Saturday, October 30, 2010

Don't Joke With Me

Halloween is nearly upon us and all you're trying to do is have a good time with some good people. Let me aid you in your quest for fun by supplying you with the soundtrack to your weekend.

Digitalism are dropping their new EP, Blitz, on November 8th (!!!!). You can sniff around for the 128 of the original, but I'd just wait for the 320 and buy it. In the mean time, satiate your ever present Digitalism craving with this awesome remix by Villa, two Belgian fellows by the names of Thang and Fredo... what else.

Comprised of a classically trained pianist and bass player, The Baldives come at you all the way from Australia with some of their first original material. Don't forget about these two.

"My name is Myndset. I am a DJ/Producer for Megaclite, the 62nd moon of Jupiter. I've fled my intergalactic abode due to an escalating racial genocide problem with the avatars and landed upon this small place called Earth." Yeah ok, great remix!

Guys, it's Todd Edwards. Legendary man. Great chopped vocals and amazing piano ostinatos.

Tennishero is a Swedish duo that is currently putting out some inspiring chill electro that is great for that sleepy sunday. The airy synths and dreamy vocals will have you soaring through the clouds.

Here's some absolutely danceable disco house from Rockets, aka Fred Oliveira. Love that synth part that comes in around 3:02.

U-Tern really remixes a great roster of songs. The more I hear from this beautiful Canadian man, the more I anticipate his next moves. Loving how well the synths/bassline/vocals all mesh so well in this track.


Super Mal have been producing since 2006, so I'm not sure why this is the first I'm hearing about them. But from the sound of things, this certainly wont be the last we hear of these boys.

Tahiti 80 just recently put out an EP, Solitary Bizness. Check out the colorful new video for said single.

Happy Halloween
Love, Patrick

Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm Doin' It Better

I had work at 8 o'clock this morning and I'm the second most hungover I've ever been. The only thing that keeps me going is the music. All of these tunes are stupid good, listen to them and download them. Without further adieu...

A couple of jamming softies:

The Knocks - Dancing With The DJ

Yuksek - So Down ft. Chromeo

MGMT - Congratulations (Erol Alkan Rework) [sounds like rain falling peacefully over your body]

Pounding electrons:

Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Original Mix) [electro]

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Matt Sayers 'Beebs' Bootleg) [hilarious]

Laidback Luke - Til Tonight (PeaceTreaty Skywalker Remix) [SoCal chillin']

Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica [play extra loud]

the Clubhaus

I have a foolish amount of stadium-filling, huge progressive sounds today.

David Gausa, David Tort, Thomas Gold - Areena (Dirty South Remix)

Christopher S - Are You Ready For This (Dirty Organ Mix)

Nadia Ali - Rapture (Avicii New Generation Extended Mix)

This one was taken from a dirty little mini-mix by our friend and fellow Washingtonian Aristotle from A3 Lifestyle. Listen here.
Usher - O.M.G. ft. (Alvaro Remix)

Now go get silly, it's Friday.

Sir Real

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yes It Is

We posted Uffie's single "Difficult" a while back, and since then I've encountered some quality remixes that deserve to be shared with you all. Mysterious and Canadian duo Azari & III are responsible for the first, drifting from their usual 90's classic house vibe with some upbeat, bouncy synths and percussion. Next one is from Uffie's labelmate, SebastiAn, who brings the that heavily distorted grungy sound he's become notorious for. (here's the download link for the original)

Next, we have a track from Australian house producer Kraymer. It starts off innocently enough, some catchy vocal chops and a pretty house feel, but then launches unexpectedly into a grimy-ass bassline that you best be prepared for.

I'll always have a soft spot for filter house, especially if guys like Leonardus keep cranking out tunes like this. The production is typical of the Dutchman and'll be sure to get you moving through the rest of your Tuesday.

Alright, now we'll move onto the heavier stuff, beginning with none other than Steve Angello, whose remixes and originals are pretty much synonymous with "massive". This edit of "Where You Are" is of course, no exception, building steadily into a huge, ravey drop right before the 3:00 minute mark. And it only gets better from there. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

I'm just becoming familiar with Max Bett, a rising tech-house producer out of Russia with skills beyond his years. His minimalistic synth melodies and addictive tribal percussion combine to create a seriously trance-inducing sound, as evidenced by this original.

Augustus warned you, and now it's here. Dada Life's latest is an absolute banger, exactly what we've come to expect from these crazy ass swedes. Nothing more really needs to be said about it. Give it a listen, show the guys some love, and buy the track on beatport here so we can all keep on doin the Dada.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Progressive House Mega Post

I've been mia for the past couple of days, and as a result of that, you guys haven't gotten the fill of Bright & Shiny tunes that you deserve. So, today you're in for a bit of a treat. This is one of those rare  moments that legends are born from: that's right, we're doing a Mega Post. This edition of the Mega Post will be entirely dedicated to the spacious and huge sound of Progressive House. 

The definition of 'progressive house' might be a little foggy for some of you guys, so I'll go ahead and give a brief overview. Whether or not you know it, a lot of your favorite stuff probably falls under the progressive house umbrella; for example, Deadmau5 and Kaskade are both champions of it. The biggest components of any prog-house song are long, layered build ups and titanic, synth-heavy chord progressions. Because these elements form a distinct and airy sound, they get thrown into all sorts of electronic music. For example, on Porter Robinson's single Say My Name, the elating prog-house chord section gets utilized as a thematic balance to the generally heavier nature of the song. Or on Afrojack's Take Over Control, where the progressive chords combined with the vocals elevate the track to an entirely new echelon of badass dutch madness. Anyway, I think you get the picture; onto the music.

Since I mentioned Kaskade earlier, I'll go ahead and start off with him. He's been one of the biggest and most talented producers within the sub-genre of progressive house for a while now, and he recently dropped a new album, . While some of the songs are preeeetty old (Dada Life remix of Dynasty), the album overall is solid, and there are a couple real gems on it. Here are two of my favorites. (grab the album as a continuos mix here off of Beatport)
Kaskade & Adam K - Raining ( edit)

Kings of Tommorow feat. Julie Mcknight/Kaskade - Finally (Kaskade Mix)

Classic Kaskade
Kaskade - 4AM (Adam K & Soha Mix)

Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember 

Here's a dope video that came out today of this year's Electric Zoo. The video is set to I Remember. Electric Zoo was really awesome and I love the event organizers for making stuff like this video. If you haven't already, be sure to check out our review of it in our reviews section.

Kaskade Mashup
Kaskade vs Afrojack & David Guetta - Louder Than Empty Streets (Digital LAB Mash Up)

I had the tremendous pleasure of seeing John Dahlback on Ibiza this summer at one of the legendary Defected In The House nights, and he was an absolute monster. One of the foremost names within progressive house, Dahlback lives up to his legend on his newest release, Olympia. This highly Bright & Shiny™ jam builds over almost 6 minutes into a fully incredible, big-room anthem.
John Dahlback - Olympia (Original Mix)

Facebook isn't usually my go to source for all of the Bright & Shiny™ goodness that I bring you guys, but I stumbled over this one courtesy of my man Doddie on archlax's wall. Good to see that L '10 is keeping shit ravey.
Mischa Daniels feat. J-Son - Where You Wanna Go (Extended Mix)

Avicii is a straight up force when it comes to Progressive House. He's responsible for one of the illest prog-house tracks of all time, Bromance (below), and he taps into that magic on this remix.
Rhythm Masters, MYNC - I Feel Love feat. Wynter Gordon (Avicii's Forgotten Remix)

Tim Berg - Bromance (Avicii's Arena Mix)

Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Samuele Sartini Extended Mix)

Moguai, currently signed to mau5trap records (deadmau5's label), churns out some of the most meticulously produced, quality progressive house out there right now. His newest single, 8001, is sitting pretty at #36 on Beatport's top 100 charts right now. 
Moguai - 8001 (Original Mix)

Some gorgeous remixes here by Laidback Luke and Angger Dimas.
Alex Armes - No Reasons [Christian Vila & Jordi Sanchez Mix (Laidback Luke Edit)]

Alex Armes - No Reasons (Angger Dimas Remix)

Last but not least, a progressive house take on Landon Hockey's official theme song, Vamos A La Playa...
Miranda - Vamos A La Playa (Movetown Remix)

ps.. this comes out tommorow, go buy it if you know what's good for you


Friday, October 22, 2010

A Little Bit Exclusive

When Lincoln Hawk is not defying the odds, he's making beats.

After years of long-haul truck driving, Lincoln Hawk set his sights on arm wrestling. This lead to a national arm wrestling championship. Now, he has his sights on the music world. So instead of conquering sucka punk opponents, he's here to teach a lesson to sucka punk producers and DJ's.

His first track, "Indian Burn" is a funky journey that straddles disco and house with catchy lyrics and groovy percussion. Stay tuned for the upcoming fly sounds of Lincoln Hawk. You've been warned.

Be sure to check out his soundcloud, where he recently uploaded more dy-no-mite.

Love, Patrick

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank You, Come Again

"Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy" - Milan Kundera

I'm currently taking a lit class on Milan Kundera, a 20th century Czech author, and want to recommend to any of you readers out there an amazing novel by the name of The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Prepare yourself for some serious existentialism. Ok, onto the tunes.

Dublin Aunts are really coming into their own. We recently received an email from them with their new unreleased original track and an explanation on how their sound has moved in a more Aeroplane-esque direction, and personally I am very pleased about this. I'm loving the vocals, and the bass...and pretty much everything I'm hearing. They also put up 2 new remixes on their soundcloud. Be sure to check them out.

Treasure Finger's It's Love is one of my favorite songs right now. The pitched up vocals for the track were provided by one of his female friends. Now remixing such a beautiful track is a dangerous game, but Charles I seems to have chopped and screwed his way to victory with this one.

The Swiss, despite the tricky name, hail from Adelaide, Australia. Their sexy smooth brand of boutique disco is really pleasing to the ears. This 4 part group definitely struck gold with this track, blending just the right synths in just the right ways to get you off your ass and on the dance floor. Also, check out the Knightlife remix.

Toomy Disco, aka Mariano Ilutia, is a 22 year old Argentinian electronic music composer. His description of himself reads "I still have a lot to learn about the configurations and possibilities that computer-assisted music offers". Rather modest for someone who puts out disco thrillers like this one...

Here. More intro-less DCUP smash hits. No need to tell you how good it is when you can just hit play.


In case you haven't seen already, DCUP threw up a new mix on his soundcloud a couple weeks ago and its bonkers good. I'm your #1 fan...

Awesome setting, awesome dancing, awesome cinematography, awesome music. Awesome.

This relaxing documentary of Bali really brings me back to warmer days.

Love, Patrick

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet Seduction

A-Trak may be a DJ of legendary stature, but the man rarely puts out original productions in either of his spheres of influence: hip-hop and electro/house. This, however, is one of those rare and fortunate occurrences. The beat is super dope with some clear electro production tricks as inspiration, and the raps are fire, courtesy of CyHi Da Prince who recently signed to Kanye West's label, G.O.O.D. Music.
A-Trak - Ray Ban Vision ft. CyHi Da Prince

This is a track produced by Bright & Shiny longtime friend and collaborator Adam Boulesbaa with MF Doom vocals are laid over top to deter all you punk-ass, biters out there. Adam may or may not have a track coming out with CyHi (for those of you in the hip-hop game, you know how it is...) so we'll be sure to keep you updated.
MF Doom - Vomit (Adam Boulesbaa Remix)

The Squatters made their first impression on the Bright & Shiny crew with their track "Monster" and boy, was it a strong one. The diversity of sound and simultaneous quality of the Squatters' productions is astounding, and they're still on the up and up. This track is a kind of goofy, electro blast of fun. And for our UK readers: they're on tour!
The Squatters - Fluffer (No Organ Original Mix)

The Squatters - Monster (Original Mix)

I knew Tinie Tempah had talent from his collaboration with Swedish House Mafia, but I must admit my general knowledge of the Tempah was straight lacking. This guy is accessible, flows like a motherfucker, and knows exactly what beats he sounds good over. If this track ever makes it to the US mainstream it will become an anthem. Mark my words. It's got all the necessary ingredients: swagger on swagger, "The Hills" references, and a hook about everyone's favorite activity, drinking. Oh and I forgot to mention, the beat fuckin' knocks, play it loud. Thanks to Abboud's french ass for showing me this gem.
Tinie Tempah - Pass Out

the Clubhaus

Dillon Francis, GDD crew member and Masta Blasta extraordinaire, burst onto the scene earlier this year and made a name for making absolutely filthy dubstep. We're talking positively disgusting. But you all know that dubstep just isn't for us here at Bright & Shiny, although we recognize and appreciate it. Recently, Francis has made a few electro tracks in which he favors an afro-latin beat instead of his go-to dubstep studder, and they've all been absolute cash. Check out his reinterpretation of own his track with DJ Ammo, "Westside." I can just imagine dropping this track in a set at a slightly higher bpm to absolutely devastating effect.
Dillon Francis & DJ Ammo - Westside (Dillon Francis Moombahton Edit)

Acid track from Bright & Shiny hall of famers, Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo. Watch out for the third drop where the acidity gets jacked up by a factor of ten.
Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene ft. Miss Kittin (Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo Acid Mix)

is making some moves and they're aimed at the throne of frenetic electro/house king, Wolfgang Gartner. Freaky, pounding progressive beats beneath sing-a-along vocals make this track a great success. Be sure to pick up the original mix on beatport.
Dan Thomas, Mad - This Year (Zedd Remix)

Also, be sure to look out for my upcoming review of Jamaica and the Bloody Beetroots - Death Crew 77 in 4 days!

Sir Real

Monday, October 18, 2010


The Bloody Beetroots have got to be one of the most versatile electro groups out there today. From heavy hitting bangers to dance happy disco house, you never know what you're going to get from these crazy guys. This Shwayze remix proves exactly what I'm talking about, paying homage to that spacey italo disco sound of the 80's.

Aniki kills it with "Feel Good", combining a classic disco sample with the heavy hitting bass you'd expect to find in an electro house track. The mix is deadly, be forewarned.

This one's been festering in my collection for a while. Brini spruces up a Funkabit original, giving it a very glitchy electronic sound that'll get your ass moving.

Count on Harvard Bass to always find a new way to get you jumping the fuck up when the beat drops. One of the Californian's latest remixes builds steadily, slowly adding in an acid-house like synth until the drums go and you have no idea why you're dancing so hard.

Boy was I happy when I saw this. Bright & Shiny favorites Fare Soldi new track is funky as shit, layering a deep wobbling bassline beneath gorgeous ethereal synths and the occasional vocal cut-up. Damn this is good.


Sunday, October 17, 2010


 Up first we have a really beautiful remix of the 90's classic Wonderwall. I love what Questions does here; he's managed to tie in the acoustic and dreamy feel of the original, while still bringing the track in an entirely new, electronically lush, direction. 

 AIR is not a band you'd typically expect to see alongside French electro DJ's Etienne De Crecy and Alex Gopher. Yet, all three of them manage to find a harmonious middle ground here that unfolds over 5 minutes to form a truly awesome collaboration. Ash Sync builds out of the ethereal French sound that AIR's made famous over the years into a gorgeous synth-feuled riff that bears the markings of Gopher and Crecy. Pure gold. 

Air & Alex Gopher & Etienne de Crecy - Ash Sync (Etienne de Crecy & Alex Gopher Version)

 This remix by F.O.O.L. is simply epic in proportion. The synth progressions are nothing short of masterful, and everything about this track screams "play me as loud as possible" ... to quote one of the lyrics, "what are you waiting for?"

 If you haven't heard it yet, Deadmau5 has released a new track by the name of A City In Florida. Its sound retains elements of Joel's older work while still having a distinct new flavor that feels similar to Sofi Needs A Ladder.  Perhaps what we have here is a good indicator of  the next mau5-album?

 I went on a Calvin Harris binge recently, listening to every track that I could find by the man, and in the process I rediscovered a couple of my favorite remixes that I hadn't heard in forever. They're both must-haves for any fan of the scottsmen (or good music, for that matter).

Passion Pit - The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix)

 Rihanna gets the Dutch treatment here, courtesy of Paul David & Barletta.

Rihanna - Only Girl (Paul David & Barletta Remix)

 I'm honestly not sure whether or not it's possible for me to post these days without including something from Dada life. Their sound is infectious and it's dangerous and I can't get enough of it.

 Sultan & Ned Shepard take this Sander Kleinenberg track and push it to the next level, putting together a pulsing, irresistible drum beat that serves as the perfect canvas for the zeitgeist-capturing vocal sample. Club. Anthem. 


Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Play With Matches.

If you got a pair of headphones. You better get'em on and get'em cranked up.

Gigamesh just put this up on his Soundcloud 2 days ago out of the kindness in his heart, and as usual, his amazing disco renditions are exactly what I need to get into the Friday swing of things.

I don't know much about this Arizona based DJ that goes by the name of Mercurius FM, but I'd keep an eye for him in the future.

Hemingway's myspace is awesome. His music is awesome. Thus, he is, by default, awesome. And Canadian.

Bag Raiders just came out with their excellent self titled debut album on Oct. 1. Pop music done right guys.

Maur Due & Lichter is an Austrian duo that actually released an album, Another Day, not too long ago. This is a shining example of how to remix an already amazing Zero 7 and Jose Gonzales song.

Cassius never fails to put out good tunes. Cassius Records is in take a guess..... Paris, France. So French. So French.

HOAX just released this EP on October 12th. Mmmm brand new nougaty goodness.

Fare Soldi literally has the midas touch. See for yourself. Then again... LBCK did quite a job with the original.


Knights is actually still a child. But that don't matta because he's a wiz producer at such a young age.

3D Mapping Projects... Simply Amazing:

This the hilarious new video for Holy Fuck's 'Red Lights'. If you like cats, you're gonna wanna watch this.

Love, Patrick

Thursday, October 14, 2010

C'mon Give Me A Break

Starsmith first caught my attention for his production on Ellie Goulding's fantastic single "Starry Eyed." As an up and coming pop producer, I never have expected much from his original mixes, but this track is a surprisingly delightful nu-disco house jam. Look out for his debut solo single to be released on Neon Gold, coming this October 18th.
Starsmith - Give Me A Break (Radio Edit)

Parisian new-kids-on-the-block Gliterium have here some delicious disco house flavor for your ear.
Gliterium - Deep Down Inside

I know it might seem like the world is coming to an end, what with Bright & Shiny posting TWO dubstep songs in a week, but at least let me try to explain. I heard this song at a frathouse the other night, and was drawn to the dank hip-hop beat at the beginning. When the wompwomp comes in the songs goes downhill fast, but I find myself able to tolerate this sort of dubstep, or Dup-Hop as we here at Bright & Shiny have coined it, because of the compelling hip-hop beat fixed firmly beneath the womps, as opposed to the usual reggae-inspired dub beats or driven d&b beats which dominate the dubstep landscape. Props to Bassnectar.
Bassnectar - Bass Head (Original Mix)

We've been supporting Porter Robinson, 19 year old from Chapel Hill, NC, for quite a while now. I have not been too impressed by his new single "I'm On Fire," no disrespect to PK, but there's no doubting the kid is talented and I do have a couple of incredible remixes to share with you all. Right from the very beginning of every track you can distinctly hear the presence of Robinson's self-appointed primary influence, Wolfgang Gartner. And this is most certainly a good thing. Robinson takes the programming insanity that Gartner brings to the table and proceeds to smash it into as many things as he can. Robinson's frenetic productions have clear elements of electro, house, dubstep, progressive house and trance, yet as a whole his productions sound cohesive and resist genre categorization. Well played, my friend. First up is Robinson's hotly anticipated collaboration with Lazy Rich, "Hello," featuring Sue Cho on vocals. Second is his remix of Tim Berg's "Seek Bromance," a song whose many iterations never really really clicked with me. This outstanding remix gives the prog house anthem a thick electro sheen.
Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich - Hello ft. Sue Cho (Radio Edit)

Tim Berg - Seek Bromance ft. Amanda Wilson (Porter Robinson Remix)

the Clubhaus

Australian duo Light Year have come up with a winning combination. "Sex Education" blends a heaping serving of funk with wonderfully strange computer noises reminiscent of Soulwax/2 Many DJs. Maybe that's why they've been getting so much support from the brothers Dawaele and good friend Tiga. Yeah, you need to hear this fucking song. No release information yet, but these two are working on a new EP entitled "Five Girls" so keep your eyes out for some more of this techno funk.
Light Year - Sex Education

Big, fat yet deep, prog house bomb from the afrolatin Dutch master, Gregor Salto. I love Salto's consistently fantastic employment of knocking afrolatin drum patterns, but he even used a like pattern for his lead synth this time around. The Dutch are ahead of the game, like usual. Watch out for the final drop where Salto throws the lead synths from the original into the mix, forging an undeniable clubhaus anthem.
Chris Kaeser - Go Deeper ft. Erire (Gregor Salto Remix)

Sir Real