Friday, June 24, 2011

Laidback Luke @ Glow at Lima - 6/23, Washington DC

I've been to clubs in LA, I've been to clubs in New York, I've been to clubs in Amsterdam, Berlin and Ibiza, but I have never once been to a club night which so readily abuses it's patrons. Promoters Club Glow have never in our experience put on a night that has been completely enjoyable, for a multitude of reasons, but last night was an especially apt example of the company's terrible approach to promotion. Throughout the evening our continual attempts to enjoy ourselves to the beautiful music of Laidback Luke were met with disgruntled looks from our fellow club goers, some of whom were bold enough to tell us to back off; that we were bumping into them.



I expect to get bumped into; that's what happens when people are jumping around like madmen to the sounds of a tortured computer. Belligerence aside, what is a man to do? We came to listen to music and dance accordingly, but how can that possibly be achieved in a space which is completely overcrowded, overheated and filled with disgruntled patrons? Club Glow's greedy approach to club promotion leads to a club overfilled with unhappy people just so that they can make as much money as possible. And the resulting ambiance is the exact antithesis of electronic dance music, a genre which is characterized by emotive dancing and general lunacy when enjoyed in a live setting. Not only that, but every single bouncer Glow hires is an absolutely unreasonable dickhead whose only aim is apparently pissing everyone the fuck off. On three separate occasions different bouncers told me I couldn't walk within 5 feet of the go-go dancers, for what reason I know not. I wasn't trying to attack them, I promise, just trying to move in a club filled with people that get upset if I happen to touch them on the way the fuck out of there.

Bad Boy Bill ft. Eric Jag - Got That Feeling (Laidback Luke Remix)

By abusing their customers, Glow fosters an environment of conflict and negativity with some patrons just tryna lose their face, while others delude themselves into thinking their going to an exclusive club in the city. Sure enough, the Fire Marshall arrived around 1:30AM to shut the whole thing down due to Glow's flagrant violation of building codes regarding the number of people allowed in the club at any one time, leaving club goers with a sour taste in their mouth. That's right, Glow is so greedy and selfish that it knowingly broke the law and endangered the lives of it's own fucking customers in the interest of making some extra cash. What they do is selfish and the polar opposite of what DC electronic dance music culture should stand for.

However, Glow is responsible for bringing the biggest names in EDM to our great city, and for that I give them full credit, as is due. While we may be there again, (and soon-- Avicii plays this Saturday at Fur... and you know how much we love Avicii) we strongly urge Glow to reconsider it's business practices in favor of creating a positive and more inclusive environment for it's patrons to enjoy. Furthermore, if you're tryna have a good time and dance in the District, your best bet is U Street Music Hall, where the vibes are always good and fun is encouraged, not sucked out of you at the door. You can find us there tonight, for a funky set courtesy of the legendary Chicago-house revivalist Derrick Carter! 10PM Doors | $10 | 18+

Moby - Wait For Me (Laidback Luke Remix)

That being said, Luke is an incredibly versatile DJ and killed it, as usual, spinning all manner of electronic music (that is, until the Fire Marshall showed up). Side note: the bartender at Lima was the fucking man.

Enjoy this unreleased remix from Luke which set the club ablaze.



  1. Could not have been more spot on. Well said.

  2. thanks for the support, Anonymous!