Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Frenchman and Shiny Disco Club member Kartell lays down some serious funk with "La Jeunesse Retrouvée". This is baby-making music if nothing else; just don't ask me to pronounce that title..
Kartell - La Jeunesse Retrouvée

I happened upon this gem from Mix Chopin the other day. Though it's a bit old, the bassline and synthwork are simply too good to ignore, so check this out if you haven't before, or if you're unfamiliar with Chopin's filter-house goodness.
Mix Chopin - Ecliptic

House super-duo Duck Sauce attack Chromeo's "Hot Mess" in their latest remix, dropping a discotheque rockin' beat over some looped Elly Jackson vocals from the original. A-Trak and Van Helden prove time and time again with these releases that together, they can do no wrong.
Chromeo ft. Elly Jackson - Hot Mess (Duck Sauce Remix)

I've posted a track or two from these guys before and I've been even more impressed by the stuff I've checked out since then. These New Zealand bros are the real deal. So if you haven't already, add the name Chaos in the CBD to your music radar and look out for some more of their stuff here on B&S.
Blaze Tripp - San Fierro (Chaos in the CBD NZ Funky Refix)

We've ranted about Deadmau5 before, but "Limit Break", which he released for free on Christmas day, is a much needed return to form. With production reminiscent of earlier tracks like "The Reward is Cheese", this will literally knock you to the floor if you're not prepared for it. I strongly advise you to set yourself in a firm, athletic stance before that first drop; it's a doozy. Those of you who follow us on twitter already have this techno jameroo, but for those of you who don't, consider this a final warning: follow us on twitter, or else... you won't get all the cool stuff we put up there!
Deadmau5 - Limit Break


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


is simplicity. (Round 5)

Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist (Com Truise 'Eyelid' Remix) <---Fuckin incredible [Com Truise]

Diplo - Diplo Rhythm feat. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel, and Pantera Os Danadinhos [Diplo]

Style Of Eye - Homeless (Busy P & Neus Remix)  [Busy P, Neus, Style Of Eye]

Afrojack - Zeggie (Uberjak'd Rejak) [Uberjak'd]

LYS feat. Mooli - San Francisco Rain (Chris Lake Remix) [Chris Lake]

Bonus.. Here's the awesomely edited video I found the Chris Lake Remix in..

Chris Lake @ The New Yorker from Adrian Alexander Pereyra on Vimeo.

Stay Classy,

Monday, December 27, 2010

This Shouldn't Be Difficult

It's been a while. I wouldn't have forgotten you.

First up I have an perfectly acidic electro track by Logo. They bring you this free from their studio. I'm really enjoying that piano part that comes in around 2:40.

This one really gets me. Kartell comes out of nowhere with this amazingly simplistic jazz house track. I cannot get over how cool listening to this makes me feel. He plays with the melody a bit, mixing it up just enough for it to remain consistently fresh but without over doing it. Great hi-hats.

I am extremely jealous of Siriusmo, which I guess makes me a huge fan. The constant mutation of each track he creates just serves to demonstrate his array of production skills and knack for original and unique harmonic progressions. Give me your talents........

ceo's debut album, White Magic, is a truly well done electro pop album. This track has a great chord progression that gives it the dreamy quality that is so appropriate for this genre of music. Listen for the great, "I keep it real", voice in the background.

Old Schooler Gui Boratto brings you a great electro track perfect for those long night drives.

Discodeine teams up with Jarvis Cocker on this funky upbeat serenade. Bendy synths!

Ed Banger All-Star DJ Mehdi takes a breather here with this relaxing down tempo remix of a superduper Miike Snow track. Mehdi takes this one to the next level.


Poka, in his traditional fashion, slays the dance floor. The chopped reggae vocals definitely complement this high energy track.

I feel a little violated after watching this video...

Love, Patrick

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yeasayer Live at Ancienne Belgique

In the spirit of Christmas, Yeasayer have released a live album, Live at the Ancienne Belgique, on their website. The set was recorded on October 28th, 2010 at the Ancienne Belgique venue in Brussels. You can name your own price (including "free") and, for all my fellow audiophiles out there, you can choose from a variety of different file formats, as well. Grab the release here and check out the tracklist below. And for all our readers in Chicago, Australia, or New Zealand, be sure to check out Yeasayer's upcoming tour dates near you.

Live at Ancienne Belgique:

01 Madder Red
02 Rome
03 Wait for the Summer
04 Tightrope
05 Red Cave
06 Grizelda
07 Sunrise
08 Mondegreen
09 Strange Reunions
10 O.N.E.
11 Ambling Alp
12 The Children
13 2080


Happy Christmas

We may be an hour and a half late, but you know what they say: "Late is better!" So from all of us here at Bright & Shiny, we hope you had a Happy Christmas! And for all my fellow Jews out there, Happy Belated Channukah! Thanks to all for reading our blog; it means way more to us than you might think. Now for the goods.

Just in time for Christmas, LA Riots released their much-anticipated remix of Tai's "Paradise Poltergeist." This song was so pervasive at one point that it was virtually guaranteed to be in the set of any self-respecting, electro DJ. But, for whatever reason, the song never saw the light of day until very recently. Enjoy this track in the comfort of your own home by the fire with the family!
Tai - Paradise Poltergeist ft. Steve Aoki (LA Riots Remix)

If anyone was wondering what this strange "house music" we keep talking about is, this track from Crazibiza meets the definition handily. This pounding groove would have your Grandmother shakin' her ass after too much eggnog. I've also included the sample used for the track, which I couldn't put my finger on until moments ago. Don't ask me how I know this obscure Italo-disco track, just know that I'm a musical librarian.
Crazibiza - My Lips (Original Mix)

Pino D'Angiò - Ma Quale Idea (Extended Version)

And finally, Parisian funk masta and Bright & Shiny favorite Jean Tonique wishes us all a Merry Christmas with this groovy track featuring particularly festive vocals and some fat horns. Jam to this while you put the triple A batteries in all your newly acquired electronic devices!
Jean Tonique - Funky Christmas

Happy Holidays!


Saturday, December 25, 2010


The holidays, at least for me, often represent a time for reflecting on the year that's just passed and also for looking ahead to the year that's coming up. I don't know about for you guys, but in my mind 2010 has been fucking awesome. Just to give you an idea of how much has changed in the past year for me, I barely even listened to electronic music 365 days ago, yet here I find myself immersed in this awesome culture and running a blog. It's been a great year, and I imagine 2011 will be even better. I thought that the picture above was a pretty good encapsulation of how I wanna move forward next year, and the color scheme is sort of christmas-ey so that's a bonus. These tracks I'm about to give you are the real gift though. They're all totally bomb, so merry christmas and be sure to keep it Bright & Shiny wherever you are this holiday season.

First up we have a MONSTROUS remix by a montreal-based group by the name of Botnek. I had never heard of these guys before stumbling upon this song in cyberspace, but after hearing this song I've been desperately trying to find everything I can by them. This song is huge. It's sort of tech-ey, sort of electro-ey, sort of hypnotic, and completely insane. Check it out.

Micro Prophet - Watch Em Come (BOTNEK Remix)

Saw this one posted over on Nashville Nights a bit ago, and instantly fell in love. Cassian puts together feel good, wonderful disco-beach-jam here. I mean, Miami Horror plus Cassian... you can't really go wrong..

Miami Horror - Holidays (Cassian Remix)

Foamo will always have a special place in my heart in part because this video half persuaded me to go to school where I'm at now (UCSB). This new piece by him is equally as bomb as anything I've ever heard by him (meaning, download it right now if you don't already have it).

Warrior One - Lord Of Bashy (Foamo Remix)

You may remember we posted Washed Out's surreal, sun-soaked anthem Feel It All Around a while ago (as well as the music video which you should watch right now if you haven't seen it). Well, my boy Johnny Rupp blew my mind with this Hood Internet Mashup. Basically, it's a Lil Wayne and Birdman swagged out rendition of the original, which is about as awesome of a thing as I can think of. I don't always like what The Hood Internet does, but I've gotta admit they really got it right with this one.

The Hood Internet - Feel It On The South Side (Birdman & Lil Wayne vs Washed Out)

Last but not least we've got a Tech House beast by Britain's own Bowski. It's getting late and I've still got some present wrapping to do, so I'll let this one speak for itself..

B Acid - XY-Me (Bowski Remix) [Removed By Request]

Merry Christmas and Stay Classy,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bright & Shiny Essential Mix, "Put Your Robot Ears On" Edition

We've had a bit of a slow week with the holidays and everything, so I've got a special treat for you guys today. This week's essential mix, put together by Bright & Shiny resident DJ Ruthy Lopez, is sick as always, but it comes with a bit of a twist. Instead of posting the tracklist like we normally do, this week we're going to leave that up to you guys for a chance to win one of the dopest prizes in the history of mankind. You guys will have one week to post what you think is the track list in the comments section, and whoever has the most correct tracklist (or posts it first) will win 5 of the FIRST EVER BRIGHT & SHINY STICKERS. I know, it's like christmas come early.
Let the games begin...

  Bright & Shiny Essential Mix, "Put Your Robot Ears On" Edition by Bright & Shiny

Stay Classy,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

6 Hand, 7 Hand, 8 Hand Bunch

This is gonna be a quick one, but I'll be back with more later today.

First off, I gotta give y'all this new Wayne joint. What is presumably the first single from the globally-anticipated album, The Carter 4, "6 Foot 7 Foot" samples Harry Belafonte's classic song "Day-O (Banana Boat Song)" to astronomically devastating effect. Seriously, you can see this beat from space. And not only are the beats from Bangladesh (see: "A Milli") out of this atmospher,e but Wayne tears the shit in half, sounding as hungry as he did before he owned the game. The king is back.
Lil Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot ft. Corey Gunz [prod. by Bangladesh]

of GDD fame and producing excellence has given Bright & Shiny favorite track "Lyposuct" a nice, shall we say, proofreading. This edit takes the original from D.I.M. & TAI from bat-shit insane to insane rhythmic groove. Where the bleeps from the original seemed generally unintelligible, Ryne translates them into something groovy, with structure and distinct instructions to DANCE.
D.I.M. & TAI - Lyposuct (Rynecologist Merdur Re-edit)


Monday, December 20, 2010


English indie super group Mystery Jets do a gorgeous reworking of this track from fellow Brits Everything Everything. The Everything brothers' vocals find a comfortable spot to work their magic in between some Arabian synths and an afro-type drum pattern.

And now for something completely different, I bring you the master of strange noises, Swedish Tony Senghore. This mix of "Burnin'" was featured on the EP of the same name that dropped earlier this month. It shows off the Swede's creative potential as he continuously toys with his vocal sample until it drops into a downright nuts pitter-pattering drum beat.

I can't help but get excited when I hear news of a fresh Boys Noize track. Yet, this one doesn't quite display the Berlin-based techno genius' typical style. As Sir Real said to me, this is what it would sound like if Boys Noize did dubstep. Anyways, it's still spacey, beautiful and definitely worth checking out.

Alright here's where you really get excited. New Pryda. Nothing really needs to be said about this dude; it's common knowledge that Eric Prydz produces some of the best prog/tech/and straight house around. "Illusions" is simply out of this world. Take a listen below.

Bustin' loose with some Afrojack. The Dutchman does a massive mixing of that strangely addicting Black Eyed Peas hit "The Time (Dirty Bit)". Strap your faces to your skulls everybody!

I'll cap things off with a preview of a new Wolfgang Gartner track that's been floating around the blogosphere recently. It sounds pretty insane. Garnter incorporates some more typical Dutch house sound than we're used to seeing from him, but it still maintains much of his unique sound. Can't wait for the release.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Costume Duck

Sir Real and I have literally the nicest collection of jams for you guys this morning. Those of you that have been following us on twitter already know about this incredible remix of Yelle and Crookers' "Cooler Couleur." We know this song has already been remixed a bunch, but here it gets a fresh sounding, funky ass, French treatment by a mysterious dude named Voyou. We can't really find anything about this guy, but if this song is any indication, he's got some serious skills, so we hope to see big things from him in the future. This track comes off the recent Southern Fried Tons of Remixes compilation, which I highly recommend you check out (buy). The track starts out groovey and entertaining, but it really takes off and blossoms around the 3 minute mark.
Be sure to follow our twitter (@Br1ghtShiny) for more highly Bright & Shiny stuff and awesome giveaways if you know what's good for you.

Crookers & Yelle - Cooler Couleur (Voyou Remix)

We're a little bit late on this one, but I was scanning the beatport charts the other day and came across an absolute MONSTER of a track by Slavic techno wizard Umek. If you have heart problems or suffer from epilepsy, we recommend against listening to this track. This shit is straight terrifying, but it's also got such a relentless and perfectly executed rhythm to it that it's really impossible not to like. One of our favorite tracks right now. Crank it up, then check this one out.

Umek - Back In The Race

This is literally the craziest/best remix of the classic Funkagenda anthem "What The Fuck".  Unleash this beast upon unsuspecting dancefloors to have your car vandalized.

Funkagenda - What The Fuck (DJ Red Remix)

Digging through the crates, we recently stumbled upon this classic Boys Noize track.  It hails from the hey day of electro, 2006, and it's the toughest thing we've heard in a while. For whatever reason when we listen to this we keep picturing some sort of huge robot crushing a city. If this doesn't have you bobbing your head, you must be some sort of invalid.

Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko (Boys Noize Vocal Mix)

Those of you that have been following us for a while know that we're huge fans of the Santa Barbara native Sticky K. I was shuffling through the depths of Beatport the other day when I stumbled upon an EP featuring remixes by Sticky K and Mustard Pimp (another Bright & Shiny favorite). I was ecstatic and quickly bought both of the remixes, wanting to see how both of these guys interpreted the Willowz' original track. I was extremely underwhelmed with the Mustard Pimp effort, and wouldn't even come close to suggesting it. The Sticky K effort on the other hand... completely blew me away. Straight incredible. This guy has really stepped up his game recently, and this is probably the most impressive production I've come across by him just in terms of how masterfully everything is put together. Be sure to show the UCSB alumni some love and buy the track off Beatport here.

The Willowz - I Know (Sticky K Remix)

Keep an eye out for lots of upcoming Bright & Shiny changes, including a new (higher quality) audio player.

Stay Classy,
Augustus + Sir Real

Thursday, December 16, 2010

He Has Spoken

Quick. Take these. Hurry.

Oliver is a stellar team comprised of Oligee and U-Tern. You gon' want dis.

Ed Banger All Stars, Busy P and DSL, come together on this uncharacteristically down tempo remix. I am extremely pleased.

Futurecop! does it again. Welcome back to the 80's.

Not only does Breakbot continuously create top notch remixes time after time, but he chooses such quality tracks to reinterpret.

Gigamesh is doing a lot right these days. Once again, enjoy.

Miike Snow puts on a great live performance. Here they take a very interesting original track and do it some serious justice by creating an true electronic sound scape.

Happy Holidays or whatever it is you celebrate...
Love, Patrick

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You've Succeeded Admirably: Mega Post

Let's get right to it, shall we?

The New: Hot off the press

First things first. Here we have a reimagining, if you will, of Aphex Twin's On by Lazydisco. In this remake, Lazydisco adds a lot of texture and depth to an otherwise scant original track, creating what I feel is a great homage to Aphex Twin.

Known as Azari & III, Dinamo Azari and Alixander III are responsible for this next track. Fusing elements from older house music and their own unique futuristic style, these boys put together an impeccable original that will have you yearning for more.

Bag Raiders recently came out with a full length self titled album filled with electro pop gems. After several listen through's, some of the tracks are really beginning to grow on me. This 'charming' tune is a bit off the beaten path, and all the more addicting for it.

Mustang is a brand new collaborative effort between DJ Renaud Deru (Cosy Mozzy) and Andy Faisca. Based on their latest remix, I'd say they're off to quite a good start.

Flight Facilities can do no wrong. Here they've 'righted' all over an already superb C90's original track. This remix is dancey, upbeat, and downright adorable.

The Old: Treasures from the past (anything more than a week old...)

Shinichi Osawa (aka Mondo Grosso) is hands down one of my favorite producers. His influential style has brought him all over the world and reached many different musical genres, from jazz to house. With 5 solo albums and a whole slew of remixes and singles, I bring you the Japanese heavy hitter Shinichi Osawa.

Based out of California, Robot Science (aka Charlie Yin) truly captures the essence of robots. Bleeps and Bloops galore, this melodic serenade will soothe the mind and body.

I don't know much about mysterious producer Amtrak, but what I do know is that his track Alto is a masterful fusion of genres that continuously evolves with each passing second, culminating in a fantastically polished track.

This one is hilarious. Soulwax throws it down in their re-edit of a predictably classy Miss Kitten track. "Uh excuse me, uh... Would you mind to... pump?"

Ishfaq, experimental electronic producer from UK, tries his hand at a great track by The Roots. Cruisin' to this smooth killer.

In case you haven't picked up Flying Lotus' album Cosmogramma, go do it right now. Full to the brim with colorful experimental tracks that will blow your mind, Cosmogramma is an amazing album from start to finish. Here I present you with one of my absolute favorites from the album, and his work in general.


Extremely creative video for The Avalanches' Frontier Psychiatrist. Big thanks to Jimbo Slice for this one.

Love, Patrick

Monday, December 13, 2010


Underground rapper Donnis has been on for a while now but this shit is unprecedented, with Needlz absolutely tearing it up on the beats. The ultimate pregame jam, bump this shit in the whip with a jay in your right and a cup in the left.
Donnis - Gone (prod. Needlz)

And check out the chillin' ass commercial I jacked this jam from. Props to adidas for successful branding.

the Clubhaus

This rarity escaped from Afrojack's brain somewhere around two years ago when some crazy person saw fit to release it to the masses.
Afrojack - Esther

The mad dutchman Chuckie can make bumping, techy progressive house, too? It seems there are no bounds to this man's producing prowess.
Erick Morillo, Eddie Thoenick - Live Your Life ft. Shawnee Taylor (Chuckie Remix)

Denzal Park have been working together for two years now and have made a name for themselves in the Australian club scene. This progressive track has all the funky, high pitched bleeps you could ever ask for, complimented beautifully by a deep, rolling bass line. Thanks to resident Bright & Shiny™ DJ Ruthy Lopez for throwing this into our second ever Saturday Essential Mix which is available here for download!
Keewix - Mariachi Loco ft. Messinian (Denzal Park Vocal Mix)


Saturday, December 11, 2010

All Kaskade All Day, With Some Late Night On The Side

Chicago Born, San-Fran based, American DJ/Producer extraordinaire Ryan Raddon, better known as Kaskade, has been tearing it up for almost a decade now, defining and crafting a unique sound that's unlike anything out there. His older productions are more in the realm of downtempo, warm, lounge-house, but most people know him for the uplifting progressive sound that he's pioneered over the past few years. His roots seem like a deviation from the big-room sound that he's been associated with recently, but the reality is they explain exactly what's enabled him to be so successful. His lounge-house origins come through in his newer productions by adding a warmth that you don't normally get with the often all-too formulaic progressive house sound. It's like progressive house with soul, and it's absolutely wonderful.
His exploits don't stop there though, he's also part of an awesome collective by the name of Late Night Alumni, who, as the name implies, make just about the best late night music you'll find anywhere. After checking out his facebook page, I found that he's been doing something really awesome recently, which is releasing all sorts of gems from his collection that otherwise would've never made it out into the public. Here are some of these previously unreleased masterpieces, as well as some classic Kaskade tracks and some really great stuff by the Late Night Alumni that you won't want to miss.
Kaskade on Beatport

Kaskade feat. Mindy Gledhill - All That You Give (Kaskade's Big Room Mix)

Kaskade vs Alex Gaudino - I'll Never Dream I'm In Love

Kaskade vs Robin S. - Be Still and Show Me Love - (DBN Mix) Kaskade Mash Up

This one, a remastering of one of his older productions, is a great example of the warm, chilled-out roots I mentioned earlier.
Kaskade - What You Are To Me (2010 Re-Mastering)

Classic Kaskade (Classikade)
Jes - Imagination (Kaskade Remix)

Kaskade - Sorry (Dirty South Mix)

Kaskade - Step One Two (Original Mix)

Late Night Alumni
Like I said before, I don't think there's any better music out there for those special late night occasions when you get to kick back with some close friends and just relax and appreciate life. Something about Becky Jean Williams' silky smooth vocals over the elegant beats of Kaskade & co. really makes these guys irresistible. They haven't gotten nearly as much attention as they deserve though, so be sure to show them some love and buy some of their tracks off of beatport here. Also keep an eye out for their forthcoming album, Haunted.

Late Night Alumni - Run A Mile

Late Night Alumni - You Can Be The One

Another awesome giveaway, this one is a downtempo gem that's apparently a cover of an obscure christmas song, so grab it and get in the festive spirit.
Late Night Alumni & Kaskade - Jesu Parvale

Stay Classy,

Thursday, December 9, 2010


What's good everybody. Today's post will be somewhat of a sampler. I've got a smattering of nu-disco to set the mood, some prog house to lift you up, and some bangin' electro house and dirty dutch to smash you into oblivion. These songs will leave you about as satisfied as I am that I just used smattering in a sentence.

We'll start off with a nice little remix from an artist I've only recently become familiar with, but one I'll certainly be monitoring diligently in the future. I speak of none other than La Bombe label boss Sharooz. If you recall, I posted a killer edit he did of labelmate Opptimo's "Travellers" last post. I'll continue the magnificence with his remix of David Sugar's "Flea Market"

Mo' Sharooz.

Typical feel-good jam from Bit Funk. Although I didn't think it possible, the dude continues to exceed our expectations with his productions, garnering the love of the entire B&S crew. One needs only to skim through the history of our blog to see how much love we have for this guy.

Seriously uplifting synths define this stadium-filling tune from Max Vangeli and that other Angello, aka AN21. The aptly title "Swedish Beauty" comes off of the Size Matters compilation, which was mixed by the two Angello brothers.

Massssive remix from LA Riots. The duo have been flaunting a bit more of their big room side lately, and I can't say that I'm upset about it. I don't even want to think about the destruction this tune would cause if it were to be carelessly dropped in a live set...or maybe I do want to think about it.

Huge, gigantic, big, holy shiiiit, and where the fuck are my pants are all words I would use to describe the official release of Dutch madman Afrojack's Replica. Everything you've heard so far has been leading up to this guy, so pump up the volume, clear the room of all pregnant females and house pets, and press play. Then show the man some love by purchasing it here.


Bright & Shiny Saturday Essential Mix, Volume 2 (Updated)

UPDATE: download all the songs in this week's essential mix by clicking HERE

Due to ridiculous and thoroughly Bright & Shiny circumstances that we can't legally discuss here, this week's Saturday Essential Mix is coming fashionably late on a Monday, but don't worry because it's got all the pounding electronic noises that you could possibly want, and then some. Bright & Shiny resident DJ Ruthy Lopez (Like her on facebook) is again responsible for this week's mayhem, and if you're in the Santa Barbara area, be sure to come see her and the EasyLove Records crew opening for JFK of MSTRKRFT in January.

 Bright Shiny Mix #2 (Four On The Floor For Finals) by Bright & Shiny

TRACKLIST (click to download all songs as a .zip)
Goose - Can't Stop Me Now (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Piatto - MC202 (Original Mix)
Christian Cambas - Fireball (Original Mix)
DJ Wady & Outcode - Groove Fever (Original Mix)
Avicii - Malo (Original Mix)
Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix)
SonicC - Stickin' (Original Mix)
Monarchy - Love Get Out of My Way (Designer Drugs Remix)
Eiffel 65 - Move Your Body (DJs From Mars Club Mix)
Bad Boy Bill feat. Eric Jag - Got That Feeling (Laidback Luke Remix)
Bassjackers & Ralvero - Bang Like A (Original Mix)
Larry Tee feat. Roxy Cottontail - Let's Make Nasty (Afrojack Remix)
Afrojack vs Steve Angello & LBL - Be Pacha (0202 Prime Bootleg - Andrew Dee & Joker Inc)
Treasure Fingers - It's Love (Charles I Remix)
Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Alvaro Remix)
Alex Gopher - Dust
Busy P feat. Murs - To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix)
Sebastien Drums & Avicii - My Feelings For You (Original Mix)
Edward Maya vs Alicia - Stereo Love (Ruthy Lopez Mashup)
Clinton Sparks - Ambiguous ft. Mike Posner & Big Sean (Disco Fries Remix Dirty)
Will Bailey - Chip Shop (Casino Gold Remix)
Buy Now - Body Crash (JFK Edit)
Popmuschi - Body Heat (Jake Dile Housepussies Remix)
Pendulum - The Island (Steve Angello, AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix)
Duck Sauce vs Jay Frog - Barbra Streisand vs Boogie Disco (Erick Decks Private Mashup)
Keewix feat. Messinian - Mariachi Loco (Denzal Park Vocal Mix)
The Prodigy - Warrior's Dance (Far Too Loud Refix)
Light Year - Public Service Announcement (PSA)
Bang Like A (Vocals)
Staygold - Video Kick Snare (Dada Life Remix)
Metric - Twighlight Galaxy (death to the throne remix)
Sebastien Tellier - Divine (Danger Remix)
Cassius - I <3 U SO (TROWA Remix)

Stay Classy,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Relax Post

This can be a super stressful time of the year for most people; if you're a student you're probably mired in loads of work for exams, and if you have a job you're probably loaded with end-of-the-year stuff to do. So, today I have a special treat for you. All of the songs here have one function: they're really, really relaxing. This is my go-to playlist for whenever I'm trying to kick back and unwind a bit, so I hope you appreciate it and that it helps you out.

Nosaj Thing - Aquarium

Little Dragon - Scribbled Paper

Thievery Corporation - Treasures

Washed Out - Feel It All Around

Moby - Inside

Lemon Jelly - Space Walk

Digitalism - All Things Flow (Sufjan Stevens vs Digitalism)

Zero 7 - The Space Between

Kaskade - 4AM (Adam K & Soha Mix)

Stay Classy,

Monday, December 6, 2010

You think you invented being bad?

Here's some pretty cool stuff:

Fare Soldi just does it better. Santana Pasta and Luka Carnifull make up this disco loving Italian duo and they're here to make you dance. And dance you shall.

A seriously bass driven Flashworx remix of a sassy Rosin Murphy single. Compelling track, as per usual with Mr. Hammer.

Burns, Fred Falke, Mix Chopin, and Ghosts of Venice all brought together on one track? I wonder what genre this one is gonna be. (Just kidding I don't).

Poka is setting some new standards in French house recently despite his Greek nationality. Right as you think things might be getting a wee bit repetitive, he drops in the vocals. Hook, line, sinker.

Remix Artist Collective (RAC) is a powerhouse of talent. Comprised of three artists, these guys manage to pump out consistently superb remixes as well as individually being involved in many other creative ventures from Entourage to Ra Ra Riot.

Now this track is a bit of a curve ball. As you may or may not know, I'm an avid indie music enthusiast. I love my Ra Ra Riot, my Fleet Foxes, my Vampire Weekend. Today though, the focus is on Noah and the Whale's new single: Wild Thing. Infectious guitar riffs, warm atmospheric synths, calming vocals, interesting lyrics. Check it oooouuuuuutttttttt yeah?


So I'm really struggling here. There's this amazing Shinichi Osawa album that recently came out, and along with it, a remix album titled SO2. There are several amazing remixes on this album and I'd really love to buy it, but this Japanese itunes thing is tripping me up so much so that I remain without this fantastic collection of songs. Remixes from Hidden Cat, Cosmonaut Grechko, LightsOverLA, The Kids are Radioactive, Fabian, and the list goes on. My personal favorite is a very Japanese-y sounding funky remix of Love Will Guide You by Robotaki.

If you manage to find out how to buy it, you can rest assured it's money well spent.

Carte Blanche and Kid Sister really Do! Do! Do! it right with their newest video - watch it!

Love, Patrick