Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beach Jammin' Part Two

Well, I'm here at the beach with everyone's favorite PK. I wanna get back in the water, so I'm gonna keep this nice and easy. Here is a series of songs that you will love, then download. Yeah? Yeah.

The first song today is a nice variation of Animal by Miike Snow. Treasure Fingers dropped this at his show at U Street Music Hall Saturday night, and I can tell you first hand the crowd was lovin' it.

Where all my NSA brothas and sistas at? This song will get you movin' and groovin' in no time (give it 30 seconds).

Bit Funk just delivers delivers delivers. Kick back in the hammock and soak up the sun my friends.

I know I'm all over DCUP's nuts. But of all people, he's most deserving. I think we can all agree that Rainbows of Death does him justice.

Nightriders, a dance duo from Boston, comin' at you with some nice french filter house. Hell Yes.

Flashworx is an up and coming swiss/italian duo I found on SoundCloud a while ago. They recently released their first EP, Two Guys In Japan. Check out the myspace for more yummy 80's vibe disco/italopop tunes: Flashworx

Dragonette is hot and has a great voice. Thank you Fabian for turning this into a lesson on relaxation.

Now back to beach.
Love, Patrick

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