Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On The Edge

Robbie Rivera's most recent release, Imagine, is a massive slice of big room house that's jam packed with summer vibes. The release comes with two different versions, the 'afterhours mix' and the 'main club mix'. While they're both great, it's the main club mix that really takes the cake; the breakdown from the 4-5 minute mark is about as huge and amazing as anything I've heard this year. Turn this one up and let the good times roll.
Robbie Rivera - Imagine (Main Club Mix)

This next track by Arno Cost is legitimately so big I'm having a hard time coming up with adjectives to explain it,  I really don't think there are any that capture its sheer largeness. This is progressive house at its finest; almost 8 minutes of unrelenting fist-pumping awesomeness. Find a ridiculous sound system and play this as loud as you can for your own good.
Arno Cost - Lise (Original Mix)

An older Disco of Doom track that I stumbled upon recently. These guys really have a knack for making twistedly funky and awesomely produced tracks. Everything about this one screams "dance".
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - These New Knights (Disco of Doom Remix)

Next up we have Diplo's most recent release. This track features a bleepy sort-of dancehall feel that we've come to know diplo for, and it's a pretty nice little stomper that I could see pumping through some dark basements this summer. Also it gets bonus points for the dope Beatles sample that comes in just before the 1st minute mark.
Diplo & Douster - ON !

Mirage is the newest track from progressive house legend Pryda (aka Eric Prydz). I was bumping this track in the car with one of my fellow Bright & Shiny writers Patrick last night and he mentioned that the opening build on this one made him feel like he was floating on a cloud or something. I'd have to agree, this one has a really airy, almost ethereal feel to it. Another chunk of progressive gold from mr Prydz.
Pryda - Mirage (Original Mix)

'Drift' is the product of an epic collaboration between two titans of progressive house, Adam K and Funkagenda. The track features a seriously catchy melody that gets explored in traditional progressive fashion, and it really pumps when it hits the drop. If you're like me this will be stuck in your head for days.
Adam K & Funkagenda - Drift (Original Club Mix)

BONUS Adam K/Funkagenda
Adam K - Hits Are For Kids (Original Mix)

Adam K & Kaskade - Raining ( Edit)

Funkagenda - H3lix (Club Mix)

Also check this preview of Fred Falke's upcoming remix. It's a little on the pop side, but that piano hook is so catchy I don't even care, this is gorgeous.
  Florrie - I Took A Little Something (Fred Falke Remix Club Edit) by Florrie

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