Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It's all about balance boys and girls. Newton's third law of motion: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Why do you think the human body needs 12 hours of sleep for every 12 hours awake? Or better yet, why do all midgets marry really tall people? It's nature. You can't fight it. The universe revolves around balance. For that reason, I'm going to ebb and flow between heavy and soft, raging and mellow on this post. Hugging you with one song, only to punch you in the face with the next. Try to think of it like a multi-vitamin, or like an abusive father.

Question: can Dada Life do anything wrong? Answer: No.

Adrian Lux is a master of beautiful progressive house.

Boys Noize is the only human on the planet with a unibrow that I can take seriously.

Moby + Holy Ghost! = so nice

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize are always doing crazy, wonderful shit together. Throw Bobermann in the mix, and you just get straight lunacy. If you like this song, chances are you're probably either a robot or some sort of rave crazed monkey. (I love this song)

What the fuck kind of name is jovicii?

Autoerotique is coming to DC tommorow, and it's free if you sign up on facebook.
Don't be a clown. Go.

Classixx! Yes.

Today's homework section is really awesome. You know the rules, turn it up loud and get ready for a blitzkrieg of ragetastic noises.


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