Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flight Facilities Special + The Swiss

Guys, there is new Flight Facilities on the horizon. I've been absolutely playing out the first single off their new EP, Foreign Language, which came out about a month ago. And I couldn't be more pleased to tell you all that they just released yet another single: 'Feeling'. Everyone get excited for this to drop, and be sure to checkout the all star cast of artists that have remixes on the EP.

Foreign Language featuring Jess is a smooth disco track with intoxicating vocals and a beautiful jazzy bass line. The guitar riffs and the subtle percussion are all so tasteful... I pretty much feel like James Bond when I listen to this track. I just killed the bad guy and now I'm relaxing with my gorgeous, low maintenance, lady friend on a tropical beach somewhere far away from reality.

The second track that they just uploaded to their SoundCloud brings a little more heat. A punchier kick drum and an energetic guitar line make this track the epitome of dance floor friendly. Give me more funk. This EP is shaping up to be excellent.

Now I know you're heartbroken that those last two tracks were streaming only, so I'll throw you this new mixtape that they made while soaring 5 miles above the Earth. As per usual with Flight Facility mixes, if you love disco and funk, you're going to love what you hear. Sundays are definitely disco days. Hell, every day is a disco day. Enjoy.
[Download Here]
37,000 ft Mixtape by flightfacilities

The only thing that rivals their wonderful production abilities is their disgustingly good taste. Check out this track list below and hunt down those gems on here that you just can't live without.

1. Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place
2. MGMT - Congratulations (Erol Alkan Remix)
3. Wally Warning - Land Of Hunger (Todd Terje Edit)
4. Jamelia - Caribou
5. 123 Clap! - Constellation
6. Modern Amusement - Cold As Ice (louie Fresco Remix)
7. Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat. Jess (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
8. The Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood (Debonairs Too Much Dub)
9. Aeroplane – My Enemy
10. Das Moth – Moon
11. TC Crew – I Can't Do It Alone (Eoin Cody edit)
12. Phonique feat. Erlend Oye – For The Time Being
13. Tortoiseshell – This Girl
14. Metronomy – The Bay
15. Cut Copy – Pharoahs & Pyramids
16. Emmanuel Jal – Kuar (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
17. Colors Sound System – Yeah Mate I Hate
18. Pogo – Upular Remix
19. Bocca Grande – Procedere 2011 (Morgan Geist)
20. ZZT – Zzafrika (Julio Bashmore Remix)
21. Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Disco Bloodbath Remix)
22. Lazydisco – More Tigers (The C90s Remix)
23. Coatimundi – No More Blues
24. Holy Ghost! – Jam For Jerry

Finally, something new from The Swiss. This single comes out in late September and will be followed by a brand new album due sometime next year. Typical sounds from The Swiss here. Typical and amazing.

Bonus Bonus:


Love, Patrick

Friday, August 26, 2011

Red Fridays & Life pres. Russ Yallop (Crosstown Rebels) & Richy Ahmed (Hot Creations)

What'd he just say?? Hot Creations and Crosstown Rebels all in one night? And it's tonight?!

Yeah, it's like that.

U Street Music Hall has done it again, with Red Fridays & Life present Russ Yallop, Richy Ahmed & Mark Fisher (Life) this evening.  With both Hot Creations and Crosstown Rebels (two of the hottest record labels in the game) being represented there is no way this night will be anything less than extraordinary.

Come out and get down to the deep, bassy vibes before Hurricane Irene comes and knocks out our power for the next three days!

Doors 10PM
21+ at door, 18+ presale
$10 cover

Russ Yallop

Richy Ahmed

Seeya tonight,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

the 600

Guess what? Bright & Shiny has just reached 600 likes on facebook and to celebrate we're giving away our brand new, never before seen, limited-edition Bright & Shiny stickers!

Guess what else? You would have known that three days ago if you followed us on facebook or twitter! Way to go, ya dungle!

So before we go any further, you had better be sure to follow us on both. All the cool kids are doing it.

B&S on facebook
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To win, simply tweet @Br1ghtShiny with the hashtag #stickaz for your chance to win some nice, vinyl stickers! Many will enter, few will win.

Guess what else you would've seen if you followed us on facebook like everyone else? This hilarious preview of Dada Life's new track, "Happy Violence." Did he just slap the other guy with bacon?  Sounds promising.



Monday, August 22, 2011

Exclusive Bright & Shiny Mixtape by Zooash: Tekno Excursion Edition

Bright & Shiny is proud to present to you, our lovely readers, an exclusive mix from up-and-coming German DJ/producer Zooash. More on him in a moment, but for now let me tell you that this mix should not be played in the vicinity of the mentally unstable, small children, or evangelical Christians. If it is pounding, pounding techno music you seek, then look no further. The Exclusive Bright & Shiny Mix by Zooash: Tekno Excursion Edition is here to sate your desires and take you on an tekno journey of insane proportion. And now a word from the mix's architect...

“Massive Beats for the Bourgeoisie”

Since the fall of 2010, the name Zooash has been synonymous with huge breaks, massive electro vibes and European nights filled with the sounds of acid. But Zooash isn’t just a new face in the scene. In fact, he’s worked on various electronica-projects since 2008, lending him prodigious production skill and veteran-status in the game. But Zooash doesn’t stop there; he is also one half of techno/electro duo “D!ZKO DANZE”, based in Dresden. On top of all that, Zooash is also a member of CATBOT,” a Hyperjazz-Duo from Portland, OR. Yeah, this dude makes HYPERJAZZ when he’s not mixing pounding techno tracks or punching Grizzly bears in the mouth.

These days, Zooash is enjoying considerable success, with his mixes receiving big support from the likes of Dem Slackers, Wazabi, Vecho, Beens, Mr. Skeleton and the crazy guys from Mako Records. Just in 2010, Zooash supported the Green Label Sound family on Chromeo’s “Business Casual Tour” alongside Holy Ghost!. Keep a look out for his upcoming, premier releases on Freaks Like Us Records and Klangekstase Records. And be sure to check out his facebook and soundcloud for all the newest Zooash remixes, edits, and mixes.

Exclusive Bright & Shiny Mix by Zooash: Tekno Excursion Edition by Bright & Shiny

1. Kolombo - Sniff
2. Acidroid - Funkin Acid
3. Gesaffelstein & The Hacker - Crainte (Original Mix)
4. Baskerville - Leecher (Original Mix)
5. Bart B More & Drop The Lime - The Bass (Original Mix)
6. Audionite - Kling Klong (Zooash 6am Edit) [PROMO]
7. ?????? - ??? ???? (Zooash Rework) [PROMO]
8. Jan Driver - Raveyard (Original Mix)
9. Arnaud Rebotini - All You Need Is Techno (Gesaffelstein Remix)
10. Attaque - False
11. Supabeatz - Pancho (SCNTST Edit)
12. Mr Oizo - Sucer Danser (Audionite Remix)
13. Reset - Love & Revolution (Original Mix)
14. The Brash - Mute (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
15. Djedjotronic - Bugle (Planisfear Remix)
16. Booble - Stachus (Jumping Jack Flash Rework)
17. Nobody Beats The Drum - Poisson Vert (TWR72 Remix)
18. Clash The Disko Kids - Gtek (Fat and Ugly Remix)
19. Eric Tarlouf - Commitment (Maxime Dangles remix)
20. TENTEN - Cairo (Zooash Remix) [PROMO]

Good luck sleeping tonight.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

it's not you, it's me

We need to talk. There's something I need to tell you.  I've been meaning to say this for a long time, but I don't really know how to put it. You see-- God, this is so hard for me. I never thought it would come to this. Well, here goes nothing... I love deep house.

Here are some tracks we here at Bright & Shiny have been loving and thumping all month long.

[download] Claude VonStroke & J. Phlip - California (Julio Bashmore Remix)

[download] Danny Daze - Fall Away From Love (Original Mix)

[download] Eats Everything - Entrance Song (Original Mix)

[download] FCL - Let's Go (Original Mix)

[download] DJ T. ft Cari Golden - City Life (Maya Jane Coles Remix) 

There might just be more where this came from... let us know what you think!

Always wanted to play some Gesaffelstein out? Now's your chance with S-File's 128 BPM edit of "Viol," complete with the same funkin' drum pattern from "Crescendolls."
[download] Gesaffelstein - Viol (S-File Edit)


Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend Things

It's Friday. Let's Groove.

Gregori Klosman's newest single, Peacock, is a track that we've been waiting to see released for a long time ever since we first saw this tantalizingly awesome (but way too brief) video preview of it a while ago. I'm happy to say that the full release lives up to the high expectations we had for the track.. Straight up freaky and amazing tech house. Grab it on beatport here.
Download: Gregori Klosman - Peacock (Original Mix)

New Aeroplane remix is some great retro-funk house. The overtly sexual lyrics are kind of hilarious too. I'm not completely sold on the last drop where Vito decided to take it almost in a progressive house direction, though, but overall it's still a great song. For more info on Aeroplane be sure to check out our interview with him, and also go have a look at the whole recently released Cassius - Sound of Violence Remix EP that this was a part of, there are a couple other really great ones on there too (such as the Fedde Le Grande effort).
Download: Cassius - The Sound of Violence (Aeroplane Remix)

Springer, a track off of the Crookers' side project DR Gonzo featuring Neoteric and Wax Motif, gets a really wonderful remix treatment here from British up and comer We Don't Belong In Pacha. He keeps the quirky bouncing feel from the original intact for most of the song, and then takes it in an unexpectedly great direction towards the end. Have a listen for yourself and grab the EP on beatport.
Download: Crookers, Neoteric, Wax Motif - Springer (We Don't Belong In Pacha Remix)

And finally, here's a slice of deep and baeleric tech-house from Spaniard Wally Lopez and (Cr2 record label boss) MYNC. My love for this sort of deeper, grooving tech house was totally rekindled after watching Leon, Steve Lawler, and Darius Syrossian (all part of the Viva Music crew) completely tear the house down with some thumping deeper beats at ID Fest in Washington DC yesterday. More on that later in our official review, though. For now, buy this release off of beatport and give it a listen below.
Download: Wally Lopez & MYNC - Esa Boca Linda (Original Mix)

Oh and, watch this:

Stay Classy,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back To The Beats

So the website's back in working order (shoutout to our boy Winston) everybody. We know these last 20 hours or so have been excruciatingly painful, so here's a few tunes that should turn that frown right upside down.

I thought RipTide only did over-the-top electro with loads of bass, but after hearing this remix I guess I was definitely wrong. The vibes on this one are great all the way through and every layer is tastefully organized. A really good blend of indie-dance with some electro stylings. The whole EP this one comes from is stacked from top to bottom, including an awesome Bart B More remix. Check it out on beatport HERE.
Download: Baskerville - Devil's Town (RipTide Remix)

Some bonkers dutch house here. I really, really love Gregori Klosman. Everything the dude makes blows my mind with how strange and thoroughly dance-inducing it is.
Download: Bob Sinclair - Rainbow of Love (Gregori Klosman & Danny Wild Remix)

The drop on this one, like the name suggests, is literally epic. EPIC. Genuinely the only word in the English language to explain it.
Download: Sandro Silva & Quintino - Epic (Original Mix)

Two amazing pieces of pounding pounding techno music from Cirez D (aka Eric Prydz). Mokba was chilling in the beatport top 10 for a little bit, and I can see why. Go pay the man and buy the EP.
Download: Cirez D - Mokba (Original Mix)

Download: Cirez D & Acki Kokotos - Tommorow (Original Mix)

Bob Marley done house style? Yes please.
Download: Bob Marley - One Love (TJR Remix) removed by request

Also be on the lookout for our forthcoming review of the HARD warehouse rave/afterparty hosted by The Well (aka one of the coolest nights in the history of planet earth)

Stay Classy,

Monday, August 15, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Bright & Shiny nation, as you can probably tell, we're having some technical problems with the site right now that are temporarily hampering our ability to give you all good music. We're working on patching everything up and should be back to 100% functionality soon...stay tuned y'all.

-B&S Team

HARD Summer Music Festival, Downtown Los Angeles, 8/6/2011

Patrick and Augustus of Bright & Shiny made the trek out to Los Angeles at the beginning of August to attend the HARD Summer music festival in LA, an event we were drawn to equally for its impressively diverse lineup and for the promise of legendary after parties. Join us on a chronological journey through our festival shenanigans.

The first act we made it in time to see was Gesaffelstein, the Parisian producer who recently burst onto the scene with his style of jarring future-techno that he continues to pioneer entirely as his own. We were excited and curious from the outset to see what kind of set he'd throw down, since his music is in every quantifiable way different from your average dance music: the rhythms are chaotic, the transitions abrupt and jarring, and the layering of sounds are thoroughly unique and non status-quo.

For those curious about his appearance, the dude manned the decks donning a baller-ass tuxedo and proceeded to chain-smoke cigarettes for the entirety of his set. His set bobbed and weaved through a continuous stream of his own productions, which makes sense since I'm not sure what other music could congruently fit with his mental-ass style of techno. It should be noted that his style of mixing was not that of your average DJ; rather than traditionally mixing from song to song in gliding fashion as most disc jockeys do, Gesaffelstien's transitions matched his off-kilter and bizarre approach to techno by being jagged, abrupt, and thoroughly creative. All of these elements, in addition to his wonderful selection of proprietary beats, combined to make Gesaffelstein's set one of the highlights of the night. Here are some of our favorite tunes from the performance:

Gesaffelstein - Glass (Original Mix) [Download Here]

ZZT - ZZafrika (Gesaffelstein Remix) [Download Here]

Franz & Shape - Lump feat. Shrubbn!! (Gesaffelstein Remix) [Download Here]

Gesaffelstein - Opr (Original Mix) [Download Here]

The Hacker & Gesaffelstein - Crainte (Original Mix) [Download Here]

Here is a snippet of his stellar intro:

After Gesaffelstein, we made the trek over to the DFA tent to check out what the Juan Maclean was throwing down. We quickly learned that the DFA tent was, and would continue to be, a wondrous haven of soothing and groovy sounds. While the music had an overall funk-fueled sound, most all of it was bathed in thick synths that gave it a contemporary feel. I have to say, I was thoroughly surprised by how much I enjoyed this performance. We knew the Juan Maclean was legit, but this performance really opened my eyes to the wonders and power this gray haired mix master can bring to the decks.

The Juan Maclean - Feel So Good [Download Here]

The Juan Maclean - Happy House (VHS or Beta Remix) [Download Here]

Siriusmo, putting on his first ever American show, played almost exclusively songs out of his own repertoire. We had been extremely excited to see him spin since the man very rarely plays live (reportedly due to intense stage fear, which he's just now beginning to get over). Despite all the hype, his set was a little bit underwhelming. Don't get me wrong; the music he selected was all wonderful, and the light show was enthralling.  But it was more the atmosphere; the crowd never really seemed that into it and as a novice DJ/party-starter, Siriusmo didn't do a particularly great job at attempting to increase the energy level. Regardless, we left his set glad to have heard his unique sounds blast out of festival-grade speakers, and even happier to have been able to witness the ways of this French wizard in person.

Siriusmo - Blaue Sonne

After Siriusmo, we booked it over to Digitalism, an act who we were entirely on the fence about from the outset. We all knew and loved the old Digitalism sound (circa 2007 and their rookie album "Idealism").  But at the same time we were let down by their newest LP, "I Love You Dude,"  and  though it had its highlights, thought the release marked a downward trend for the group. So we approached their performance curious to see if these Germans from the hey-day of bloghouse could redeem themselves, or if they really had peaked and were just simply headed in the wrong direction. We soon knew the answer: Digitalism is here to stay. They absolutely ROCKED the stage with a hard-knocking live performance (versus a DJ set) that featured Jence and Isi working the synths, singing on the mics and performing alongside a live drummer. I cannot emphasize this enough: they absolutely KILLED IT. Probably one of the most high-energy sets of the entire night, which was a huge curve ball for us all... Definitely tied for the Bright & Shiny favorite performance of the evening.

One highlight of their performance was their live rendition of their classic party song 'Homezone,' during which instead of singing the original lyrics ("I have the biggest party ever at home / we have the biggest party eva") they switched it up to make it location appropriate, jumping around like a couple of crazies with the crowd, which was totally into it, shouting "LA, WE HAVE THE DANKEST PARTY EVA"... Mad props for that. Another highlight was their live rendition of Blitz, a song that is equally serene and beautiful as it is hard-hitting and energy-packed. Overall, a truly awesome performance. We walked away surprised and impressed.

Digitalism - Home Zone [Download Here]

The live version they played actually sounded closer to the Proxy remix than to the original above, so we're including that, too.

Digitalism - Home Zone (Proxy Remix) [Download Here]

Digitalism - Blitz [Download Here]

Digitalism - Zdarlight [Download Here]

Next up was French DJ/Ed Banger label boss/badass extraordinaire Busy P. This was hands down the performance of the night. His unique style and creative transitions were seamless and tasteful in every way, demonstrating the sonic maturity we've come to expect from the French tastemaker. We weren't sure what to expect out of his set, but after seeing him at last year's HARD Haunted Mansion, we learned that if there was one thing we could count on, it was for Busy P to bring a party like no other. In typical BUSY P W.T.F fashion, he arrived on stage wearing a pair of white overalls splattered with copious amounts of colorful paint and donning this really awesome Cool Cats hat that I've been thinking about buying for quite a while. He was fashionably late to his set, explaining to the crowd that he was off watching Duck Sauce...

This was no ordinary Busy P set. This show was billed as Busy Pictionary, meaning a collaboration between Busy P & So Me (The graphics designer for all things Ed Banger and Cool Cats). We weren't exactly sure what this would mean at first, but we quickly learned it was something incredibly innovative, something way cooler than we could have ever dreamed of. For the entirety of Busy P's set, So Me was set up five feet away on-stage with some sort of electronic tablet and pen which was connected to the massive screen behind the DJ booth where generic visuals would normally be played. Instead, So Me spontaneously drew stuff along with the music throughout the entire set. It was absolutely incredible; this man is a genius.

Mister P opened his dazzling set with a song that gave the crowd a much needed and appreciated breather from the relentless electro destruction that had just been mercilessly rained down upon them by Digitalism:  the delightful and airy remix of Breakbot's 'Fantasy' by Video Village.

Breakbot - Fantasy (Video Village Remix) [Download Here]

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You [Download Here]

Busy P - To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix) [Download Here]

Daft Punk - Aerodynamic [Download Here]

Busy Pedro then threw together a consistently groovy and thoroughly awesome collection of classics and new, unreleased gold, including the new Justice single, 'Audio Video Disco', and the new Mr. Oizo track, 'Douche Beat'.

"You want some new Ed Banger Shit or what???"
Mr. Oizo - Douche Beat

Then, all of the sudden about halfway through the set, Busy P completely cut off the music and in his characteristically French way, yells, "EY, LOS ANGELES, WHERE ZE FUCK ARE WE AT? ARE WE IN NEW YORK? PARIS? TOKYO? I DONT ZINK SO... WHERE ZE FUCK ARE WE AT?" Slowly, the sirens of one of the most famous California rap songs ever, 'Straight Outta Compton', crept out of the speakers. Gradually, as the crowd realized what was happening, people started screaming and cheering until finally he asked one more time, "LA WHERE WE AT?" and then the track dropped in perfect timing… people went nuts as the legendary track blared at full force. I can't find a video of Pedro visiting such destruction upon the City of Angels, but if you have one or know of one on youtube, be sure to leave it in the comments.

After playing out Daft Punk's Aerodynamic, he prepped the crowd for the new unreleased Justice track that he had promised everyone: [skip to about 2:00 if you don't feel like waiting]

After Busy P, Carte Blanche, a duo comprised of DJ Mehdi and Riton, took the stage and continued the amazing vibes that Busy P had doused over the crowd, throwing down yet another monstrous set. DJ Mehdi was dressed in all white, while Riton donned a black on black attire (see what they did there?). They transitioned from great track to great track, all the while dancing and visibly having a great time up there. Check out the video below and some of the great selections they played:

Our last show of the night was legendary DJ set from DFA label boss James Murphy and  ex-bandmate Pat Mahoney in the DFA tent. This was one of the funkiest disco parties that I have ever been a part of and we consider ourselves truly lucky men to have witnessed it. To be honest, we recognized almost nothing they played seeing as it was truly a 70's disco fiesta, so download the songs we did manage to find, watch the video below, and reminisce on (or be jealous of) one of the best sets of Hard Summer LA 2011.

Love Committee - Just As Long As I Got You (Re-Edit by Dimitri from Paris) [Download Here]

Motor City Drum Ensemble - A Raw Cut #2 [Download Here]

Bonus highlights:

After Gesafflestein's set, we ran into him and Fool's Gold label boss A-Trak walking through the crowd. We were lucky enough to be able to strike up a conversation and impart unto them some Bright & Shiny stickers, which they hopefully took home and cherished.

Boys Noize:

Now just because we didn't catch very much of Boys Noize at the festival itself does not mean that we didn't get an earful of this beautiful man's mad techno sensibilities at the Hard afterparty. Stay tuned for our next post, devoted to the amazing warehouse rave stylings of The Well and the surprise appearance from everybody's favorite German man, Boys Noize.


Patrick and Augustus

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Art & Soul

The new Jan Driver EP, AMT, which dropped on the 5th on Boys Noize Records, is a fearsome collection of electro & techno noises that I highly recommend to all of you, with each track guaranteed to pack a fat fucking punch on any decent subs. My two picks from the assortment have to be "Golden Super" and "Raveyard". The former happens to be the black sheep of the release in that it strays away from those darker sounds, instead providing the listener with more than a healthy serving of thick-cut funk. The latter couldn't be more different, dishing out scary amounts of heaviness and distortion rather than happy bass-lines. As I said before, they're all worth a listen, so check 'em out through beatport here and grab the promo quality mix of "Raveyard" below.

I feel like it's been a while since we posted some more disco-y, filter house type jams on here, but fortunately I just got a hold of these two guys and I haven't been able to hit the pause button on either yet. The first is a remix of a Spiller track from a young gun who helped get me so into the EDM scene in the first place, Louis La Roche. The second is an edit from Italian disco king His Majesty Andre off the latest Ridney release. Both are uplifting, disco inspired anthems that pack the perfect amount of punch, and that you won't stop dancing to if you got any sense in you.

This very well may be my favorite track of the entire summer, coming from none other than T.E.E.D., who has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in the dance music world recently. It's tracks like this one that show why everyone's all over this dude. He gives Friendly Fires the remix treatment here, blending some sun-drenched, almost low-fi sounds with brilliantly knockin' percussion and vocal chop-ups (lots of hyphens in that one). It'd be criminal to give this one in full quality freely, so grab a 192 copy below to hold you over and support the release on beatport for that 320 goodness (it's so worth it).

Always love getting stuff from the La Bombe label, which was started by one of our favorite producers (and past interviewee) Sharooz. They sent over this monster release from their own BEENS and Dachstuhl and even a quirky remix from Southern Fried's Nom De Strip. Both are bass heavy fiyuh breathers, check out the previews below and mark your calendars for the beatport release on the 15th!

And finally, I share with you all a preview of "Blotter", a new, acid filled & french touch inspired track from Decalicious off their Blotter Notes EP, soon to be released on Guys N Dolls Records. I cannot wait to grab a full copy of this track, which has already seen big support from huge acts like Mixhell, Shameboy, and even Digitalism on their latest tour. This is the first I've heard from this duo but I strongly doubt it will be the last; keep an eye out EP's drop on the 15th.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Boys Noize @ Ibiza Nightclub, Washington D.C. 8/5/11

It was a warm, unassuming summer Friday night in Washington, DC when German-born techno vunderkind Alex Ridha, better known as Boys Noize, made a pit stop to blast our nation's capital with pounding beats before heading off to the infamous HARD Summer 2011 Festival in LA. Our only warning of what was to come that evening came directly from the man's twitter: "I think Washington needs some real jackin ghetto sounds tonight". I think I speak for us all when I say that was exactly what we needed to disrupt the slinking, swampy DC summer.

[download] Light Year - Sex Education (Original Mix)

It is no secret that Mr. Ridha, who is equally notorious for his incredible live sets as he is for his keen studio productions, does not give a damn when he's manning the wheels of steel. Sure, he'll play to the mood of the room, as any good DJ should, but at no point will he compromise his artistic integrity by playing a track which does not have the entire room saying to themselves "What is that sick, sick man doing up there?? I've never heard anything like this!" as they compulsively dance like absolute lunatics. And Ridha most certainly lived up to our soaring expectations, sending wave after wave of raw, unadulterated "jackin ghetto sounds" straight to our brains as the dancefloor writhed in elated response. I didn't once leave the dancefloor for so much as a second, happily accepting the fact that this man had every last one of us in the palm of his hand.

[download] House Syndicate - Jam The Mace

A particularly memorable highlight of the night, of which there were many, had to be when he dropped a go-to track of his, DJ Deeon's "Work This M.F.". An old-school "ghetto-house" track with a simple 303 bassline, knocking drums, and a hilarious vocal sample ("HaHaHaHaHa"), the track is a main-stay in his sets for a reason. Boys Noize pumped that thing out with extreme emphasis on the low-end, sending the entire crowd into a frenzy as each kick hit.

[download] DJ Deeon - Work This M.F.

From "Ion" to "Jeffer", each song played was mixed in meticulous fashion, layered exquisitely and timed perfectly. As the night seemed to near its end, the room heard the telling sounds of "Yeah" in the speakers, only to find it layered over an a Capella from the Chemical Brothers' "Swoon" which served as the perfect finish to a legendary set the likes of which Washington, DC has never seen before. And from what I hear from Augustus and Patrick, his set at HARD wasn't too shabby either, so be sure to look for our forthcoming review of the entire event!

Friday, August 5, 2011

HARD Summer Snack Pack

So Bright & Shiny is chilling in downtown LA right now, here for HARD Summer Music Festival tomorrow, which of course we'll bring you full coverage of including a review of what's sure to be an epic night (the lineup is unreal, have a look for yourself). Anyway, I'm gonna have to keep this post short since the internet in the hotel is absolutely god awful (seriously, might as well be dial up, I didn't know wifi this slow existed anywhere..) Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Bright & Shiny crew handing out stickers (and other assorted swag) in the crowd.

Ever since I first grabbed this one from our friends over at DSCOTech, I've pretty much been playing it nonstop. Dutch youngster Alvaro has concocted a ludicrously catchy slice of dutch house here. Just listen to the vocals, such gold..
Download: Sak Noel - Loca People (ALVARO Remix)

Hardwell just seems to be getting better and better with every song he releases. This song mimics that trajectory actually, as it literally only gets bigger and better as it progresses. You think you've heard it all by the 1:30 mark, until Hardwell decides to pull a fast one and absolutely blows the roof off the track with an unexpected and amazing twist of a drop at the 2:00 mark. This track is bigger than huge, it's certified gigantic.
Download: DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans - Louder (Hardwell Remix)

New Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine collaboration, 'Bodywork'is absolutely mental. This is acid house at its best. It feels like this was made to be dropped in some dark sweaty basement rave somewhere. Straight up lunacy. Show the dudes some love and grab the release off of Calvin Harris' record label Fly Eye Records on beatport HERE.
Download: Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine - Bodywork (Original Mix)

Finally Swedish youngster Alesso gives the new LMFAO single a refreshing progressive makeover here that makes the track 10000 million times better in my opinion. A hint on how he did it ? He got rid of all the vocals...(and sprinkled some Swedish magic on there too)
Download: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem (Alesso Remix)

Bright & Shiny Picks for HARD Summer 2011
Dillon Francis 6:20 / Shit Robot 6:45
Gesaffelstein 7:15-8:15 (MUST SEE)
Juan Maclean (DJ Set) 7:45 - 9:00
Ratatat 8:50-9:50
Siriusmo 9:20-10:20 (another MUST SEE in our opinion) or Jack Beats 9:15-10:15
Chromeo 10:15-11:15
Digitalism 10:30-11:30 or Holy Ghost! 10:30-11:30
Duck Sauce or James Murphy or Busy P 11:30 (Can't really go wrong with any of those)
Boys Noize or Carte Blanche (DJ Mehdi & Riton) to close the night out.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Claude VonStroke at U Street Music Hall, Washington, DC 8/3/2011

Last night, the nation's capitol was fortunate enough to be blessed by the bass-laiden sounds of deep tech house maestro, Claude VonStroke. The Dirty Bird label boss and world-renowned DJ took over U Street Music Hall with a devastating selection of thumpin' jams and good vibes that had the dance floor pulsing well into the wee hours of the morn. NOTE: All songs in this post must be played loudly and with sufficient bass (read: LOTS) or you're literally missing the whole point.

Download: Claude VonStroke - Chimps (Re-Edit)

His performance reinforced why he's properly revered around the world as a DJ and pioneer of the bass-fueled sub-genre of modern house. His set ebbed and flowed with the distinct touch of greatness, as we found ourselves marveling at the unique sounds percolating from of the speakers one moment, and then jacking uncontrollably the next.

Download: Claude VonStroke & Justin Martin - Beat That Bird (Original Mix)

At no point in the three hour, genre-defying set did Claude let up, feeding the packed dancefloor consistently with some of the best tracks I've ever laid ears on. Not once did he let the knowing smile fall from his face as he poked and prodded the fine people of DC with beautiful bass and wondrous treble.

Download: Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit (Original Mix)

At one point I suggested he play "Battle for Middle You" by Bright & Shiny All-Star Julio Bashmore, an artist Claude is credited for discovering and a track that I've been playing non-stop since May, but have never had the fortune of hearing in a club setting. I held a desperate message up to the DJ booth, thinking now might be my chance to hear it with the full force only a PA can afford you, but Claude met my plea with only a smile and a shrug, as if to explain that the song simply wouldn't work right then. I didn't mind, as the man clearly knows way more than I do about every subject in the universe, and I encouraged him despite it.

Download: Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You (Original Mix)

Later on, around 3AM as his time was winding down, Claude did something up there I'll never forget and can't quite explain.  As I heard the wonky "wow-wow's" of "Battle for Middle You" jump brashly from the speakers I went mental, yelling and screaming at the top of my lungs... And others joined me as the track crescendoed, sending the club into a bass-fueled frenzy. Claude of course had the good sense to the play track all the way out, providing the perfect end to a phenomenal set of retro-future house music.


Monday, August 1, 2011

SCNTST [Boys Noize Records // Munich]

Sonic pioneer and visionary, Alex Ridha (AKA Boys Noize) has once again impressed the EDM world with his ability to identify young talent in his own backyard. Brand new BNR signee SCNTST is a freak, and the label knows it, stating on the artist's page "SCNTST is not normal. He is sick. He is avantgarde. He still lives at his parent’s house." At the astoundingly young age of 17 years, SCNTST, or Bryan Müller as he is known to his parents, has already cultivated an incredibly unique and mature sound with only 1 (ONE!) year's experience with Ableton; a sound he calls "advanced techno." Don't sleep on this kid, he's a scientist if I've ever seen one.

[download] SCNTST - Phonoton (Original Mix)

And be sure check out this mix, a super thick techno/tech house introduction to the ways of the SCNTST, complete with some of my favorite tunes of the year. This is sure to get your body moving.