Sunday, June 19, 2011

Designer Drugs @ U Street Music Hall, 6/19/2011

I'm gonna keep this brief considering its 5am right now. The Bright & Shiny crew hit up U street Music Hall for the Designer Drugs show tonight and officially had our faces vaporized by more than a healthy serving of high energy beats and bass-heavy destruction. The duo are officially madmen in our books; there must have been at least 10 stage dives over the course of their grime-laden onslaught which culminated with the drop of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Shouts out to Alvin Risk too, cause he threw down a flawlessly mixed opening set. We had the wonderful pleasure of meeting some of the Sex Cult crew throughout the night, who we discovered are equally as crazy and downright wonderful as all the aforementioned artists. For those of you not in the know, Sex Cult is a stacked record label owned by Designer Drugs themselves. If you want some of their ballin' tee shirts and stickers check out the merch hurr. And last but most certainly not least, it was awesome meeting a bunch of our fans outside U street and hooking them up with some Bright & Shiny swag in the form of lots of stickers. Keep spreadin' the love.

Finally for the music, here's a sampling of what Designer Drugs threw down for those who weren't fortunate enough to make it out. We've posted some of these before, but if you missed it check em below, cause they're all jammin'.

Designer Drugs - Through the Prism (Dada Life Remix)

Not sure if they actually played this but it deserves a listen regardless.
Stay classy,

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