Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It Didn't Mean Nothing

It's finally summer, and with the good weather comes good vibes, good times, and none of that responsibility shit I keep hearing about from authority figures. When are they gonna give that stuff a break? It's getting old. Imbibe these tracks as you chill or, alternatively, rave face.

KanYe and Con$equence team up to produce this versatile party track, featuring Beyonce making the most (read: too much) of her vocal spotlight. But the real spotlight belongs to legendary ATL rapper Andre 3000, who kills the track with an irreverent flow characteristic of BasedGod and his retard rap while maintaining the intellectual and lyrical standard of Dre 3K raps.
Beyonce - Party ft. Andre 3000 & KanYe West [CLICK to download]

Teams (Knoxville, TN) and Starslinger (Manchester, UK) have combined forces to create this beautifully lazy, sun-drenched, hip-hop infused track just in time for summer. Flip this on as you blow some trees next to any body of water. And be sure to grab their collaborative 6-track EP, "Mexican Summer" here. Bonus: hilarious video for this all-too-short groove, featuring a very helpful alien.
Teams vs. Starslinger - Close to Me [CLICK to download]

What is it with all these collaborations? Tiga and Zombie Nation combine to form the insane duo known as ZZT. Their new track "ZZafrika" takes a couple minutes to warm up, but once the fuzzily pounding melody emerges you find your body jerking uncontrollably to a sound which can only be described as "BNR-esque."
ZZT - ZZafrika (Original Mix) [CLICK to download]

Electronically-trained musician Boy 8-Bit changes things up on this track, trading in his favored worn electro for some freshly-pressed tech house. This new latin-infused flavor is a great look for Boy 8-Bit and it sounds like he's been doing it for years. I have no doubt house legends like Carl Cox would have no qualms with throwing this track in a laid back set poolside in Ibiza.
Boy 8-Bit - Fire Extinguisher [CLICK to download]

Toronto's Poupon turns this screaming techno song into something a bit more palatable, while preserving the song's best and bleepy elements. But like the song say, you're gonna need a FREAK to get down with on this tech house groove. And for more AutoErotique sounds, come out tonight to U Street Music Hall for Dim Mak's Pickle Patch Tour to see them along with PeaceTreaty and many more! 18+ | $10 | 9PM Doors
AutoErotique - Freak (Poupon Remix) [CLICK to download]

Green Velvet makes it look too easy. New track "Millie Vanillie" is an instant classic, with a simple yet satisfying house beat, sassy soulful vocals from Russoul, and some atypical synth work to boot. This track will fit seamlessly into virtually any set designed to get asses moving.
Green Velvet, Russoul - Millie Vanillie (Original Mix) [CLICK to download]

Here's an old school techno track I unearthed from flawless Boys Noize Essential Mix. The message is simple.
Hugo Moya - Move [CLICK to download]

And last but most importantly... Get to twerk, there's a job to do.


P.S. Let us know what you think of the new album art in the comments!


  1. album art is bright & shiny if i've ever seen it... though i have to be honest, wtf is with posting beyonce/kanye west??

  2. haha I've loved Beyonce and Kanye ever since I was a little girl... plus, it's good to chill/party to, so why not?