Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summa, Summa, Summertime

After a prolonged absence from posting due to my computer being broken, I come back to you, the Bright & Shiny nation, today on the day that my summer officially starts, and I've brought with me an appropriately boss soundtrack designed to gear you all up for the ensuing period of r & r (rage and relaxation) that's about to come up in these next couple months. A couple of these tracks I've been sitting on for the past few weeks while I waited to get my computer fixed, and while I feel slightly irresponsible for not getting these wonderful beats to you all earlier, I'm also filled with a ton of joy that I finally get to bring 'em to you today. Enough of the words; let's get on to the music.

We'll start with the newest single from (in my opinion) the most talented and consistently original young dutch producer out there right now, Bart B More. 'Traction' is a beast of a track that lures you in with a smooth and catchy melody that sounds like it could have been hijacked from a Calvin Harris song, only to suddenly take off and drop into a pounding electro beat so packed with energy its practically bursting at the seams. Truly massive, expect to hear this track all over the place this summer. Of course, be sure to show the kid some love and grab the full release off of beatport.
Bart B More - Traction (Club Mix)

Next up we have the long anticipated, absolutely bomb, Kaskade remix of the Skrillex hit Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. We brought you guys a preview version ripped from the radio a while ago, but I'm proud to present you all today with the full version in all its  high quality glory. Kaskade really orchestrates a masterpiece on this one, using his unrivaled skills at making gorgeous progressive house to stretch out and elevate the progressive portion from the original, only to ditch Skrillex's dubstep stylings in favor of a jackin' electro-house beat at the drop. The result is truly awesome, and further underscores why Kaskade is one of the biggest and most widely loved names in dance music today. [Beatport Release]
Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Kaskade Remix)

Next up is a track that's my personal favorite track out of this whole post, and it's also one that I'm sure 50% of you will hate and 50% of you will love. Gessafelstein's recent release, Hatred, is a monstrous, almost diabolical techno track that practically jumps out of the speakers at you and compels you in some alien language to dance like a total loon. Gessafelstein has been slowly building a reputation around his refreshing and original approach to pounding techno music, and recently he's received lots of attention from big name djs all across the spectrum and rightfully so. Turn your speakers up to full volume and blast this song to understand why. [Beatport Release]
Gesaffelstein - Hatred (Original Mix)

On the more mainstream club side of things, the new Afrojack and David Guetta track, Sweat, is a total bomb and it shows a return to form for Guetta, who at one point before becoming the face for mainstream cheesy sounding house music was actually a moderately respectable forward thinking producer who, among other things, helped pioneer and push the dutch sound behind the scenes that would later go on to  achieve widespread fame through artists like Afrojack and Chuckie. 'Sweat' features an almost irresistible panty-dropping vocal sample and a perfectly executed combination of big room progressive house with dutch-flavored pulsing beats that make it perfect for the sole purpose of demolishing huge crowds. Possible summer anthem? I think so. [Beatport Release]
David Guetta & Snoop Dogg - Sweat (Afrojack & David Guetta Dub Mix)

DJ Mehdi cranks the funk up to 11 on this remix of The Krays (a collaboration between Brodinski and Yusek).  It's been stuck on repeat on my ipod for days recently, probably because it's the perfect compliment to the sun soaked days and bodacious babes that are becoming increasingly common as we delve further into  the summer months (I'm sorry, for some reason I felt compelled to quote Spicoli right there). Can you say jaaaammmmm? [Beatport Release]
The Krays feat. Ebony Bones - We're Ready When You Are (DJ Mehdi Remix)

Even a couple years after its release, Lemonade by Boys Noize & Erol Alkan is still one of my favorite tracks across any genre for the raw, creative, and authentic-feeling energy that seems to burst through every facet of the song. There have been few to no attempts to remix it, probably because the original is so flawless in and of itself. With that said, my good friend slash producer extraordinaire, Ekstra, has managed to take Lemonade to a new echelon of energy and power that I'm sure even Boys Noize himself would find impressive. He keeps all of the elements intact that make the original so loveable and awesome, while managing at the same time to give the track a fresh feel, one that's techier and harder hitting than the original. Ever since he sent me a copy, this track has been a staple in my dj sets for its pure energy and awesome reglossing of a classic. Grab it below and see why I think Ekstra is one of the most underrated producers out there right now. Mark my words, this kids gonna blow up.
Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - Lemonade (Ekstra Remix)

We've been pouring a lot of love on British producer Lone recently, but not without good reason. The dude has been churning out musically gorgeous and unique house at a prolific and impressive pace. This new remix of the Chilly Gonzales track Knight Moves is a serene, elegant song that sews together a beautiful acoustic piano melody with tribal drums, a reoccurring sample that seems to be birds chirping in a tropical jungle, and various ambient synths to form a truly stunning piece of music. It's a further exploration and reaffirmation of the sound that Lone continues to pioneer on his own, and a perfect example of why he might be one of the most forward thinking producers around at the moment. [Beatport Release]
Gonzales - Knight Moves (Lone remix)

Last, but most certainly not least, comes a track that I first heard amidst an excellent dj set by detroit wunderkid/enigma Seth Troxler, and later found out its name when Brodinski put it on his facebook page declaring it one of his favorite tracks. If support from artists as different and equally awesome as Troxler and Brodinski hasn't convinced you yet, consider that Resident Advisor declared it "a song so damn catchy it obliterates any questions about where it came from, who it might be for and why those things might matter." Forward Motion by Hot Natured is a true house track that is pure goodness any way you slice it. Check it below, but if it ends up stuck in your head for the next week don't say I didn't tell you so.
Hot Natured - Forward Motion (Original Mix)

Calvin Harris - Bounce (R3HAB Remix)

Bingo Players - Cry (Just A Little) (Kids At The Bar Bootleg Remix)

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