Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just A Little Longer

My brethren (and sister-thren), in only a few days the B&S crew will be fully reunited at our headquarters back in D.C...With this glorious union will come great changes and advancements the likes of which the blogging world has never seen before...but more importantly, lots and lots of wondrous music. Prepare yourselves for a summer of truly Bright & Shiny proportions.

Italian freaky frico disco mofo homeboys Fare Soldi are at it again, this time with a delightful mix of Toro Y Moi's "New Beat". Though it certainly brings that dance happy punch these boys are known for, it's careful to preserve much of the wonderful sound and feel the original carries. What more can you ask for?

Patrick put up the Nightriders deep house remix of Magnifik's "Behaving Badly" the other day, but it's the dub mix that I think deserves a second glance. Masters of all things looping and filtered, the boston duo achieves an irresistible sound with a relatively simple reconfiguring of the original..you'll be hard pressed to hit pause once the toon starts up.

U-Tern occupies a special place in my heart dedicated to luscious synth sounds and disco vibes. It's that part that's tickled most by his remix of Grandtheft's "Let Me Out", a perfect blend of satisfying percussion, 80's style melodies, and vocal chops courtesy of Alixe Turner. Grab and take a listen below.

This the one I'm most excited about. Mumbai Science, aka Belgian duo Maarten Elen and Jonas Kiesekoms just released their two track Lotus EP, featuring the singles 'Lotus' and 'Panas'. I bring you 'Panas' today; it strays away from their typical crazed techno sound and wanders into a territory inhabited by only the most euphoric of melodies. It's an addictive, perpetually building riff that makes this song what it is, and there's no denying its grip on your ears. Check out the full release via beatport here.

And finally, DC homie Will Eastman just uploaded his latest, a remix of Viadrina's "Forester". It's a sensational, down-tempo house romp with a piano hook to die for. Show the dude some love and be on the lookout for a release.


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