Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Late Night Jams

I'll keep it short and simple. This is late night music. You know, the type of stuff you want to be listening to in a parked car somewhere at 3 in the morning, or on the drive home from a ragetastic shenanigan-filled night. Soak it up.

The name says it all for this first one.

This next song is an absolute classic. If you don't already have it, shame on you (but download it and start loving it as soon as possible).

While everyone knows that Deadmau5 songs like Strobe and I Remember make for great late night listening, most people aren't familiar with the progressive house goodness of his deeper cuts, like these next two. (Warning - play as loud and with as much bass as possible)

Although this next track doesn't quite fit in with the bass-pumping tunes I've been giving you, it's one of my favorites and definitely deserves to be on any legit late night playlist.

This one is a little low key, but nonetheless a good late night progressive house tune.

This song takes a minute or so to build up.. but once it does, it's straight BOMB

Late Night Alumni are great.

When Kaskade and Deadmau5 team up, you know you're in for some seriously progressive and deep late night tunage. While this one doesn't live up to the epicness of I Remember, it's still a great track. Give it a minute or two to build up.

Now for some bonus homework from the Bright & Shiny School of Music, this next track is the absolute opposite of a late night jam. It's a bonafide club-destroying banger of a song. Mixed by JFK from MSTRKRFT, this is a song that you should listen to at your own caution, as it has been known to cause face melting and spastic body movement amongst other physical symptoms. If you do choose to attempt this homework assignment, the only requirement is that you play it as loud as your speakers will allow.


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