Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Nite Life

I've got a couple EPs here for you to check out today. This first one is a release courtesy of Brazilians Digitaria and Funky Fat and all the tracks on this "Masochist" EP sound right at home on the Hot Creations label. Each features presumably the same sexy female vocals, but they are also equally unique. The old soundcloud ep preview seemed lacking so I'm putting the full songs below. If you like what you hear, which I'm sure you will, hurry over to beatport and pick 'em up.

Maetrik, the darker, more sadistic and maniacal version of Maceo Plex plans to unleash this EP towards the end of July. Let me tell you, I have heard each of these in various heathen-filled dance floors and they go the fuck off. A great man (Seth Troxler) once said "I go out and I freak peoples minds. I get in their mind pussy and I play with their mind clit. and then I'm like here, thas whats happening." I believe Maetrik has a similar philosophy when at the dj helm.


Download: Compuphonic ft. Marques Toliver - Sunset (DJ T. Remix)

Download: Kim English - Nitelife (Alexis Raphael Remix) **

- Jimmy

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Blissed-out, Baeleric-inspired deepness on this first one. Honestly this track seems like it was made for a sandy dance floor in Miami at sunset or something. Just start listening at the beginning and wait for the drop at the 1:30 mark if you want to see what I mean.
download: The Mekanism - Can't Believe (Original Mix)

Bart B More gets back to the basics on this collaboration with Harvard Bass, and the result is probably the best track by either of those two to come out in a while. Some Boys Noize-esque, sharp-edged electro that builds across the (slightly short) 4:54 of the song into a pulsing, energy filled beast of a track. Coming soon to a festival near you.
download: Bart B More & Harvard Bass - Pari (Original Mix)

A classic Biggie sample and a dancefloor dusting drop make this next one a winner. Deep grooves from two of my favorite underground producers of the moment Amine Edge & DANCE.
download: Amine Edge & DANCE - Going To Heaven With The Goodie-Goodies (Original Mix)

Some more super dope, self described 'thug house' from the duo..

Atapy has been doing all sorts of wonderful things recently. I came across this next remix of his a week or so ago and I have to say I've been playing it almost non stop ever since. The lyrics of the  soulful vocals are slightly funny, but the bassline and the horns combine perfectly to form a vibe thats as beautiful as it is highly danceable.
download: Dirty Culture - You And Me (Atapy Remix)

Lastly but definitely not least is this debut single 'Up' from the Berlin based dance project Nod Ones Head. Super smooth and delicately organized, the vocals combine with the different elements of this track for a refreshingly organic feel that you don't normally come across in dance music. Check out the preview for their new EP below as well.

Stay Classy,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Summer Effect

Summer is occurring all around us in full effect in the northern hemisphere right now, and inevitably this golden season affects the forms and styles of the music that end up getting blasted on every speaker within reach of me. Darker, harder edged sounds get replaced by lighter and softer ones, and I find myself absolutely in love with anything and everything that would be perfect echoing across a swimming pool or on a beach. In honor of this, I present to you a selection of tracks, some old, some new, but all chosen entirely with a summer vibe in mind:

download: Mayer Hawthorne - Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix)

download: Body Language - Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix)

download: Disclosure - What's In Your Head

Released recently on Mother Recordings, this original by Daniel Dexter is at once nostalgic and positively uplifting. Sampling the beat from Pete Rock & CL Smooth's 90s hip hop classic 'T.R.O.Y.' (see video below) will get you automatic points in my book, but the way Dexter does it here is just phenomenal. Summer bliss and good times are practically bursting from this one at the seams. Pool party anthem.
download: Daniel Dexter - Today (Original Mix)

Simple, happy energy on this bootleg that can only really be dignified by the word BANGER.
download: Lykee Li - I Follow Rivers (Sam Young Bootleg)

Italo disco vibes on this good times edit from Dimitri From Paris. Time to groove.

Just about the only thing wrong with that amazing track above is it version isn't available for download, but luckily this slightly shorter dub version is so grab it below..
download: Little Boots - Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Dub)

Strip Steve's newest single is absolutely gorgeous. A future disco on acid vibe combine with incredible vocals to add up to a perfect summer track. Head over to beatport to grab the equally styling edits/remixes by Kink, Boys Noize, and Destructo as well.
download: Strip Steve - Astral Projection feat. Puro (Original Mix)

Oh and if you're in LA, be sure to stop by Dim Mak Studios this tuesday as Strip Steve, Destructo, and DIM take over the dance floor for the official Astral Projection release party. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the wonderfully trippy music video for the track below:

Stay Classy,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mixtape Sunday: Episode 008

Eats Everything has been a definite favorite of ours around here. He's a fantastic performer and his bouncy bass-driven style of house is infectious. However, this mix he did last week for Resident Advisor is delivered with a mild mannered energy; something his signature sound would not lead you to expect. Don't let that feed you any doubt though because this is an excellent mix and in his own words "It is my favourite mix I have ever done and it showcases a different side to me from the bangers that I suppose I am known for playing." You can check out the few questions he answered about the mix here, and check out the tracklist on the soundcloud page. Also, get excited for the write up of our interview with him coming out this week!

- Jimmy

Thursday, June 21, 2012


German producer B-Ju boldly made his way onto my "to watch" list with his tricked out, slow and sleazy remix of Wool & Cerebral Vortex's "Erotic Dancer". His latest effort, an original production soon to be released on the Squelch & Clap label is in good keeping with the UK funky/hip-hop influenced sound that characterized that remix, a sound and vibe I've grown increasingly fond of over the past few months. Featuring a sample from Brandy's "I Wanna Be Down" (a sample also used by Blawan in his massive "Getting Me Down" release) and some bouncy percussion, things really get going for me at the breakdown around halfway through. Take a listen below, and keep an eye out for more from this young beat-wizard. With releases through acclaimed labels like Dirtybird and S&C already under his belt, it's clear we've got a lot to look forward to.
  S&C009 B-Ju Cry Wolf by Squelchandclap

More yet-to-be-released goodness from abroad, this time from the eccentric haircut sporting Parisian they call Bambounou. Out July 9th on ClekClekBoom, the star of this two track release is "Night", a garage thumper that chugs along a bed of grimey percussion and ravey synths. It's pretty easy to picture this one going off in some dark warehouse basement somewhere. CLEK CLEK MATERIAL.
  Bambounou - Night / Brawl [CCB005] - Out July 9th (12" + Digital) by ClekClekBoom

And since we're on the subject of ClekClekBoom releases, might as well throw this preview up as well, this time coming from none other than French Fries. I don't have a lot to say about this song that isn't readily apparent upon listening. Justin Martin dropped "What to Do" at U Street Music Hall during their Dirtybird residency over the weekend and things got a little more than crazy. French Fries has demonstrated a strong affection for that ghetto-tech infused house sound with his last couple of releases, this one's no different.
  French - What To Do / One Ting Dub [CCBWL001] - Out July 9th (12" White Label Vinyl Only) by ClekClekBoom

This post wouldn't be much of a post without some download-ables, so here's two. The first comes from Julio Bashmore, who really needs no introduction to any semi-educated electronic music enthusiast, but who  burst onto the scene in 2011 and has been one of our favorite producers ever since. It's called "Troglodytes" and is the 2nd release with his newly founded Broadwalk Records label. Admittedly, I needed a little bit of time for this track to really grow on me, but its chilled out sound is quite nice after a few listens. This is a tune for the poolside.
  Julio Bashmore - Troglodytes by juliobashmoremusic

Bit of an oldie, but it's just plain pretty.
Iron Curtis - Goma

- PK

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


If you're a fan of UK bass music and garage, then Bwana is someone you're gonna wanna follow and keep on your radar.  This 21 year old producer hails from Leeds, UK and has been making music for about one year.  His productions are relaxing and beautiful, often comprised of luscious synth chord progressions, light and quick percussion, and soulful vocal samples that make you feel like you're in a dream.  Happy listening.

And if you enjoy the boy's taste, like him on his facebook page then check out his Rinse FM mix:

Love, Patrick

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mixtape Sunday: Episode 007

It has been exciting to see the Venezuelan duo of Delete and Israel Sunshine tear up the scene this year after seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Getting signed to the notorious Crosstown Rebels label is no small feat and this mix should give you a pretty good idea of how they accomplished that. This mix is about what I would expect from them at this point (amazingness). It is maybe a little darker than usual, but that allows for a deeper journey highly appropriate for anything Verboten. Fur Coat at a Verboten party should sound like utopia to any one that has experienced an inkling of either. Basically, this is what you want. Now crank the speakers and enjoy the twisted ride.

- Jimmy

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Amazing vibes, per usual, courtesy of Poolside. This is the first track off their debut album, slated for July 9th. Free download doesn’t hurt.

Walker & Royce came through with a couple debut singles and a Francesca Lombardo remix for one of them just a few days ago. These two Brooklyn boys have been working magic as of late so definitely keep an eye on them. Go to their soundcloud and get a taste if you know what’s good for you.

I accidentally bought this song before I listened to a preview and had a fleeting moment of regret. Then I was like ‘oh wait, I’m an idiot, this is a DJ T remix. His shit is golden 110% of the time all the time’. Now go make the same mistake I made and check out the other magnificent releases on Get Physical’s “Full Body Workout Volume 9” release.

Black Light Smoke – Lovework (DJ T Remix) [Stream Only]

Here are three more gems you are now required to get. Jump out of your seat and run to the beatport store nearest you, buy them, acquire endless aural satisfaction, and support our boys Solomun, Sharooz, and DeMarzo. Then go back home and wait for further intructions.

Solomun - Kackvogel [Stream Only]

A shot of liquor and a cigarette can work wonders, just stay away from bears.

Chicago remix with a little less "Chicago" than the original.
Hoshina Anniversary - Chicago (Sharooz Remix) Removed by request

Look up the rest of the Goodie-Goodies EP for more.. goodies
Amine Edge, Dance - Going to Heaven With the Goodie-Goodies (Demarzo Funked Up Remix) [Stream Only]


Download: DJ Le Roi feat. Roland Clark - I Get Deep (Embassy Of Love Remix)

Download: Pele, Findling & Shawnecy - Suspect

- Jimmy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Give It Whatcha Got

I just came across this Mr. Rodriguez, but apparently he’s been in the game for quite some time releasing tunes from deep house to acid and nu disco and dropping remixes for acts like Tiger Stripes and Crazy P. But with aliases like ‘Future Beat Investigators’ and ‘Acid Kings’, just to name a few, how could this man not produce all kinds of great music. Here’s my favorite track off his recent “Dawn” LP that features his own vocals. Just after it’s settling into a steady rhythm and hitting the breakdown he whacks you with some old rave stabs. Didn’t expect that did you?
Download: Roberto Rodriguez – Eternity

You may notice this sample from the timeless “Regulate” by Warren G and Nate Dogg (R.I.P.), but just like this one, that too actually draws from Michael Mcdonald’s “I Keep Forgettin”. Props to Solomun for the crate digging.
Download: Solomun – Love Recycled 1

If any bit of this narrative is true, Warren G and Nate Dogg are officially the most baller people I personally know. Just listen to the lyrics.
Download: Warren G. feat. Nate Dogg - Regulate

Starting with a dark piano solo and evolving into an trippy harmony, Maya Jane Coles takes on a remix assignment and develops something that I’m sure Bo Saris is proud to be a part of. I think at this point I’ve lost the ability to articulate how musically gifted this young lady is, so I’ll let the music do the talking.
Download: Bo Saris – She’s on Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

I’m not sure how I completely slept on this Art Department remix given that I was obsessed with Jamie Jones’ effort for how long I can’t remember, but I would say they are easily on par with each other. This take is like a 9-minute ballad that keeps repeating in my head.
Download: Azari & III – Hungry For The Power (Art Department Remix)

Kieran McDermott of Leeds dropped his Motion EP not too long ago and I suggest you check it out. The EP’s namesake track has a cool U.K. garage rhythm and even a little bit of Q-Tip, which is always a good thing.
Download: Kezla – The Motion

Maxxi Soundsystem gathers the essentials of an 80’s hit to engineer a refreshing mix with a more active guitar riff. Although his typical bass driven style is evident, this remix clearly exhibits his versatility as a producer.
Download: Scandal – Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)


Download: Subb-an – What I Do (Burnski’s Tulum Remix)

Download: Alexis Raphael – Into the Light (Hot Natured Remix)

- Jimmy

Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Session

In the abstract, this can be understood as a series of organized sound waves selected to induce a state of maximal hedonism.

download: Destructo - Stand Still (Original Mix)

download: The Juan Maclean - Happy House (Original Mix)

download: Major Lazer - Get Free feat. Amber (What So Not Remix) <-- bonus points for being crazy unique

Boys Noize's tribute to Donna Summers. Whatever that dude is drinking, it's working.
download: Boys Noize - Donnastag

Absolutely gorgeous and amazing track off of Justin Martin's Ghettos & Gardens album, which you ought to buy if you haven't already. Or at least be sure to check out the song 'Butterflies' too.
download: Justin Martin - Don't Go (DJ Version)

This next one, in the right context, is simply a dancefloor destroyer of untold proportions. Now, I know that Jamie Jones is as good of dj as anyone out there (#1 in the world isn't too shabby), but for whatever reason I've never been particularly engaged by any of his productions or remixes. A week or two back in San Francisco though, Maceo Plex dropped this one at around 4AM and the dance floor absolutely WENT OFF. It was probably the highlight of the set for me. After rummaging through tons of remixes the next morning, I couldn't find the right one so I kind of forgot about it until I stumbled across it today. ITS TIME FOR THE PERKYOULATER
download: Cajmere - Percolator (Jamie Jones Vault Remix)

Nic Fanciulli with that thumping TEK AUS on this one, showing why they love him so much at Space Ibiza. We like him too.
download: Radio Slave feat. Danton Eaprom - Grindhouse (Nic Fanciulli Remix)

"Deep House Provokes Thought. The Real. Deep Shit. Let's Get Back To The Raw."
download: Kerri Chandler - Back To The Raw (Ruff Mix)

I first discovered Bubba in a Gesaffelstein mix, and since then he's definitely lived up to that high level of sheer lunacy you'd expect from anything associated with Gesaffelstein, although his style is decidedly on the deeper side of things. And every track with his name on it somehow seems almost overflowing with bass. I'm not complaining. This new remix from him is probably my favorite effort of his so far. Check out more Bubba on Beatport.
download: Kasbah Zoo - Show Me (Bubba'S Show This Mix)

Stay Classy,