Saturday, June 4, 2011

Eat and Be Merry

Hey guys, I've been working on a mix for the past couple days and I think it turned out pretty well. It's a deeper mix than my previous one, comprised mostly of deep house of different varieties, from latin to jazz to lush, synth heavy experimental. Great for relaxing on the beach or what have you. Give it a listen, lemme know what you think. Track list on my SoundCloud.

Boston dance duo, Nightriders, earned themselves a well deserved spot on the new Magnifik EP, actually getting two remixes of the same track onto the EP. Below is my favorite remix from the bunch. A nice, deep, house track that is reminiscent of some 90's house. Dreamy synths and vocals accompanied by voluptuous piano chords make this track a great soundtrack to your late night activities.

This next one is by one of my favorite artists, RAC. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the subtlety of their instrumentation and the way they maintain the integrity of the original artists interpretation while still creating their own place on the track is impressive. Noah and the Whale is a one of my preferred indie bands and RAC's interpretation takes an already great track to a new level.

Straight out of Budapest, Hungary, I bring you Tits & Clits. With a ridiculous name like that, you better be bringing some musical heat. They have several remixes on their SoundCloud page, some of which are free downloads, but by far my favorite is the one below. This track has a great big-bandesque sound that feels a couple generations old. Love the vocal cuts and trombone lines.

Here we have TEPR's track of the month that he released on his website. It is a relatively simple club house track, but none the less a fine example of French musicianship. More signature TEPR synths comin' at you.

Last but not least, I bring you Sweaters. I stumbled upon this guy on SoundCloud and was very pleased to hear the two latest tracks on his page. His self described genre category of 'Dreamy Dance Wave' could not be more accurate. Upbeat and filled with wonderful acoustic and electric instrument recordings, these tracks show you that this is one artist you should look out for in the future.
Sweaters- What You Need (ft. Sunni Colòn & Lisa Dank)

Sweaters - These Nights (ft. OhJuicy)


B-E-A utiful disco house from Nicholas

Love, Patrick

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