Friday, August 20, 2010

Going Big

Since I didn't include a homework section in my last post, which is where I would normally throw my daily selection of face-meltingly huge bangers, I've decided to dedicate today's entire post to arena-rocking-head-rapers (as they call them in japan). Buckle up because we're going big.

This first one is the newest Swedish House Mafia song. I can't even put into words how fucking huge this one is.

This next ones a dope Drake remix. It really takes off after the first minute or so.


The first time I heard this one was at Ultra when Crookers decided to break about 13 international laws by straight headfucking everyone in attendance. It is hard to put into words the destruction that followed them dropping this song.

I don't know anything about this song, but judging by their names, theses people are russians. Sweet.

I discovered Sticky K while watching this video.

Yeah, I'm going to school there next year. It's OK to be jealous.
Here, maybe these will cheer you up

Tom Staar always seems to have the nicest, deepest grooves. I really dig this next one for some reason.

I had many more songs I was planning on giving you, but it's 2pm and I want to go to the beach, so for now, this is all you get. Until next time.


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