistently high quality and high energy productions. Touching everything from electro to progressive to thumping tech house, one thing you can always count on out of his tracks is their ability to kill it in a big room situation. His newest production, Hun, might just be the most lethal thing he's cooked up yet. It's only available for preview on soundcloud, but lucky for you we've got the exclusive Bright & Shiny download. Listen first, and grab the download below the soundcloud player.

*EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: Ekstra - Hun (Original Mix)

I was a little hesitant to post this one at first, since I was worried the Skylar Grey moments might have been a little too poppy, but honestly the drop here obliterates any questions about this song, along with any semblance of a rational mind you might have previously had before hearing it. Gregori Klosman has long been one of our favorite under-the-radar dutch stars. 2012 looks like it might be the year he jumps to the next level.

download: Kaskade & Skylar Grey - Room For Happiness (Gregori Klosman Remix)

Nicky Romero back again with one of those block rockin' beats  (A. you better know that reference, B. yes, Romero pulls off throwing that epic Chemical Brothers sample in this song). Pretty much one of the most off the wall acid house tracks I've heard since that time I lived in Detroit in the 80s.
download: Nicky Romero - Generation 303 (Original Mix)

Hardwell doing what he does best here, striking that perfect balance between trance-inspired moments of epicness and facemelting electro (reminds me of his 'Louder' Remix).
download: Hardwell & Joeysuki - Munster (Original Mix)

REMINDER: Today is the last day of our ticket giveaway for A-Traks scheduled destruction of The Mid in Chicago tomorrow night. Remember, all you have to do is Tweet us (@br1ghtshiny) or tag us on facebook before tonight and you'll have a chance to win a pair of tickets for tomorrow. If you're not feeling so lucky, you can always buy tickets by clicking here. But you should feel lucky, becuase we love you guys. For everything else you'd ever need to know about the show, be sure to check our earlier post on it if you managed to miss it.

Stay Classy,

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From The Woods

I was lost once, but now I'm found. It's been far too long since my last post here, but lucky for you that just means I've accumulated a crazy amount of good music to bestow upon the Bright & Shiny nation. Starting things off I have this Tiger Stripes remix which I literally haven't been able to stop blasting over the past week. Beatport randomly suggested it to me and it happens to be one of the bombest tracks I've come across in forever. A song that's equally appropriate for chilling at your house or in the middle of a deep, techy set late at night... I especially love the ultra-reverbed hook that comes in after the 2 minute mark.
download: Lee Jones - Aria (Tiger Stripes Remix)

Storm Queen's recent EP has received a ton of attention for the Aeroplane remix of it, but more on that later... The original is itself actually super bomb; an irresistible mix of soulful vocals with analog soaked synths.
download: Storm Queen - Look Right Through (Vocal Mix)

A classic from the Norwegian melody maker Todd Terje. Resident Advisor once perfectly described his sound as "that elusive feeling of having a supremely, impossibly good time." After listening to this track, I'd have to agree. (be sure to go back and check our post on "Inspector Norse" if you're not convinced)
download: Todd Terje - Eurodans (Original Mix)

Simple, cut-up filter house. Gotta love it.
download: Miike Snow - Paddling Out (Le Crayon Rework)

Now back to that Storm Queen EP again. The Aeroplane remix is, predictably, straight dope. Typical Aeroplane, which means classy production and a groove that'll stick in your head from now till the end of time. In case you missed it, be sure to check out our interview with him for a look into the mind behind the plane.
downlaod: Storm Queen - Look Right Through (Aeroplane Remix)

Recently I stumbled upon the enigma that is Low Steppa and immediately had my mind blown. I can find all of zero information about him anywhere, he has basically no followings on facebook or soundcloud, and yet he makes the most unbelievably fresh music ever. A mixture of garage, electro, and all things dance-inducing, his sound is both completely unique and undeniably huge. Check some of his remixes and originals below.
download: Jack Beats - Drop The Pressure (Low Steppa Remix)

So I posted the video for this track a week or two back, and at the time I was undecided on how I felt about it. I've since changed my mind and come to the conclusion that this song is awesome, in particular because the rap sections with the little electro twerk behind them are insanely catchy. If you're wondering why the beat is so nice, it's because this little number was co-written by the one and only Boys Noize. Also featuring one of our latest obsessions, Azealia Banks.
download: Scissor Sisters  - Shady Love (Featuring Azealia Banks)

We got this slice of amazingness in the mail a couple days ago. Good times electro from the Australian boys All The Lights.
download: Kele - What Did I Do (All The Lights Remix)

My roomate has been throwing all sorts of good tunes my way recently. Which is great, and also makes me feel a little like a proud parent because I can remember introducing him to his first music blog over a year ago. This next monster of a track comes from him, and while we don't normally post moombahton, this beast is an exception to the rule. This song is mega in every sort of way, so big that I'm finding it hard coming up with words to describe it. I'll put it this way: play it loud when you're tryna get stupid.
download: Ear Jerker - Dirty Darla (Manics Remix)

This redub of a Depeche Mode classic has found its way into sets by Adrian Lux recently and I think with one listen you'll understand why. It builds nicely and then maintains a really high level of energy all the way through. For some reason it has a really retro feel to it for me, almost like it's from a racing movie in the 80's or something..
download: Depeche Mode - It's No Good (Jeremy Olander Edit)

And finally, in case you missed it, we're trying to give you FREE TICKETS to go see the one and only A-Trak this weekend. I know, I know, just when you thought things couldn't possibly get any better. All you have to do is tweet us or tag us on facebook before 9PM Thursday and you'll have a chance at winning a free pair of tickets to friday's show at the legendary Mid in Chicago. For all information about the show CLICK HERE.

Stay Classy,

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ticket Giveaway: A-Trak at The Mid

CHICAGO, IL -- This Friday, February 10th, the legendary DJ & champion turntablist A-Trak will be performing at The Mid. If you don't know who A-Trak is, here are a couple career highlights: he's one half of Duck Sauce (of "Barbra Streisand" fame), he won the DMCs World DJ Championship at the age of 15 (FIFTEEN), and he's the boss of NYC's Fool's Gold Records. His sets are characterized by a healthy serving of hip-hop blended expertly with hard electro/disco beats, not to mention the fact that he can scratch like a madman. In other words, you gwan dance.

But it gets better. If you tweet @br1ghtshiny or tag us on facebook between now and Thursday at 9PM, you will be entered to win a pair of FREE TICKETS to the show. That's right, alls you gotta do is tweet at us/tag us on facebook, mention A-Trak, and there's a good chance you'll be going to see A-Trak spin live at The Mid for free! There is no limit to the number of entries per person. Event details and some bonus A-Trax after le jump.

What You Need (Coat of Arms Remix)

Today marks the digital release of Coat of Arms' remix of "What You Need" on Pets Recordings. I've been lusting after this track since I first heard it in Eats Everything's next-level Essential Mix for BBC R1. The artist of the original track remains unknown (for whatever silly reason), but apparently he's kinda like a big deal. This effort from Chris James and Dan Pearce (AKA Eats Everything) of Coat of Arms is a certified bomb, with bouncing kicks, exciting drum fills, R&B vocals, soothing synths and a depth that cannot be ignored, combining to form a track as suitable for the club as it is your living room. With support from artists like Maceo Plex, Soulclap, and Deetron, you know this EP is a biggun.  Both the B-side mixes from BrEaCh are also more than worth your time, so head to beatport to check em out and support. More Coat of Arms after the jump.