Sunday, June 19, 2011

Like A Dog Without A Bone, An Actor All Alone

Some old, some newer, some hot off the press, and a preview of what’s to come. I’m bout to blow yo mindd.

English label owner, producer, and DJ, A. Skillz released this remix this past week and it’s beautiful. I'm always pleased when songs from back in the day resurface as more up to date, and equally good, remixes to find a new life. Such is the power of electronic music. A.Skillz manages to blend the soul and funk of the original with a dubby breakbeat of his own in a remarkably unique way.
Marlena Shaw - California Soul (A.Skillz Remix)

I love when I can associate a good song with a good memory and I can’t listen to this one without imagining myself back in the Carl Cox tent being a loon. Good times. The original of this didn’t strike me as anything that special, not to mention it’s just a rip off of “Original Challenge” by Umek and Tomy DeClerque, but TJR comes in and gives it a techy makeover like none other. I hadn’t heard much from Mr. TJ Rozdilsky since his remix of “Spinal Scratch” by the one and only Thomas Bangalter, but I’ll be looking out for this guy in the future for sure. Underground doesn't stop.
Whitenoize – The Underground (TJR Remix)

I also came across this while going through his soundcloud, and being the Doors aficionado I am, I felt obligated to post this groovy track. Another perfect example of great old school remixes.
TJR – Stoners on the Storm (The Doors Bootleg)

To put it modestly, we here at B&S have quite an infatuation with Nightriders, DCUP, and Grum. As Patrick said in an earlier post, these are matchups we dream of. The previews of these songs, part of the Get Hooked EP released today, melted me inside. The full releases... well that’s another story. Both remixes are distinctive in their own way, but the DCUP remix is probably my favorite at the moment; his vocal chopping ability continues to win me over time and time again. Grum, meanwhile, takes a progressive approach with wonderfully layered builds and drops, which , as I write this, have now begun to question which is my chosen favorite of the two (as I realize I've now listened to it almost 10 times in a row)... If you haven’t already, I suggest you throw these last few songs on some big ‘ol speakers and make room for dancing.
Nightriders – Get Hooked (DCUP Remix)

Nightriders – Get Hooked (Grum Remix)

You know what it is. The wait is over and the much anticipated track, “Ion”, by electro house giants TAI and D.I.M. has finally been released. Fuck what all the haters say; unless you’ve heard this live, especially if dropped by Boys Noize at Ultra, your opinion is invalid. As much as I like “Lyposuct”, this one takes the CAKE. Yea, that cake. Might as well take your socks off now, their about to get knocked the fuck outta here.
TAI, D.I.M. - Ion

Finally, a preview for an upcoming bomb of a remix from Laidback Luke, that he will hopefully drop at Lima Nightclub in D.C this Thursday. B&S will be in attendance. We we so excited
(To be released on June 27th on Luke’s own Mixmash Records)
GTA feat. Zashanell - U&I (Laidback Luke Remix) [Mixmash] by upcoming-soon

Tensnake music video of his recent single I’ve been meaning to post. Man, I wish we were doing this at that age.


Munk, Asia Argento - Live Fast! Die Old!

Wolf Gang - The King And All Of His Men (Fred Falke Remix)

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn

- Jimmy

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