Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love you, but I've chosen disco...

Most of you are probably in the home stretch school wise, or job wise. It's only a couple more weeks until you all get off for the holidays and unfortunately, standing between you and freedom is a huge pile of work that is glaring menacingly at you from your desk. For me, this means that my ipod and I are going to become best friends as I try and stave off waves of insanity with the smooth stylings of my favorite tunes. Hopefully these tracks ease your troubles and help to ameliorate your crunch time blues.

I am extremely pleased to announce that Death to the Throne has released another remix. Based out of Phoenix, US, this guy throws some maximal glitchy electro in your face for a truly spectacular listening experience. Supposedly influenced by Raiden from Mortal Kombat, don't be alarmed if your face starts melting mid song.

Bonus DTTT (:

Dance music from Canada courtesy of Jacques Greene. Be sure to check out his captivating outer space themed video for (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want. Really digging the vocals and atmospheric synths.

Quentin 909 makes some of the smoothest bass lines in the land. This freakishly talented man has disco on a leash and never fails to please. He uploaded this little number to his Soundcloud a couple days ago, and I'm continuously amazed by how he can make something so repetitive sound so fresh. Anyways, enjoy.

Here we have a dancey little electro pop tune that really gets you movin' and groovin'. If you happen to be in Australia, be sure to catch Strange Talk near you because they're currently touring down under.


Great synths in this one. Fantastic arrangement overall, by Mylo.

I'll leave you with Birdy Nam Nam O______O

Love, Patrick

Monday, November 29, 2010

Move On Up

All of us here at Bright & Shiny have absolutely loved Neon Indian and his first release, Psychic Chasms, since it emerged as champion of the lo-fi movement in the Spring of 2009. Now Alan Palomo is back with a new track, and hopefully an LP to follow.
Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist

Back in the '08 this shit was my jam. Little did I know I was listening to a 128kbps set rip as I cruised around in my '95 Ford Explorer. Now I have for you the full quality release, as JFK has decided to make it available for free download on his soundcloud because he can't legally sell the track.
Usher - Love In This Club (Mstrkrft Remix)

After a long wait, the much-anticipated collaboration between the legendary producer Fred Falke and British minor-leaguer Burns has been released. As expected, it is, by all accounts, fucking bomb. This disco-house chune is a Grade-A track if I've ever heard one.
Fred Falke, Burns - Y.S.L.M. (You Stopped Loving Me)


BNR wunderkind Djedjotronic gets clever on us with this bootleg, mashing Soulwax set-staple "Frequency" into the drop of Avicii's Dumb Dumb Remix of "Boogers," making himself a nice little club monster. Raw electro and deep vibes all in one place: it doesn't get much better than this.
Altern8 - Frequency (Djedjotronic Bootleg)

Somewhere over the last month I started loving tech house. Call in a conservative reaction to the absurdist electro I've been inundating my brain with, but I just can't get enough of this deep shit. This remix from Christian Smith gets my blood flowing and sets my foot tapping.
Funk D'Void - Flealife (Christian Smith Remix)


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nothing But

This post is longggg overdue, so hopefully its hugeness makes up for its tardiness.

I really don't know where to start, but I guess it would make sense that I talk a little about the Dutch legend himself, Chuckie, whom I saw in St. Louis over a week ago. You guys probably got a little taste of what this man can do on the decks with our review of his set at Electric Zoo earlier this year, but it was my first time seeing the madman, and he definitely did not disappoint. My memory is a little hazy at this point, so I'm not going to go into much detail, but I don't think I've ever seen someone relentlessly whip a crowd into as intense and wild a frenzy as he did with us that night. I'm pretty sure I tore my bicep from pumping my fist so hard. I think it's fair to say that everyone in attendance, myself included, lost their shit through every minute of his performance. I tried to identify as many of the tracks he dropped as I could, so here's a few that I can remember.

I was surprised to see that we've never put this up. Honestly, one of my favorite, and one of the craziest tracks I've ever heard. Afrojack goes Dutch-rave all over Chuckie's original, increasing its massiveness by a factor of a million. Pump this one as loud as humanly possible.

Chuckz showed a lot of love for Alvaro throughout his set, unexpectedly dropping his massive remix of Usher's OMG that we've posted before, and this little Dutch number.

Honestly, I can't remember if he even played this track, but it deserves to be posted. Chuckie and Klosman take Nervo's (who I also had the pleasure of seeing...never thought I'd see two sexy Australian blondes rock a club like that) house anthem "Irresistible" and give it some edge.

Onto part dos of today's post:

Saw this posted on GDD earlier, and seeing as it was Simian Mobile Disco and I'd never heard it before, I thought I'd give it a listen. Thank the lord I did. Though it's kind of an oldie, it really embodies Simian's unique sound. It's eerie background synths and glitchy digital crescendos will have you feeling like you're right in the middle of Tron.

NYC duo ATLAS do a gorgeous reworking of a Crystal Method track. Look out for more stuff from these guys in the future.

Coming of the French Bambounou's latest EP, "Nappy Head" is a wonderful tribal jam I'd expect to hear on the beach of some tropical island. Also recommended is the Art Nouveau remix of this track that takes the vocals and lays them over some nice synth melodies.

A-Trak and Laidback Luke edits galore. Yes, I'm getting lazy.

And finally, I leave you with my new anthem. Nervo dropped it in St. Louis, but I couldn't identify it. I knew I had to have it, but I couldn't remember anything about it. Then, Axwell dropped it when I we all saw him at Glow in D.C., and again, I tried to memorize its words so I could look for it later, but I'm an idiot and I forgot. Luckily for me, our good friend jimbro began whistling a piece of it hours later, and promptly identified the track as none other than Axwell's remode mix of "Nothing But Love for You". It's a real tune, replete with a mesmerizing synth meoldy and uplifting sing-along vocals.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Hope everyone had a great time celebrating the systematic destruction of hundreds of Native American men, women, and children. Haha no but really... I hope you did. Here are the tracks that you've been needing for that playlist you've been meaning to make.

I have something special for you guys today. My meanderings through Soundcloud have rewarded me with many a fantastic track, but a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon an artist with so many fantastic tracks, I basically need to show you his entire disco funk ensemble. All the way from Sydney, Australia, I bring you Flash Mode.

He's done a series of remixes that really mesh well with my ears. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy his adaptations, but I also really love all of the original tracks that he decided to remix.

I want to show you his first original track, but unfortunately he hasn't included the 'embed' option on his soundcloud, so you're gonna have to actually go to his page and give it a listen. Now remixes are one thing; a reinterpretation of an already formulated idea... But this, my friends, is one helluvan original. He really gets down and dirty. The chord progressions, the funky bass line, the cheesy 80's synths, the excellent production quality. Here's the link: Redshift

Never heard of these two boys, '96 Bulls, but based on this awesome remix of this Little Red track, I can't imagine its the last we see of them.

Treasure Fingers remix of an Eric Prydz track... Need I say more?

Breakbot just kills it regardless. I love him. You all should love him too. He's got them production skills like my heroes Daft Punk. I think he makes music specifically for me...

The C90's haven't exactly been on my radar until now. This little remix really gets the job done. Also if you stop by their Soundcloud, you should pick up their awesome November mixtape (free download!).

Poka has shown up a few times on Bright and Shiny. He really nails that french touch. With its chopped vocals and intro from Fear and Loathing, this track pushes itself to the top of my playlist.

Never heard of Turbogaz, but I'm really diggin' his remix of Homeboi's Schrimps (AWESOME original track btw).

Bonus y'all:

Go Go Bizkitt! is on a constant music making rampage, and no one is complaining. Now I Crave Paris has been so overplayed, but his reinterpretation gives it the face lift it needed to work its way back into my daily rotation. Enjoy.

I really tried to find a DL link for you guys on this one, but you're just gonna have to wait for the release. Thanks Gigamesh.

Herr Styler's innovative little video for Snow in Paris.

Love, Patrick

Friday, November 19, 2010

No Brains

Villains have been at it a while now, honing their disco-tinged and dirty electro styles; making them a force to be reckoned with in the blogosphere. Their approach to this track is no different. Villains transform Mark Ronson's solemn, reggae-inspired affair into something bleepy and danceable, liberally using Andrew Wyatt's vocals above fuzzy synths and clean, tight drums.
Mark Ronson & the Business Int'l - Somebody to Love Me ft. Boy George & Andrew Wyatt (Villains Remix)

If you're using your brain for anything other than the receiving of sensory input whilst at a rave, then you're doing it wrong. French DJ and producer Etienne De Crecy, also known as Etienne De Crazy, knows what that's all about seeing as he's been killing it since the mid-90's, working alongside influential artists like AIR, Alex Gopher, and Cassius; channeling that brainless madness we all love in a pounding, monster electro track. The No Brain EP is out now on beatport, featuring remixes from Munk, Disco Villains, and TAI.
Etienne De Crecy - No Brain (Original Mix)

Belgian producers Mumbai Science have had a breakout year. They released their first EP, Woof, in March after signing with Lektroluv Records. But it was with the release of Ancova this June which put Mumbai Science securely on the map as a duo who love to make basic, driving electro tracks. Gold again exhibits Mumbai Science's signature style, making you go batshit with their ever-ascending bleeps and fat drums. The Gold EP is out now on beatport, and features fantastic remixes from Noob and NT89.
Mumbai Science - Gold (Original Mix)

The-Dream is the master of today's pop/R&B radio hit. If you don't believe me, then listen to this shit. And if that didn't impress you, then fuck you. The man knows what he's doing. U-Tern reinterprets Kris Menace's interpretation of The-Dream's "Walkin' On the Moon," resulting in a juggernaut of a track, covered in disco synths and that feeling you get when you fall in like with a girl.
Kris Menace - Walkin' On the Moon ft. Emil (Respect to U-Tern Extended Mix)

I have long considered the Ghost Buster's theme to be one of the catchiest and funkiest melodies in the history of film. French clubhaus wizards David Guetta and Joachim Garraud take this song out of your VHS collection and take it right to the dancefloor, transforming it entirely while preserving the retrofuture-funk of the original theme with Chris Willis singing about inalienable rights over top.
David Guetta & Joachim Garraud - My Freedom ft. Chris Willis (Extended Club Mix)


This first track is nothing ostentatious, but everything right. All relentless buzzing synths and clean drum hits, this deep track from Eric Prydz' tech house alter-ego, Cirez D, is firing on all cylinders. How prolific can this Swedish man get? He's got his hands in every subgenre this side of the Mississippi. Pick up the rest of the new Size Matters EP, mixed by Steve Angello & AN21, here.
Cirez D - The Tumble (Original Mix)

Every remix I've ever heard of Stardust's legendary, one-off track "Music Sounds Better With You" has disgraced the original, trying too hard to augment what is a classic song. If you don't know, Stardust is a one-time collaboration between Alana Braxe and Thomas Bangalter: mindblowing shit. This bootleg from Kid Massive does right by the original by attacking the song with pin-point prudence, transforming the French house classic into a straight house track perfect for the clubs of 2010.
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Kid Massive 2010 Bootleg)

Alex Kenji & Manuel De La Mare have made a track which belongs to both sides of the beautiful Mediterranean. The woodwind sample reminds us of the Middle East while the light, Balearic drums and throbbing bassline remind us of nights spent on the islands. Also, when AN21 drops it on a crowd, shit goes off.
Audio Junkies - Let's Make a Party (Alex Kenji & Manuel De La Mare Remix)

Finally Chuckie has released this monstrous track from himself and Gregori Klosman on his Dirty Dutch label. Mutfakta, taken from the Turkish word for "kitchen" is a beast of a track; I'll let it speak for itself. Oh, and if you thought the first drop was good, be sure to hide any fragile belongings before the second one, because there's no telling what you might do. Get the rest of Dirty Dutch, Vol. 2 here.
Chuckie, Gregori Klosman - Mutfakta (Original Mix)

Also from the Dirty Dutch, Vol. 2 release comes this incredible remix of Ambush, Chuckie, & Hardwell's "Move It 2 the Drum" by Promise Land. One day this summer as I listened to one of my many favorite Chuckie tracks, it dawned on me that Dutch house is simply a new-age, high-pitched reinterpretation of acid house. Promise Land take the acidity of the original and make it the main focus of the track, interrupting these divine bleeps only to slam you in the face with euphoric prog house synths.
Ambush, Chuckie, Hardwell - Move It 2 the Drum (Promise Land Remix)

Hardwell never fails to deliver massive euphoric, progressive house tracks that I can't wait to hear on the biggest systems. This time he teams up with Franky Rizardo to craft something spacious and deep that would be sure to fill the dancefloor in any club the world over.
Hardwell & Franky Rizardo - Asteroid (Original Mix)

Only 4 more days til the weekend.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gold Rush

Today's post is truly a post of epic proportions. Each week I go searching for music, I scour the internet with you guys in mind. Obviously I'm looking for good music to fill my own ears, but I'm always considering what tracks I will be passing on to the readers. Today you will all be getting the royal treatment of songs. From high flying synths, to funktastic bass lines, to prog. house heavy hitters, this one will no doubt be a complete playlist in and of itself. Happy Thursday guys.

First up today is a remix of a Treasure Fingers track by a relatively unknown Italian man by the name of Gabriell. According to his facebook, he is a fashion designer as well as a musician. Just based on what Treasure Fingers has to say about this awesome remix, I think you can all conclude that it's great pre-listening. "Nice work man! All the other unofficial remixes I've heard have been pretty bad haha. So thanks for making some good funky shit. Send me more jams if you got them also" - TF

Here we have Oslo producer Pelifics. This is the first I've heard of this guy and I'm pretty impressed. I look forward to more disco tinged remixes. Also gotta give some love to Fabian.

Shazam is truly a wizard with the music making. He really pumps up the funk quotient of this track, masterfully complementing the super cool Mobroder/Amanda Blank vocals.

Disco funk group Small Pyramids here, bringing you a sly killer of a tune. Complete with chopped vocals and a beat that could give a grandmother smooth swagger.

This one is for all you progressive house fans out there. Here we have Steve Angello (1/3 of Swedish House Mafia) and AN21 (Angello's younger bro) + Max Vangeli. This remix really strips bare an otherwise complicated Pendulum track. An epic build leading to the repetition of the main hook of the song really gets the job done. Be sure to bump this one at 3:02 mark.

Tesla Boy has released consistently good remixes for your listening pleasure. This particular one was brought to my attention thanks to my friend Matt Hickerson. The track takes a light hearted approach to a great Anoraak song, really giving it a nice disco sheen.

Before today, I had never come across Villains in my travels. Luckily, this Los Angeles group caught my attention with their rendition of Thriller. They took some key elements of the song, then flipped it on its head. Chopped vocals and a grimey bass synth make this tune one for the dance floor.

The Twelves are definitely one of my favorite duos. Straight from South America, these boys churn gold out of lead. Alchemists indeed. Without further ado, the bass line of all bass lines.


The other day I posted the Soundcloud preview of Breakbot's new remix of Aeroplane's Without Lies. Finally the whole track is out, and it's just as good as we all imagined it would be. So much love for both Breakbot and Aeroplane. "I prefer the cherry"

Last but not least, the hypnotically colorful video for Acid Washed.

Love, Patrick

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bleeps and Bloops

We're going heavy on the electron-smashing, bleepy sounds of dutch house today, and we're starting with one of the reigning kings, Afrojack. He's got a new song coming out, some of you might've seen a semi-preview of it in one of his youtube videos, but it's called Replica and it's absolutely amazing. This looks like it could easily be my favorite Afrojack track yet. It's got everything you'd want out of an Afrojack production, and then some. It's like he's managed to integrate the harder Dada-Life-like edge into the Dutch sound, which, if you ask me, is basically the sonic equivalent to nirvana. The song doesn't actually come out until December, though, but we've got a 192kbps preview version that should hold you over until then.
Afrojack - Replica (Original Mix)

Some more Afrojack tuneage..
Afrojack - Next Day (Original Mix)

Afrojack - Dhoop (Original Mix)

Afrojack - Mongoloid (Original Mix)

In case you haven't had enough "Afro-yak" yet, here's a bangin Spencer & Hill remix of the classic Take Over Control.
Afrojack - Take Over Control (Spencer & Hill Remix)

We got this one in the mail a couple days ago, and I've got to say I was really impressed. Mr.Membreak hails from Dortmund, Germany, where he apparently churns out diabolical, jackin' beats that sound like they'd be right at home in the depths of discoteca space. Bright & Shiny was in Dortmund briefly this summer on our way to Amsterdam, and we probably would've stuck around a little longer had we known it was such a hotbed for pounding techno music. The song comes out November 30th on Rot10Musik, check out the promotional (192kbps) copy below. 
Mr.Membreak - Jackin' House

Remember, you guys can always send us your music at Admin@brightshinymusic.com 

Crookers - Love To Push It (Ursula 1000 Edit)

Crookers ft. Kid CuDi - Embrace The Martian (Round Table Knights Remix)

In other news, deadmau5 has a new album coming out in December called 4x4=12. December looks like it's gonna be a great month for music.


Monday, November 15, 2010



Gonna start things off tonight with a funk filled romp through disco space, courtesy of Chicago resident James Curd. This one sports a fat bassline and some cheery synths that'll get you groovin'.

More disco-type goodness, this time from the badass French duo Beataucue. This track was featured on the Kitsuné Maison 10 Compilation, which you can purchase here. It's got the vocal chops and filtering of a great french house tune, but with a very digital feel that works out really well.
Bonus Beataucue! This one goes in the complete opposite direction. It's a real bangaaa'.

Next up, typical Dutch madness from Sidney Samson on the Far East Movement and Roger Sanchez collaboration "2gether". Never thought I'd hear the likes of a "Love shack" sample in a Sidney Samson remix.

I'll leave you all with a preview of a new Deadmau5 track that he released via soundcloud a few days ago that's already racked up over 32,000 plays. Really it's just a long 3:00 minute buildup, but it's pretty damn nuts. I'm definitely curious to see where he takes the rest of the track.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

God Damn It

First up: NEW DUCK SAUCE. That's right, Bright & Shiny favorites and disco-house master craftsmen Duck Sauce have a new track. Now, its far from released, but the new track, tentatively titled "Goody Two Shoes" can be spied around the 40-minute mark in an absolutely smashing mix done by Louis La Roche for Australian radio station Triple J. Mind you, the track played is a Louis La Roche edit, but it's still positively delectable. The tracklist for the mix can be found below.
Louis La Roche - Exclusive Triple J - Mix up - 16th Oct 2010 by louislaroche

Louis La Roche Triple J Mix Tracklist

  • Sekta – We Are All Free (Demo)
  • Benjamin Diamond – In Your Arms (Alan Braxe Mix)
  • Craig Hamilton – 12 Hour Soak
  • DJ Falcon – Untitled (Hijack Remix)
  • Roger 72 – Take Me Higher
  • Justin Faust – Holdin’ On (Nightriders Remix)
  • Vanguard – Long Beach
  • Stretch n Vern – I’m Alive 2010 (Louis La Roche Remix)
  • Swivel Hips – Cheaters
  • Louis La Roche – Gimme Gimme (Demo)
  • Duck Sauce – Good To Me (LLR Edit)
  • Lorenz Rhode – Motor Cortex
  • Louis La Roche – Malfunction
  • Abe Duque – What Happened?
  • Xinobi – Hawaii
  • Belgian Beer – Keep On Singin’ (Skingz Remix)
  • Paddywaggle – Could It Be Love (Demo)

While we're on the subject of disco house, here's some french house to whet the appetite. Champagne Records is at it again with what looks like a delectable release from Bright & Shiny up-and-coming favorites Dom & Le Batman. This is just a one long preview of the whole EP, so I don't have a favorite yet, but I will say that the drums on the Jay Wesley remix are straight SILLY. The EP is out November 20th on Champagne Records.
[CHAMP 005] Dom & Lebatman - Isabelle EP [TEASER] by Champagne Records

Moar french house. Brand new jam from the Phantom's Revenge called "Charlie" which samples one of the greatest shows ever to grace your television set, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."
The Phantom's Revenge - Charlie

the Clubhaus

Crazy stupid electro from Joachim Garraud. Watch out for your face 'cause your neck may inadvertently start smashing it into blunt objects without your permission.
Fuzzy Hair - Ilike (Joachim Garraud Remix)

Deniz Koyu brings us such an acidic track that it almost verges on trance. Your guido friends will loove this one. Props to DJ Ruthy from the Easy Love Records blog for this one.
Deniz Koyu - Milton and the Nodheads (Original Mix)


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walk, don't run, to the nearest exit

First up we have a very elegant track by DiscoTech. This trio consists of Miami based DJ/Producers Joe Maz, Danny Daze, and Gigamesh (!!!). They have quickly gained notoriety and are getting plays from DJ's all over the globe. Look out for these boys.

Kindness is a UK band that doesn't seem to release very much information about themselves. As far as I can see, they're a quirky disco minimalist 80's dreamwave pop group. Whoa. Ok you decide.

The French just seem to know where it's at music wise. This French rock/electro duet caught my attention because of their genre crossing style. Props to Destronics, especially for their well shot music video for This Night A Soldier.

This 8 minute track really eases you into things with its relaxed demeanor. My man Axwell rarely disappoints though, so give this one a listen. Those guitar riffs are worth repeating.

This last one by Them Jeans is unadulterated depravity. Try not to lose your sanity, I dare you.


Happiest synths. Get'em while they're hot.

No joke, I was blown away by this Sebastien Tellier video. So imaginative.

Love, Patrick

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Tomorrow is Veterans Day in the United States. This means a lot of things for a lot of different people, but here at Bright & Shiny it just means no school tomorrow and a night full of depravity ahead. Here's a playlist that should have you feeling shifty in no time. 

Uffie - ADD SUV feat. Pharrell (Caligula Remix)     [Uffie

C-Mos - 2 Million Ways (Axwell Remix)     [Axwell]

Kid CuDi - Wastin' My Minutes     [Kid CuDi]

A-Trak - Robot Vision feat. Cyhi Da Prynce (ROBOROC Remix)     [ROBOROC]

Escort - Cocaine Blues     [Escort]

Ghostland Observatory - Kick Clap Speaker     [Ghostland Observatory]

The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix)     [Stanton Warriors]


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Alongside today's usual pick of quality tracks is a little treat for everyone to enjoy. I'll leave it for the end though. Can't have your pudding if you don't eat your meat, as they say.

We'll start off on a slightly different note than normal with an Australian by the name of Pogo. I heard some of his productions ages ago, and was immediately mystified by his incredibly unique sound. Taking the tiniest of samples from classic nostalgic films like Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins, he forms an incredibly intricate and seamless mix of different noises that all complement each other perfectly. I could honestly listen to his stuff for hours; it's quite unlike anything else I listen to. Here's one of his latest, which pieces together bits of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Bonus Pogo!

And now for something completely different. More noise from the Dutch, this time in the form of Seductive, who's Hard Rockin EP was released on beatport today. Check it out here. The EP features remixes of Heat it Up, and Rockin', a heavy hitter with a tribal ass drum pattern. I also recommend checking out the preview of Get Yo Hands Up that he has on his website; it sounds huge.

Next up in our main course combo, DCUP. I don't need to say much here; everyone who reads this blog knows how much we all love this guy's stuff. Found this remix of one of my favorite tracks from Phonat earlier today. It doesn't disappoint.

Alright, so you know how I was taking about pudding earlier? Well, I was referring to none other than the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Wolfgang Gartner, who put together an incredible Essential Mix for the highly esteemed Radio 1 recently. It's got pretty much everything you could ask for in a mix, including plenty of his personal productions, with smooooth transitioning throughout. Unfortunately the 320 file was too big for measly zippyshare to handle, so I uploaded it to my soundcloud. Have at it below in all its glory.


Monday, November 8, 2010


Of all the classical forms of art, music is, by nature, the most abstract. The characteristics of a piece of music have no tangible base or visible grounding in reality; the sound comes and goes like a breeze and after that all that's left are the wisps that you manage to catch in your memory. This inherently transcendent aspect of music is what allows certain pieces to move us, to instantly shift the way we're thinking, or to change our mood - the sound drifts through your ears and grab control of you before you even get the chance to object. For this reason, I've always thought that music does the best job at replicating the sensations and feelings of dreaming; because (if done correctly) music can echo the same abstract qualities of our subconscious. This first song is a perfect example.

This sounds exactly like what floating through a surrealistic dreamscape would feel like, and it comes at the hands of an unlikely source. Diplo has been on a creative rampage recently, churning out remix after remix and bringing his Mad Decent label around the world, but this is completely unprecedented. It's unlike anything I've ever heard by him. It's outstanding. The more I listen to it, the more I can't get enough of it. Check out the music video below.
Deerhunter - Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice Remix)

Deerhunter - Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice Remix) from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

A nice disco-tinged french house jam here. Very Fred Falke-esque

New Dada Life.. You guys already know how we feel about doing the Dada. We love it. Can't get enough of it. We do the Dada every day of our lives. This new Dada goes in a slightly different direction though, but I think they pull it off really well. 

Djedjotronic (try to say that out loud 5 times fast) has been wreaking havoc recently as a part of Boys Noize Records. Somebody played this one at HARD Haunted Mansion but I can't remember exactly who it was. All I know is that when I first heard this I was gripped by an insatiable urge to dance and I suspect that you will be too.
Gonzales - I Am Europe (Djedjotronic Remix)

Remixing Daft Punk is pretty much the most hubristic crime an artist can commit, but every once in a while a remix comes out that makes it excuseable. Keatch does a nice job here, keeping in tact enough of  the original while still layering on a new, harder-hitting edge.
Daft Punk - Rollin' and Scratchin' (Keatch Edit)

Russ Chimes' Midknight Club EP came out on Itunes and Beatport the other day, and I really hope that you go buy it. It's absolutely gorgeous, and the epic music video trilogy that comes with it should be enough for you to give Mr. Chimes the respect he deserves. Here's my favorite track from the EP, Targa (but, once again, you should go buy it, because this is a lowly 126kbps). We posted the music video trilogy a while back, but incase you missed it, there's a continuous version of it below. I highly recomend checking it out if you haven't already.
Russ Chimes - Targa

Russ Chimes - Midnight Club EP COMPLETE TRILOGY from Russ Chimes on Vimeo.

I heard this one a while ago and - I can't explain this - I didn't think it was very good. I put it on the shelf and sort of forgot about it. However, I saw it posted over on Vacay the other day and it prompted me to revisit it. I don't know what I was thinking; this one is bomb. Fukkk Offf channel the funk here with a deliciously stutter-stepping beat and attitude-packed vocals.
Fukkk Offf - Worldwide

New Deadmau5 (it's a radio rip, but this is the best quality version around)
Deadmau5 - Right This Moment