Monday, January 31, 2011

Shadow Dancer [BNR // Manchester, UK]

Allow me to introduce you all to Shadow Dancer, two brothers from Manchester whose prolific careers I had not been privy to until two days ago when I stumbled upon their new EP, Murder Room out now on Boys Noize Records and available on beatport. Signed to BNR in 2008, the brothers Farrier have been consistently churning out banging tune after banging tune; it's honestly quite astounding what these boys are capable of. From electro, to old-school house, to acid house, these dudes do it all and, most importantly, they do it really fuckin' well. If there's ever been an artist who reminds me of the legendary techno wizard known as Boys Noize, it's these young men with their technical skill and seemingly boundless production knowledge.

Murder Room EP
Shadow Dancer - Lo Fighters (Original Mix)

Shadow Dancer - It's The Everything (Original Mix)

Shadow Dancer - Cowbois

Shadow Dancer - Lower Left (Original Mix)

Boys Noize - Nott (Shadow Dancer Remix)

AutoKratz - Always More (Shadow Dancer Remix)

For more Shadow Dancer check out their incredible 2009 LP, Golden Traxe

Speaking of BNR, last Friday saw the release of Boys Noize Presents: Super Acid. Yep, that's exactly as sick as it sounds: an entire Boys Noize curated compilation of brand new acid tracks from your favorite BNR artists. If you wanna know more about how the compilation came to be, read this absurd description of all things acid house by none other than Boys Noize himself. My favorite track from the selection comes from Strip Steve who has been absolutely killing it as of late. Check out his groovy acid track below and be sure to grab the whole release on beatport.
Strip Steve - The Beast (Original Mix)


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reset, Default, Automatic

Italian Broke One appears to be on a mission to bring back those old-school Chicago house sounds and vibes based on what I've been hearing from him recently. This remix he did of Evil Nine's "Auto" serves as a good example as he layers together a distant synth background over the originals vocals, adding in a hint of acid underneath it all.
Evil Nine - Auto (Broke One Remix)

We've posted about him before, and with "Pantera", Frenchman and Shiny Disco Club crew member Kartell has definitively paved a bassline heavy path straight to my heart. Smooth, sexy, and funky as fuck are all terms one might use to describe this jam. Save this one for the lady-friend.
Kartell - Pantera

I believe we posted the Laidback Luke mix of Carte Blanche's "Do! Do! Do!" a while back, but personally, I'm much more of a fan of what Strip Steve has decided to do with it. Heavy on the hi-hats and heavy on the bass, this one just begs you to dance along.
Carte Blanche - Do! Do! Do! (Strip Steve Jacked Up Remix)

I really don't know much about eSQUIRE aside from the fact that he's from the UK, but he's managed to give one of my absolute favorite Daft Punk songs a delectable thickness that would destroy any dance floor. Sounds like my kind of guy.
eSQUIRE vs. Daft Punk - High Life 2011

Alright so I'll switch gears here and bring you guys some harder stuff, beginning with a bomb from Bart B More. Admittedly, that's a term that gets thrown around a lot here when describing big tracks, but seriously, this is a bomb. Download it immediately and let it pulverize your sound system.
Bart B More - Gilles (Original Mix)

HolyshitSharooz. Unfortunately, that's all that's whats left of my brain is able to process after listening to the La Bombe label boss's latest release.
Sharooz - Hysteresis (Original Mix)

And to close things out, why not some good ol' reliable Chuckie. I mean seriously, you can always count on this guy to bring the heat, just as he does with this mix of Diddy's "I Hate That You Love Me". Although it's got more of a progressive sounding buildup and drop, it'll certainly do the trick.
Diddy - I Hate That You Love Me (Chuckie's Marquee Remix)


Friday, January 28, 2011

Yes or Not

Two of the Netherlands most exciting talents, Tiesto and Hardwell, combine their strengths on this MASSIVE, still unreleased tune to make a progressive sounding dutch masterpiece with more raw energy in it than a nuclear bomb. This is a radio rip, since the track isn't released anywhere, but the quality is better than just about any radio rip I've ever heard. This track isn't set to be released for more than a month, so help yourself to a serving of unreleased epicness.
Tiesto & Hardwell - Zero 76 (Original Mix)

 Felix Da Housecat's most recent production clearly shows him trying to take his sound in a new direction. While the familiar, rave-leaning hi hat heavy sound of Felix is still present on Zaman, the track is clearly an attempt to imitate the big room sound we've come to expect out of artists like Kaskade and Laidback Luke. I think Felix succeeds for the most part, considering I find the song highly enjoyeable, but still it's a little disconcerting to see one of the games oldest and most respected names trying to warp his sound to conform to the contemporary vogue. Either way, this one is huge and it deserves to be bumped as soon as possible from your speakers.
Felix Da Housecat pres. Thee Nese Djouma Projesi - Zaman (Club Mix)

You might remember we posted Lazy Rich's remix of the Porter Robinson single Wildcat. You might also remember that the remix was multiple levels of badass. At the time, you probably thought that the reason we were giving you this remix must've been that the original itself by mr Robinson must've been somehow deficient. Not so. In fact, the original single itself hadn't been released yet, but it was released recently and it's even more of a banger than the Lazy Rich remix. Porter robinson reaffirms here why he's one of the fastest growing names in electronic music, and all signs point to that he's here to stay.
Porter Robinson - The Wildcat (Original Mix)

The Parisian madman known as Danger has released another remix, this time of the dubstep leaning group Nero. When I first saw the combination I thought it would be an interesting match, considering the two artists' preponderance for a darker, harder-edged sound. The track delivers on the darker edge of the spectrum, as the opening grinding electro chords suggest, but the track quickly develops into a more melodic, bouncy, french filter house sounding tune. Overall it's a seriously worthwhile effort from one of the most mysterious producers in the game.
Nero - Me & You (Danger Remix)

Sultan & Ned Shepard strike gold again here, crafting an epic remix that retains all of their big room sound while introducing a really interesting streak of electro-house to balance it out. I really love this direction of their sound, hopefully we get to see more of it. The drop around the 3:00 mark really pulls everything together.
Thomas Sagstad - Meiri (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)

I don't like Rihanna, so if I'm posting a remix of her, it's a pretty solid indication that the track is really good. That's exactly the case here as Dave Aude uses plucking strings and a trancey progressive feel to give this track a complete makeover.
Rihanna - S & M (Dave Aude Club Mix)

Le Troublant Acid is, as the name would suggest, an Acid House song. But it's probably an Acid House song like you've never heard before, considering it restrains the normally frenetic acid sound within the tight, filtered parameters of a french-house sensibility. The result is a dreamy, Daft Punk sounding track that's perfect for a relaxed day at the beach. I found out about it through this review, in which RA gave it a 4.0/5.
KZA - Le Troublant Acid

All of the tracks from here on out are about to be overwhelmingly, soul-movingly deep, so if deeper, techier sounds aren't your thing, consider yourself warned.
Personally I think this one could do without the vocals, but it's still got an irresistibly catchy groove and an awesome, rhythmic feel that begs to be blasted out of a huge soundsystem.
D.O.N.S. & Shahin feat. Seany B. - Rollin' Deep

Rule # 4080: Tribal drums and a sexy woman's voice are always a winning combination.
Bastian van Shield - King Of My Castle (Original Mix)

Found this one in a DJ set Umek played in Poland. So, yeah, it's completely nuts. The vocal sample and the pounding techno vibe make this one a must have. Here's the set if you're interested.
Alex Di Stefano - Yes or Not (Original Mix)

Stay Classy,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm not nervous, she's not nervous

Interesting post today. Some new stuff, some old stuff, a few mixes. Embrace.

This little gem was released this past November on Simian Mobile Disco's Delicacies. It's more than a bit techy, but as you guys can probably tell by now, B & S seems to be going through a tech house phase lately.
Simian Mobile Disco - Skin Cracker

Cosmonaut Grechko has tried his hand at fantastic track by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. He's transformed it into a dreamy candy land filled with bell synths and upper register melodies.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (Cosmonaut Grechko)

Com Truise is awesome. He recently put out a great original track that I have here for you today. I really enjoy the instrumentation and the chord progressions. He gives the track a Washed Out esque feel to it that soothes my currently exhausted self.
Com Truise - Slow Peels

The last two tracks I have for you today are actually quite old, but amazing none the less. Yelle just released their new single, Safari Disco Club, check it out for sure (it's freeeeee). Overall, my favorite Yelle track has got to be Ce Jeu. The Tepr remix (which has been posted before but deserves it again...) absolutely knocks it out of the park.
Yelle - Ce Jeu

Yelle - Ce Jeu (Tepr Remix)

The second part of this post is comprised of four new mixes that I came across on SoundCloud. All four of them are free (!!!) and you can download them all directly from the artists' soundcloud pages as well as acquiring the track lists. Have at them.

Triple J Radio Mix (2011) by treasurefingers

VillA 'in the mix' January 2011 by VILLA Soundcloud

This is an exlcusive mix that Nightriders did for Les Petits Bruits, a fantastic blog with a sexy layout to boot.
Nightriders Mix for Les Petits Bruits - Chapter 16 by Nightriders

Magic Tape Seven by TheMagician


Oliver uploaded a new original track to his soundcloud about a month ago, and I just go around to listening. Much like most of Oliver's material, this disco house is nothing short of superb.

Oliver - Walk With Me by weareoliver

Love, Patrick

Megapost: Pyraminds

What you are about to witness is a megapost of irreverent proportion. This ambitious journey will traverse the genres of electronica, to electro, to French house, to tech house and back again. I don't even know what I'm talking about, to be honest, as I've been made delirious by the sheer volume of incredible tunes I am responsible for sharing with you all this evening.

The second single off of Cut Copy's new album is a suspenseful pop song arranged in the traditional build-and-release methodology of dance music. As the vocals become more and more aching and the drums pick up we sense the release is fast approaching.
Cut Copy - Need You Now

BONUS!! This flawless remix will get you dancing.
Cut Copy - Take Me Over (Mylo Remix)

Sidney Samson
takes the new Rihanna single, bludgeons it into oblivion with an electro-sledgehammer and we're left with a searing banger with fantastic vocals as an added bonus.
Rhianna - S&M (Sidney Samson Club Mix)

Fellow Marylander Ian Carey killed this remix. Electro vibes amidst sexy house drums get the asses shakin' every time.
Alexandra Prince & Fireflies - I Can't Get Enough (Ian Carey Remix)

Usually when I tell people I'm not what you would call a "fan" of dubstep, they claim it's because I can't handle the bass. Well, that's simply not true. Case in point: I fucking love this ENTIRELY UNRELEASED, BRAND SPANKING NEW Skrillex remix of Benny Benassi's new single. And you say I never do anything nice for you...
Benny Benassi - Cinema ft. Gary Go (Skrillex Remix)

Miles Dyson, who was made known to me via his inclusion in Moby's legendary live DJ sets, has come out with a new electro track which can only be described using the words HUGE and GIGANTIC. It samples C-Mos' "2 Million Ways" to set the mood, after which it destroys any previous ideas of what you thought the mood of this song might be.
Miles Dyson - I-tune (Original Mix) [Removed by request]

Super fun French house remix from His Majesty Andre with raps over top courtesy of a fellow named Cerebral Vortex. And I've got to hand it to Vortex, his flow is on point.
Raziek & Cerebral Vortex - Killer (His Majesty Andre Remix)

TJR brings us a tune that's halfway between "remix" and "edit," adding some depth and needed fatness to a classic track from the legendary Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk fame.
Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch (TJR's Bang Bus Remix)

Released last Friday on mau5trap records, this track from Moguai is an emotion-laden journey to the long lost land of Euphoria, where this song is played when children are born. It seems Moguai has been taking lessons from label boss deadmau5: the sophistication of the drums and the synth work approach the elevated level of the mau5's own productions.
Moguai - Opitnuum (Original Mix)

I would say this is the best song of this whole post, but what do I know, right? Frenchman and BNR label member Djedjotronic has here crafted some of the best techno to ever grace mine ears. When I hear this song, I am struck with awe and fear to think that Djedjotronic coaxed these unprecedented noises out of some sort of computer. If this song doesn't make you jump out of your seat and dance, you are either paralyzed or in need of serious psychiatric evaluation.
Chromeo - Hot Mess (Djedjotronic Remix)

this feature has been basically defunct recently considering everything I post these days could be considered "clubhaus" as per my crazed definition, but mark this post as the Clubhaus' triumphant return.

This techno track from Fazhands is just ever so nice, featuring soulful vocals from SoCal's Sam Wilkes.
Fazhands - Press Play ft. Sam Wilkes

Moar techno, this time from Harvard Bass, who has continually impressed me with his production skills since the release of "Listen to This," and boy how he's grown!
Worthy - Big Perm (Harvard Bass' Permed Out Remix)

snatches up the highlights from one of Afrojack's more mediocre, progressive house efforts and turns it into a tech house monster with subtlety and a flick of the wrist.
Afrojack - Esther (Johnstar Remix)

This crude house tune from Stereo Palma really gets the blood flowing while broaching the subject of cunnilingus, a difficult feat indeed.
Stereo Palma - Lick It (Club Mix)

Deep , driving beats characterize Umek's productions, and this one is different. However, he's joined this time by Tomy DeClerque, whose presence seems to have afforded this track a more organic feel, something the clinical Umek can sometimes neglect.
Umek, Tomy DeClerque - Original Challenge (Original Mix)

Incredibly techy, progressive house tune from swiss model (?!!) Tanja La Croix, with drums that are damn near good enough to eat. The drop around 3:30 is particularly satisfying following the heightened suspense which precedes it.
Tanja La Croix - Hard To Handle ft. Andy P

And there you have it, 1hr40 of the best and freshest tunes, live and direct.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Talk Is Cheap

Less talk,

NC vunderkid
Porter Robinson smaashes "Seek Bromance" with this remix the way he seems to smash everything he touches, by slamming together the dirtiest bits of trance, electro, and dubstep into one filthy sound. Not recommended: playing this anywhere near the vicinity of your local retirement home.
Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Porter Robinson Remix)

Some deeper, proggy type goodness from a man who grows nearer and dearer to my heart with each release I hear from him: Bass Kleph. Beauutiful drop around the 4:00 minute mark.
Jesse Voorn - Somewhere (Bass Kleph Remix)

The French just do it better. The piano synth line in his remix from Ed Banger all star DJ Mehdi is absurd. Everything else ain't bad either.
Eli Escobar - Love Thing Pt. 2 (DJ Mehdi Club Remix)

It's hard to resist checking out some good o'l Bart B More that I haven't heard before. Stumbled upon this edit yesterday as I was browsing through some older Fred Falke goodness. The Dutchman takes an absolute classic from Falke and his longtime co-worker Alan Braxe and gives it a bit more thump, certainly making it easier to mix with, but still maintaining its original sound and feel. How about I give you both?
Fred Falke & Alan Braxe - Intro

Fred Falke & Alan Braxe - Intro (Bart B More Edit)

The musical marriage of two disco-house heavy hitters could never be a bad thing. Second City Rhythm, aka longtime friends Ghosts of Venice and Adulture, just released their first production for free on their soundcloud. If that's not a deal I don't know what is.
Second City Rhythm - You Got Me

And finally, I give you a preview for a release I'm verrry excited about.I hope Highbloo is on everyone's radar at this point, cause the dude's got talent. "Time to Change Pt. 2" sounds like a dance-floor destroyer. Is that a Michael Jackson sample?
Highbloo - Time To Change (preview) by lektroluvrecords


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lines and Form

 An oldie but a goodie, I've been dropping this one in some of my dj sets recently to a pretty devastating effect. Between Tiga's bizarro lyrics and Mr. Oizo's crushing electro style, there's really nothing not to like in this one.
Tiga - Shoes (Mr. Oizo Remix)

Some diabolical electro-house here from Canada's own Torro Torro.
Torro Torro - Knockin' Boots (Original Mix)

Mylo and Sharooz give Robyn a funky electro makeover on this one. (Cudos to Patrick for finding it)
Robyn - Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do (Mylo & Sharooz Remix)

Mikix The Cat really seems to be on the up & up. This original track is a techy dancefloor melter that highlights his ability to make powerful dance music using just the bare essentials.
Mikix The Cat - Hot Block

A change of pace here with a delectable bit of french house. Kind of reminds me of Fred Falke. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of name WebQueawry is through.
WebQueawry - Searching

Stay Classy,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Workin' the Machines

We've been having record numbers of daily visitors over the past week here at Bright and Shiny, and I just wanted to thank you guys for choosing B&S. One day, you'll all be able to say "Oh, yeah, I knew about them way before they were famous," and everyone will fear and revere you. Happy Friday boys 'n' girls.

First up today is a great deeper house track by Para One. It really comes into its own right around the 1 minute mark with some great guitar synths and whistling. Trust in me, just in me, you'll like what you hear.

Empire Ants is one of my favorite tracks off of Plastic Beach, and true to their nature, Miami Horror slays this remix. They add some great stabbing chords and a more dancey kick to create a really nice upbeat feel to the whole track.

Bag Raiders song turned bang0r thanks to the wiz production of Light Year. At the 1:03 minute mark, spontaneous combustion.

Electro + Hiphop is generally a winning combination. Bright and Shiny favorite Vodka & Milk unleashes the hounds on this J. Cole track. Lights please.

Clock Opera makes some seriously catchy electro. High flying melodies and harmonies mesh perfectly in this remix to create that 'bright and shiny' feel that you guys crave. Get it while it's hot.

What I really love about RAC remixes is the subtlety they use in their instrumentation. I love their synth choices, and how they so readily maintain the integrity of the original while still enhancing it and making it their own.

Flight Facilities seems to produce music for my ears specifically. Vocals courtesy of electropop sensation Cut Copy off of their new album Zonoscope. The brushed bell synths and the seagulls create a summery beach feel that will have you yearning for those long carefree days. This song has been stuck in my head all day...


Nightrider's newest remix is absolute FIRE.

Charmingly funky original track by Mr. Gonzo.

Love, Patrick

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Massive big room anthems are becoming a regular thing for Kaskade. Following up on a 2010 that was nothing short of collosal, his first release of 2011, a remix of Late Night Alumni's single It's Not Happening, shows him poised to take things even bigger this year. Aside from his solo stuff, Kaskade's melodic house group, Late Night Alumni, has their first scheduled album, Haunted coming out sometime early this year. This is a remix of their first single off the album, and its got all of the incredible vocals we've come to expect from the alumni perfectly blended with the signature huge kaskade sound. In other words, it's a floor-crushing big room monster, and you don't want to miss it.
Late Night Alumni - It's Not Happening (Kaskade Remix)

Another Late Night Alumni remix by progressive house wizards Sultan & Ned Shepard..
Late Night Alumni - You Can Be The One (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)

Another titanic Sultan & Ed Shepard Remix
Kaskade feat. Martina Of Dragonette - Fire In Your New Shoes (Sultan & Ned Shepard Electric Daisy Remix)

In case you haven't gotten your daily fill of the spacious sounds of progressive house, here's a brilliant EDX original I grabbed off the recently released Toolroom Records vs. Leaders Of The New School (Best of 2010) compilation.
EDX - Party of Politics

Bobby Burns & Sidney Samson combine forces here to put together a fierce bit of electro-house sure to be devastating dancefloors near you sometime soon. Look for the release on Wall Records (Afrojack's Label).
Bobby Burns & Sidney Samson - Countdown (Original Mix)

Myon and Shane 54 rework the 90's pop classic Wonderwall into a full blown house anthem.
Oasis - Wonderwall (Myon & Shane 54 Helpless Mix)

Stay Classy,

Rollin' Deep

Starting real slow today with some fantastically oddball beats. Jamie xx of the award-winning new wave/pop group the xx brings his gorgeously minimal aesthetic to Adele's beautiful vocals as the song is propelled by afro-latin drums and those haunting bells the xx are known to favor. If you loved the xx remix of "You Got The Love" you're gonna love this one, too. And I must say, I fucking LOVE this song.
Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)

This next track sounds like a love child resulting from an affair between Neon Indian and Flying Lotus. Fuzzy, sun-soaked synths and ethereal yet sassy vocals color this track from Tobacco and Zackey Force Funk.
Tobacco - Lamborghini Meltdown ft. Zackey Force Funk

These next two are the kinds of crazy electro tracks I'm sure you used to getting from me, the first from Canadian John Roman and the second from one of the most technically talented electro/dubstep artists in the game, Skrillex.
John Roman - Sphere

Casxio - Seventeen (Skrillex Remix)

Disco of Doom took this track and turned it into a slow-burning electro funk exhibition. A+ work from these filthy British gentlemen.
Kele - Everything You Want (Disco of Doom Remix)

Bright & Shiny Hall of Famer, Treasure Fingers, takes a break from the nu-disco circuit to try his hand at crafting house music. And how deftly he does it, employing classic house synths like a seasoned pro. If there was ever any question concerning the depth and versatility of Treasure Fingers' talent, it has assuredly been put to rest.
Senor Stereo - I Am the Beat ft. Louisahhh!!! (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Prevalent house vocalist Miss Kittin kills it, solo, on this track with a minimal, old-school feel. This one's for the househeads.
Miss Kittin - All You Need (Original Mix)

And last and most certainly least (due exclusively to its association with Ke$ha) is this electro-banger by Artistic Raw & Loopers. In the words of a wise YouTube commenter, "this song is even dirtier than Ke$ha."
Ke$ha - We R Who We R (Artistic Raw & Loopers Remix)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've been on somewhat of a tech/deep house binge recently, probably a natural response to all the maximal electro-house craziness I've been bombarding my ears with over the past couple of months, so I'll start things off today with some jams you'd find in the corresponding aisle of your local supermarket.

Coming off of BNR's sub-label Trax, Strip Steve and Das Glow combine to release the flawless techno bomb that is "Calcium". Simple? Yes. Destructive? Absolutely. Do yourself (and the artists) a favor and purchase the track along with the rest of the EP hurr.

It's tracks like this that got me into this tech-house phase in the first place. The second drop gets you moving like none other. Classic sweetness from one of our favorites, Bingo Players.

Now, back to that maximal stuff. M.I.A.'s "Internet Connection" was quite a disappointment..until Houratron came in and seriously shook things up. Substitute this one for your morning cup of coffee.

To say that Afrojack had a successful year in 2010 would be an understatement. He has cemented himself as a top producer in the dutch house/electro game and is now very much a household name. You all know what to expect from the man. Here's the result of a collaboration with Bobby Burns.

And because I found tonight that Angello is coming to St. Louis...