Monday, August 23, 2010

Back To School. To prove to daddy I'm not a fool.

Hey guys, Patrick here. Let's get right down to bidness, OKAY?

This first track is pure gold. It's an original mix. I love originals. Seeing as it's a little progressive house-ish, it's gonna take a minute to get into it. But once it does.... !!!

Go Go Bizkitt puts out an absurd amount of music. I can't say I love it all, but overall, he does very well for himself. Funky disco vibes oozing all ova da place.

This next one is a little upbeat hiphop/rap tune by Cee-Lo Green. Never heard of'em, but I'm really digging this song. Especially the lyrics.

This is a remix of a song by a friend of mine, Flashworx...(on facebook at least haha). Synth lead heaven! Thank you Deluce Shogan.

French girls singing, FOR THE WIN.

Dublin Aunts is a french/filter/disco/house/funk duo that I stumbled upon on SoundCloud. Quality quality.

Interesting way of getting the lyrics out there (Fuck You):

Love, Patrick


  1. Treasure definitely dropped that Go Go Bizkitt! track at UStreet. and Cee-Lo Green is the same Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley. www[dot]myspace[dot]com/ceelogreen

  2. gaaaaah I love adrian lux he makes the most soothing prog house its retarded. That first song is sick. i have some other ones by him that i'll have to hit you up with

  3. Yo... yep we stole the link.

    Thanks for the post! We're in some seriously cool company with those tunes.

    Ans on a side note, i guess i'm not the only one who wakes up daily to find another 5 go go bizkitt records have appeared like WOW!

    Dublin Aunts