Friday, June 24, 2011

Megabus Postin'

I am currently sitting on a Megabus, outbound from DC, inbound to NYC. I'm going up to visit friends and will be indulging myself in some wonderful big apple shows. Javelin, Beach Fossils, Punches, Ingrosso... it's gonna be a good weekend. Anyways, this free wifi is really making this 5 hours bus ride a pleasant experience and allowing me to post on the go. I've got a great selection of summer tunes for you today, so sit back and let the sun splashed music fill your ears.

First up is a remix of a Martin Solveig track. I have never heard of Bacau House Mafia before and I tried to go to their website to educate myself but it kept asking me to complete some bullshit survey in order to gain access... so I offer you no information about him/them/her/it. Great remix though. Electro indie pop gold.

Dutch duo Homework just released their new EP, Rally Raquet Club, on Made To Play Records this past Monday. Wonderful and soulful this EP ranges from deep/tech house to funk influenced lounge house. Really nice single, overall great EP.

Guys this is really exciting news. A brand new Birdy Nam Nam album is going to be released in September, and to make things even better, its being produced by Para One. This is a match made in heaven much like Grum v Nightriders. Birdy Nam Nam dropped the single for the album, Defiant Order, and it's everything you could possibly want. So crunchy, so distorted, so compressed, so beautiful. I'm having flashbacks to The Parachute Ending. I love the French. You NEED good headphones/speakorz/bass... otherwise don't bother. PS. Their website animation is fucking amazing.

Three kids from Sydney, Australia have banded together to form dancefolkindiepopelectronica syndicate Rufus. Check out their latest remix of Elizabeth Rose and keep an eye out for these guys, because something tells me that 2011 is going to be a big year for them. Download this track for free off their Soundcloud page.

Bonus Round:

Now I know PK gave you his favorite remix off this EP, but here is my pick. Jacques Renault for the win.

Love, Patrick

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  1. hahaha bacau house mafia is one of those mega blogs that posts like ever big-room, prog, tech and house track that's ever released. I don't get how they haven't been shut down but them and cahul house mafia are two megablogs that always seem to have certain tracks when everyone else has had to remove them. interesting that they're now making tunes