Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

We Proudly Serve

Accompanied by this excellent track by Pixelord, is an equally (if not more) striking visual treat.  The video for 'Been Lookin' came out just days before the release of his Supaplex EP.  With a combination of smooth and stimulating graphics and samurai movie footage, this video has a strange yet alluring element.  Video editing/directing credit goes to Dan Hankinson.  View below.

"Operating from an undisclosed location deep within the dungeonz of the innanetz" ... Mack Blajick, aka "Oh My!", gives us a nice and smooth original garage track.  A detuned vocal hook coupled nicely with the full bodied synth underbelly sets a sexy late night vibe for your dance floor or your bedroom.  The plethora of percussive instruments is a nice touch, keeping the track interesting and diverse.

More Mack Blajick.  This time you're getting a hi-hat filled juke track that is your typical 4am AC-less warehouse jerker.


Bonus Round

Aluna George's silky voice....

Love, Patrick

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hallo!  Here's...  some stuff...  for you to listen to... or whatever.

First up tonight is a nice little techno diddy by Hamburg, Germany based Yør.  Recently released on the Purple Maze label, this crunchy track features an extremely high level of white noise, giving it an atmospheric dream-like aura.  The pulsing forward motion of this track has the momentum to feel like it really took you on a journey.  Enjoy da free downloadz.


Have a penchant for great production and rap music?  Try out this trap rap beat muzik power hour mix by TNGHT, comprised of legendary Hudson Mohawke and Lunice.  Ayyye 

Love, Patrick