Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mixes: Coat of Arms & Fur Coat

Forget Mixtape Sundays, this is mixtape Wednesday. Check out these monster mixes from a pair of our favorite twosomes: Coat of Arms & Fur Coat.

First up is a deeply sexual mix from Venezuelan duo and recent Crosstown Rebels signees, Fur Coat. The mix is replete with hard-edged, yet classy deep house bangers that are sure to get booties shaking at all hours of the day.  It so vividly reminds me of the techno journey known as "Get Lost Miami" that I get goose bumps just listening to it. And if you haven't heard Fur Coat's underground anthem "You and I" yet, then your life needs some direction. Get it together.

Next is a mix from Coat of Arms, the British duo comprised of Chris James (Birmingham) and Eats Everything (Bristol), and is sure to be in my rotation for most of May. Equal parts bass and house, this mix is a touch more upbeat; perfect for the house head trying to understand what all this Bristol fuss is about. If this kind of thing suits your fancy, and it will, be sure to keep your eyes glued to your browser for our interview with Eats Everything (now a month in the making). It's coming.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mixtape Sunday: Episode 006

Today's mix comes courtesy of Belgian duo, Villa. These guys have been in my sights ever since I heard their remix of "Blitz" by Digitalism about a year and half ago and their subsequent productions have failed to disappoint. Francois and Thang have deep disco roots and jokingly refer to their sound as "hyper-disco". This is their March mix, but they just uploaded it two days ago so it's pretty fresh. Apparently they waited to put it out because they wanted to add in their new Ladyhawke remix. I wish I could hook y'all up with a tracklist, but I can't find one so for now you can look up the Soundcloud comments as people update them. If the bonus tunes below don't satiate your needs, check out their other tracks and remixes on their MySpace or Soundcloud. Also, be on the lookout for an upcoming debut EP!

Download: Slice & Soda - Year of the Dragon (Villa Remix)

Download: Villa feat. The New Sins - Beats of Love (The c90's Remix)

Download: Digitalism - Blitz (Villa Remix)

- Jimmy

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

But in Reality (Megapost)

Oh boy do I have some treats for you today. It’s been a while so I have quite a bit of knowledge up my sleeve to impart on all you chilluns. I’m taking you through a pretty wide spectrum here so buckle up and let these jams take you over. Starting things off are three tracks from a guy I came across a few months ago. Since then I have found no production short of excellence. I give you, Mario Basanov.
Download: Mario Basanov – We Are Child of Love

Download: Mario Basanov feat. Miss Bee – Just Think About

This last one is apparently only being released on vinyl… Whenever this happens with a great song I have mixed emotions of respect, frustration, and sadness. Maybe I should just start DJing vinyl.

For those unfamiliar, Coat of Arms is the duo comprising of Chris James and Eats Everything; two people responsible for some of my favorite songs of the past year. Together they’re unstoppable and as this song and any others you’ll hear by them will show, their groove is infectious.
Download: Thyladomid & Adriatique – Feeling Good (Coat of Arms Retwerk)

Adana Twins are new to the lineup for me, but rest assured I’ll be on my toes for any and every anticipated release henceforth. ‘Everyday’ has some great vocals and a thick beat to match. ‘Strange’ is a little darker take with some nice piano stabs and a Doors sample. As you may know, a few of us here are suckers for Jim Morrison and The Doors, so I couldn’t resist posting that one.
Download: Adana Twins – Everyday

Download: Adana Twins – Strange

Speaking of sampling favorites from the past, here’s a nice effort from John Talabot featuring cut up Temptations vocals and a little bouncing bass that’s more familiar to some of our homeboys from Bristol.
Download: John Talabot - So Will Be Now… feat. Pional

Too good to give away, but obviously I’m in a giving mood. Take this before I change my mind..
Download: Balcazar & Sordo - Obsession

Jonny ‘Bubba’ Smyth comes in with a tech house bomb that I found on a Beatport chart not long ago. Only complaint I have is the rave stab thing that gets added in towards the end. That aside, this is certified to make you a dancing fool. Have someone monitor your jacking as you could be in for some serious back injuries.
Download: Hoh – Suswour (Bubba Remix)

Here’s a classic thumper that came back on my radar through shuffle recently. This is some diabolical stuff and is sure to contort some unsuspecting people on the dance floor. If you’re really insane in the brain go check out the Hatiras remix as well.
Download: Marc Adamo & Tim Healey – Ghetto Blaster

Jesper Dahlback
, older cousin of big man John Dalhback, throws on an addictive bass loop and amps up the tribal percussion to make this hypnotic remix.
Download: Phil Kieran– Juicy (Jesper Dahlback Remix)

Round Table Knights can do no wrong. At least musically. Deep down I hope they’re as reckless and hedonistic as us cuz I’m sure they know how to start a party. This one came out towards the end of last year, but it has never gotten old for me. I would also recommend looking up Monkey Safari when you have the chance. Those two guys make some fun music as well.
Download: Monkey Safari – Kiss The Birds (Round Table Knights)

Download: Chris James - On & On (MANIK Remix)

New (way too short) Danny Daze preview that showed up on my dashboard recently. Supposedly this will be the D-side to his next EP so keep your eyes, and ears, peeled.

Some of us were lucky enough to catch Catz ‘N Dogz (and Eats Everything and Maceo Plex for that matter) at U Street Music Hall during their anniversary week just over a month ago. When those crazy Polish dudes played this we absolutely lost it. As with everything else, be sure to bump this on a proper sound system.
Download: Odd Parents – Fame (Catz ‘N Dogz & Martin Dawson Freaky Friday Remix)

Some old-school Maceo Plex a.k.a. Maetrik. Nice and freaky.
Download: Peneoh feat. Maetrik - Follow

Bonus Round: let’s bring it all together with a healthy dose of acid.

Download: Elijah Collins – Trap (MarcAshken Remix)

Download: Morgan Geist – Detroit (C2rmx2 Carl Craig Remix)

Download: T. Williams – Analog Tour

Download: Lazy Ants, Rob Threezy – Chi to Rome (Broke One Edit)

- Jimmy

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Ok I'm really busy.  So I'm gonna give you some great tracks, but I'm not gonna give you the self-indulgent poop descriptions of each song.  Seriously though, listen to these.

Julio Bashmore did the production on this ABSOLUTE gem of a track.  Jessie Ware's voice is silky smooth.  Ever since hearing her on SBTRKT's album, I've been in love.  So far this track is out on the UK itunes... but not in the US.  I'm mad, are you?

NEW BREAKBOT.  Everyone be extremely grateful for this joyous occasion.  It's a strange funk/rock/80's pop fusion and I'm definitely here for this.  It's kind of difficult to tell what is a sample and what is original material... but either way:  FREE DOWNLOAD.

[Download Here]

Disclosure is literally on fire these days.  I'm thinking NBA Streets kind of on fire.  I just don't even know where all of this talent came from.  The vocals on this track are beautiful, the synth work is beautiful, the percussion is as always, great.  This one drops June 4th.


Amazing new 90's NYC Hip Hop mix by Para One.  WHO KNEW?

[Download Here]

Love, Patrick

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sahara Style

So I head down to beautiful Indio in the Sierra Nevada mountains tomorrow for the first day of two weekends of Coachella that I'll be attending, and to say that I'm excited would be an understatement of monstrous proportions. I'm elated. I'm ecstatic. I hope I've made you jealous enough... anyway, here's what we'll be blasting on the roadtrip down.

In honor of the picture above and the fact that I'll probably spend most of the next couple days camped out in the sahara tent, we'll start with some Boys Noize. Somehow I managed to overlook this remix for the longest time, but not anymore. This one is an instant classic. I love the breakdown about halfway through. Industrial future electro.
download: Daft Punk - End of Line (Boys Noize Remix)

THE festival anthem of the year is finally here. I won't even try to explain this song, because no words I could string together would come close to describing its sheer hugeness, so grab it below and find out what I'm talking about.
download: Nari & Milani - Atom (Original Mix)

I had the pleasure of attending RAC at my college last night (fo free, how cool is that?), and the dudes were definitely solid. This chilled down remix by them is one of my favorites.
download: Washed Out - New Theory (RAC Remix)

Tiger Stripes getting all kinds of freaky on this one, in all the right ways.
download: Tiger Stripes - Crossroads (Original Mix)

This new Brodisnki is.. well.. I'm sure you can already guess. It's absolutely killer. Those massive rave swells make me wanna jump around like a total crazy person. Actually, that may or may not be what I'm doing as I write this..

Gucci Vump (aka Brodinski & Guillaume from the Shoes) with a great piece of analog, retro-sounding electro here. Also with their signature slurred down hip hop influence definitely evident in certain parts.
download: Arnaud Robotini - Another Time, Another Place (Gucci Vump Remix)

Big Room shenanigans from our favorite bros out of San Diego.
download: Ape Drums - Jungle Rock (No Body Remix)

This bassline is absolutely lethal. The vocals, on the other hand, are either wonderfully hypnotic or a tad too repetitive - of course, that's probably dependent on your recent chemical intake...
download: David August - You Got To Love Me (Original Mix)

Bonus deepness from No Artificial Colours. These dudes are the truth.
download: No Artificial Colours - Squared (Original Mix)


Thursday Deep Sampla

Demarzo is a bro we've been reppin' around here recently, and not without good reason. This new EP by him is the fuckin' jam, especially with massive remixes courtesy of other Bright & Shiny all-stars Wildkats and Puente & Rosch. Grab our favorite original off the EP below and head over to beatport for the full collection of jacktastic trax.
download: Demarzo - Flip The Mattress (Original Mix)

Destructo & Oliver really surprising here, showing off their deeper side to devastating effect. This one is definitely my favorite off of their recently dropped Technology EP on BNR Trax.
download: Destructo & Oliver - LA Funky (Original Mix)

More Deepness, this time from one of our favorite labels of the moment, Leftroom - I especially love the 80s-inspired synth line that comes out in the second half
download: Simon Baker - Human Mystery (Original Mix)

 Honestly I haven't been able to get my hands on enough XXXY lately after watching him kill it opening for James Murphy over on Boiler Room the other day. If you're not already in the know, inform ya self by grabbing one of his best remixes below.
download: Voltron - Don't Stop (XXXY Remix)

This one is for the children. As long as we're being perfectly clear that our goal is to corrupt the children as much as possible. That is always the goal, right?
download: Jimmy Edgar - This One's For The Children (Original Mix)

These vocals absolutely melt me.
download: Hanna - Sometimes (Karol VII & MB Valence Remix)

Back later today with more (slightly less deep) tracks for ya weekend...

Stay Classy,


I am all about Mercury. The Swiss duo consisting of a former hip-hop DJ and a drummer produce wonderfully soulful, very retro-influenced house music. I came across them for the first time with their remix of Le Le's Breakfast, which is still an all time favorite of mine and is guaranteed to set any party off; if you don't believe me, you've clearly never heard the song or paid attention to its lyrics. Since then, I truthfully can say that I have yet to encounter one of their productions that I don't vibe with immediately. Their latest is a re-work of Zimmer's "Slave To Your Heart", released on the DiscoTexas label. It features an upbeat organ synth chugging along with Jeremy Glenn's vocals and spaced out atmospherics. I really like it. You will really like it. Check it out underneath this sentence that I've just written. And buy it on beatport!
 Zimmer - Slave To Your Heart feat. Jeremy Glenn (Mercury Remix) by Mercury (Switzerland)

Incoming Mosca track on Hypercolour. Cannot wait for this to be released, I'm in the midst of a serious garage/90's house sounding binge right now and this is right up my alley. Plus it's called "Eva Mendes".

Mosca - Eva Mendes (Hypercolour) from Hypercolour on Vimeo.

This remix from Siriusmo may be 4 years old, but I don't care because it's amazing and I've re-discovered it. It's probably my favorite Siriusmo remix ever, which is saying something given who Siriusmo is and the insanity he is capable of. Also, it being so old and all doesn't make me feel guilty about putting it up for donwload. Enjoy!
Modeselektor - Silikon (Siriusmo Remix)


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I found this track while perusing Soundcloud the other day, I was truly smitten from first listen.  B-Ju is a German producer that has released on several different reliably excellent labels including Dirty Bird and Squelch & Clap.  The particular track that I'm featuring today, a remix of 'Erotic Dancer' by Wool & Cerebral Vortex, is a wonderful UK Funky/UK Garage track that was recently put out by Sounds of Sumo.  It starts off a little slowly, but right around the 1:25 minute mark, the percussion and synth lines kick in for a masterful display of production abilities.  Stream it below and buy the remix on Juno:

[Buy the release here]

Master of all things disco, Gigamesh just seems to effortlessly pump out electro funk as it were as simple as breathing.  This sun-splashed nu disco remix track is exactly what I needed this morning on my walk to class.  Being the generous man he is, this track is free free free.  Take it now.

[Free download here]

MJ Cole is a British house and UK garage producer that tends to live on the deeper side of things.  His latest remix is of a tastefully picked T.E.E.D. track entitled "Tapes & Money".  He creates a deep, percussive, yet up-tempo remix that features the T.E.E.D. vocals b-e-a-utifully amidst a landscape of progressive house-esque synth work.  I really love the momentum on this track.  The Beatport release is set for April 15th, but 'heart' this song on Soundcloud and be ready to buy this shit because it will fit perfectly into any dance floor set.

If you liked that track, you'll most likely enjoy this 30 minute MJ Cole mix:

[Free download here]

Love, Patrick

Monday, April 9, 2012

All For It

We've been showering you with some nu-disco goodness recently, a trend which I only hope to continue as long as sun keeps shining and the warm weather keeps rolling in. Monitor 66 is a Swedish trio I recently came across when they gave this one away for free download. Appropriately labeled as "Blisco", you can imagine the kind of warm, summery images this tropical jam might conjure up. Check it out below.
Monitor 66 - Triscuits

Soundstream, aka Frank Timm, is a Berlin based producer and DJ with a refined ear for all things house and disco. He made waves back in 06 with "Love Jam", a refreshing deeper number that makes his love of the older detroit and chicago sounds evident. All Night was Timm's vinyl-only release from 2010, but having come across it for the first time recently and realizing how fucking good it is I really have no problem posting about it. "Deeper Love" is my pick of the three track release, but really, you can't go wrong with any of them. This is the way funkier house music is supposed to sound. As said before, this was a vinyl only release, but there just may be a link somewhere out there on the internet for it didn't hear it from me.

I leave you with XXXY's recent set at the Boiler Room in London, which can be streamed from Red Bull Music Academy radio. It's a delectable collection of future-garage and classic house sounds. Make sure to listen to the very end, where you can hear a track off his upcoming "Everything" EP played out in full. Stream from the player below, or if that ain't working just follow the link to the show directly.

XXXY Live at Boiler Room, London

- PK

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hallo!  Ok so there's this new remix track by Xinobi.  It was just recently released on Discotexas, Xinobi's own label that he started with friend and fellow music producer, Moullinex.  Xinobi, aka Bruno Cardoso, is a wonderfully funky Portuguese man with an affinity for piano stabs and an ear for disco.  Stream and then buy his remix of Slave To Your Heart by Zimmer below.

[Buy the Beatport Release]

I know you got a nice dose of Moon Boots a few days ago with his new track, "Got Somebody", but he also just released this remix.  It's another remix of a Zimmer track haha.  Anyways, it's self proclaimed 'Jamaican Funk'... who can argue with that nice little subgenre?

[Buy it here]

Love, Patrick

Friday, April 6, 2012

I Don't Even Speak Russian

Inventive and catchy synth pop bliss off of Tiga's Turbo Records. This song feels like a cooler version of what the 80's should have been like. I recommend listening from the start and letting it just sort of grab you, if you jump ahead all the subtleties that really make the track what it is will end up getting totally lost on ya.
download: Raid Over Moscow - High (Original Mix)

It's friday, so no one should feel guilty about grabbing these next two big room bombs by Archie V and Fareoh. Both are huge and reminiscent of Avicii when he's on top of his game, and I wouldn't be surprised to see both of these dudes blow up in this next year.
download: Fareoh & Archie V. - 2012 (Twenty Twelve) (Instrumental Mix)

download: Archie V. - Guess What (Original Mix)

Ahhh, good old Boys Noize & Erol Alkan. The two of them are responsible for some of the catchiest and most genre-defining electro cuts from the past decade. Roland Rat shows them again channeling that undeniable talent for crafting pure, fierce electronic energy. The B Side, Brain Storm is equally crazy. Both of the tracks on this EP are 100% Analog, which is pretty cool. Purchase Here.
download: Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - Roland Rat (Original Mix)

1985. Chicago. This classic cut used to be one of Frankie Knuckles' favorite records to play out. I'm addicted to that main synth line.
download: Jamie Principle - Waiting On My Angel (Original Mix)

FUTURE TECHNO. This next track is completely mental, and while I wish that I invented the phrase 'Future Techno' because it's fucking awesome, this song actually comes off of a really good Bad Life compilation called Future Techno. There are a bunch of other really awesome tracks on it, including huge ones by NT89 and Attaque, so definitely head over to beatport and check it out.
download: Night Symmetry - Moon (Original Mix)

More techno here with Maetrik aka Maceo Plex getting stright diabolical on this one...
download: Maetrik - The Reason (Original Mix)

Todd Terje wants you to imagine what The Bangles would be like if they recorded their classic 'Walk Like An Egyptian' on the island of Ibiza in the 70s instead of some studio in america in the 80s. Find out below. Good vibes and an all around fun time. I love Todd Terje.
download: The Bangles - Dub Like An Egyptian (Todd Terje edit)

Do I really need to explain a track by a group called Beat Pharmacy? Yes, it's every bit as amazing as their name would imply.
download: Beat Pharmacy - Comet (Original Mix)

Alex Metric just gave this new EP away for free on his website today, check out my favorite of the three tracks below and head over to to download the full EP (did I mention it's free?)
download: Alex Metric - Epichords (Original Mix)

Some more main room noises for your weekend:
download: Cirez D - On Off (NO_ID uhh WTF Your Mind Booty)

download: Mark Knight - Alright (Club Mix)

download: Dezza - Seven 71 (Original Mix)


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

First up today we have a nice little diddy by UK based house producer, Bicep.  This track is on the deeper side of things with lounge-esque percussion, piano stabs galore, and even a nice little R&B vocal sample that repeats itself about 1,000 times.  Self proclaimed as a "sleazy homage to the 90's jersey house vibes", this track just got released on brand new Love Fever records.  Stream only unless you tryna buy dat vinyl.

This next track is really just summer incarnate.  Moon Boots recently put this out for free on the impeccable French Express label/blog.  Featuring a vocal sample from "Not Letting Go" by Wayne Wonder, "Got Somebody" utilizes a funk bassline, brushed bell synths, and snappy percussion that's sure to have you at least tapping a foot or two.  And fo free??? Thanks, love you French Express.  Call me sometime.

[Download Here]

For more tropical vibes from French Express, grab this high flying track by Perseus:
[Download Here]


The 15th installment of the Futureboogie Radio mixes: Falling Up [Download Here]

Love, Patrick - because I'll never stop loving you back

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Can't Get Better

New material coming in from the boys at Futureboogie is always a welcome sight. Their latest release, which dropped digitally 3 days ago, features an original and remix package from a mysterious new duo called White Lamp. I couldn't find anything on them, other than that the group consists of a London-based producer/DJ and a Bristol-based vocalist. It's the two remixes that caught my eye, however. The first comes from Ron Basejam, an anagram of James Baron from notable UK electronic live-band Crazy P. Baron creates a seriously mellowed, if not loungy vibe here with airy atmospherics surrounding the vocalist's soulful crooning. This is one of those deeper tunes perfect for winding down a hectic day, one that calls for serious relaxation.

The other mix on the release couldn't be more different. Coming from the minds of Bright & Shiny favorites Eats Everything and Christophe, I wouldn't recommend winding down with this, as its steadily building 303 bassline just makes you want to jack around in a sweaty, dimly lit basement somewhere. 

Support the brains behind the works and buy the full release, or your songs of choice, over at beatport.

Heard about this next one over at the Nashville Nights blog. Its a remix coming from yet another new producer duo, this time hailing from Melbourne and dubbing themselves Ferrari Campari. Admittedly, the first half of the mix didn't do a whole lot to impress me. That deep, clubby bassline is there, as is the punchy percussion, but it needed something more. Luckily, there's a big, ethereal breakdown a little over halfway through that sets the whole thing off. Those metallic synths that come in along with the pitched vocal serve as the missing piece, and suddenly you find yourself listening to a bit of a banger. And what's more, these newcomers are giving away their debut mix for free, straight from their soundcloud. Listen and download below!

- PK

Wednesday Electronics

This new A-Trak remix is definitely the most impressive effort I've come across by him in a long time, it might even be on par with his classic Heads Will Roll mix but I'll let you guys be the judge of that..
download: Martin Solveig - This Night Out (A-Trak Remix)

Laurent Garnier's new 'Timeless' EP on Ed Banger is pretty much exactly what the name says... a timeless piece of electro. This track is really unique in the way it develops, almost like a progressive track along the lines of classic deadmau5 except for it hits rather hard. Quite good.
download: Laurent Garnier - Jacques In The Box (feat. The L.B.S. Crew) (Original Mix)

Soulwax just does it better.
download: Joe Goddard - Gabriel (Soulwax Remix) [Removed By Request]

Radio Soulwax Presents: Jo Goddard- Gabriel (Soulwax Mix)  from UTC 3 from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo.

Hardwell taking this one to the next level on his own Revealed Records..
download: NO_ID & Martin Volt - Zelda (Hardwell Edit)

Acid? ACID? ACiD. Out now on BNR Trax.
download: DJ Pierre - ACiD (Pierre's ACiD FACE Mix)

This new release on SinQ records is huge.. No Artificial Colours with a mega dope deep effort here
download: Dast & We Are Cassandre - Missing You (No Artificial Colours Remix)


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lose Yourself

Underground Sounds
A pinch of nu-disco and a handful of bouncing bass. Recipe for success.
download: James Curd - Decadance (Richard Richard Remix)

download: Azari & III - Into The Night (Softwar Remix)

I'm not really sure how to explain this track, but I can say from first hand experience that it's a dancefloor monster. At the right hour of the AM this one does unmeasurable amounts of damage. You've been warned.
download: The Living Graham Bond - Group Logic

download: Ben Westbeech - Falling (Deetron Acid Dub)

Although it's maybe not quite up to the uber-deep Will Saul mix, this Beni remix of Foreign Language is still really spectacular. Acid-tinged bass and bouncing grooves for days.
download: Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat. Jess (Beni Remix)

Thank you Art Department in Miami for bringing this glorious slice of dance magic back to my attention..
download: Cajmere & Russoul - Let's Dance (Original Mix)

Delirious, slurred-down tech house from the Martin Brothers and dirtybird recs.
download: The Martin Brothers - Steal Drums (Original Mix)

download: Toky - About You (Fur Coat Remix)

Pounding Electrodes
I've been waiting on this release for a while now.. Italian lunatics Blatta & Inesha absolutely crush it here, sounding a bit like Mumbai Science on an acid trip gone terribly wrong.. 'Anatomy' is just the right amount of demented - the type of song that seems entirely appropriate with your face melting off in the middle of 3,000 other people at a festival.
download: Blatta & Inesha - Anatomy (Original Mix) *192kbps

LA-by-New-York producer Clockwork really seems to be coming into his own lately after a 2011 that saw him gain a fair deal of recognition, mainly from his 'Levels' remix. This next track Nox, off of his 'Squad Up' EP on Dim Mak is by far his most impressive effort yet.
download: Clockwork - Nox (Original Mix)

Acid fused techno that sounds like it'd fit just as well into a Brodinski set as a Sven Vath one (in other words.. it's b o m b)
download: Mao - Harken (Acid Version)

Once again, an acid-inflected cut that seems like it has Brodinski written all over it. This song is pure madness, old school piano stabs and rave acid synth lines swirling all over the place. Could probably be a little bit longer than 4:45 though..
download: Housquare - Saphir (Original Mix)

Speaking of Brodinski....
download: Surkin ft. Ann Saunderson - Lose Yourself (Brodinski Remix)

It's not nearly as hard hitting as everything above, but this Alex Kenji remix effort is mega funky. And the tribal african-esque sample it's centered around is rather wonderful too.
download: Sander Van Doorn - Outro (Alex Kenji Remix)

Old School ravey vibes from from long time new york party champion Tommie Sunshine. The Dominating Force, Is Sound. Out now on Bart B More's Secure Recordings.
download: Tommie Sunshine - The Dominating Force Is Sound (Original Mix)

Simple, booty-shakin' dutch house like it's 2009. Kinda like Chuckie when he used to make good music.. Out now on Bingo Players' Hysteria Imprint.
download: Kenneth G - Bazinga (Original Mix)

In my mind, generally it's much more difficult for an electro track to be sexy in the same way that deeper or subtler house tracks can be. This next remix is the exception to that rule. Dirty, sexed-out electro from some of our favorite party-minded Canadians, Autoerotique. Filthy...
download: Tiesto ft. Kay - Work Hard, Play Hard (Autoerotique Remix)

You can always count on The Magician to bring good vibes with his tunes. This remix came out for free the other day and the only way I can think to describe it is like 80's dream pop with fun-in-the-sun overtones. Love it.
download: Scenic - Another Sky (The Magician Remix)

download: Softwar - This Time Around (Original Mix)

Stay Classy,

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mixtape Sunday: Episode 005

Say what you will about diplo these days, but after listening to this mix you're not going to be able to deny that he's an impressively versatile dj when he want's to be. This episode of the now defunct Mad Decent World Wide Radio titled "Diplo's Chasing The Magic Dragon Mix" is one of my favorite but more random mixes in my collection. More or less it's exactly what the title says it is. An hour of diplo chasing the dragon of psychedelic rock from the 60's and 70's right down the rabit hole. Random, mind-bending tracks from back in the day expertly sewn together for an hour straight.

download: MDWWR #62: Diplo's Chasing The Dragon Mix

Check back a bit later today for a full (mega?) post..