Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm out for presidents to represent me

Now I know you come here for your daily dose of electro tunage, but first and foremost I'm about that good music, no matter the genre. Yesterday I was at Rock the Bells at Merriweather Post Pavilion with PK's sister, CK, so today's post is gonna be all about hip-hop with some of the bangers you're used to from me below.

The Wizard of Khalifa put on a surprisingly good show full of Kush & OJ. He even brought out Wale for his verse off the mixtape. Good lookin', Pittsburgh. The crowd jumped to this one.
Wiz Khalifa - In The Cut

Lauryn Hill's set was kinda lame, except when she dropped "Ready Or Not". Oh and it was kinda cool when NaS came out for an exclusive verse... To be honest, I didn't even notice (shame on me, I know). I even had to turn around and ask the people standing behind me who it was rapping onstage. When the first word to come out of their mouths was "NaS," I straight lost my shit. Here's my favorite joint from the legendary master of the internal rhyme scheme.
NaS - The World Is Yours [prod. Pete Rock]

The best set of the day was easily that of A Tribe Called Quest, my favorite hip-hoppers of all time. The Tribe brought out Busta Rhymes, who was rocking a fresh ass Germany track jacket, for his verse on "Scenario." Tip and Phife generally went the fuck off; they played the opening of "Award Tour" and brought it back THREE times, and three times the whole crowd lost their shit. After that, Q-Tip, white tee completely soaked through with sweat, proceeded to literally take off his pants. I've got a video of him running around on stage dancing in his drawers on my phone but I can't figure out how to get it onto my PC.
A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour

A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario ft. Busta Rhymes

the Clubhaus

PK posted a version of this first one with vocals over top, but I'm a crazy mofo so I like this one better.
Stafford Brothers - Wasted (Baba O'Reilly) (Sidney Samson Remix)

Young Buck featured on a a bangin electro joint with a dutchy remix... fuck yeah.
Kissed With A Noise - Watuppp ft. Young Buck (PeaceTreaty Remix)

Young Buck - Shorty Wanna Ride

moar Clubhaus
Stripper - Stripper Theme ft. DJ Omega (Original Mix)

Picco - Venga (Chuckie's Back to Voltage Remix)

Sir Real

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  1. Damn that CK girl sounds like the coolest chick.