Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Much For Jumping Out of Planes

I was all set on sky diving today. I woke myself up, braved the pain that is known as "2 hours of sleep and a hangover from hell," all with the intentions of making the several-hour drive out to the beach to hurl myself from an airplane. But apparently mankind hasn't figured out how to control the weather yet, because as of now my plans are on hold due to thunder storms. Lucky for you, that means I've got nothing better to do than throw you the fresh set of tunes I had planned on bumping in my car on the drive today.

We'll start slow and build up the energy in this post. This first track is a chill remix by Mr. Flash, who's one of the less-known members of the uber-badass Ed Banger Record Label.

Darwin Deez - Up In The Clouds (Mr. Flash Remix)

I don't know who Nuke Dukem is, but he has a fuckin awesome name...

Two Door Cinema - What You Know (Nuke Dukem's "Dreamy" Remix)

I know everyone's heard like 12 billion remixes of Friendly Fires' "Paris," but i promise you this one is worth taking the time to listen to. It's got the most delicious set of vocals that really complete the song in a way that none of the other versions do, if you ask me.

Friendly Fires vs Aeroplane vs Flight Facilities - I Crave Paris

Next up is some tracks from Vodka & Milk. They're a legit group from LA who make some tight remixes and have a name almost as cool as Bright & Shiny. First up is a Tupac remix (errbody love Tupac remixes..) and then a remix of some song I've never heard of.

Tupac - Do For Love (Vodka & Milk Remix)

U-N-I - Land of The Kings (Vodka & Milk Remix)

Here's your daily dose of Tiesto. This song is absolutely sick.

Bloc Party - One More Chance (Tiesto Remix)

Rule number 674.. Avicii's productions are straight retarded

Robyn - Hang With Me (Avicii Edit)

The 2000 has been making some cool remixes for a while now. I had the pleasure of seeing him play on Ibiza this summer and he definitely didn't disappoint. The only words that come to my mind to describe this next song are "bonkers" and "electro"

Carte Blanche - Gare Du Nord (The 2000 rmx)

The more I listen to this Mustard Pimp character the more I like him. You should feel the same way because he's sweet. This song just begs "play me very loud"... I think you know what to do

Mustard Pimp - Telesiege


Alright, you know the deal. Turn it up as loud as possible and see if you've been paying attention enough in class to complete this week's homework assignment.

Don Rimini - All About

Clockwork - Airflow (Original Mix)


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