Friday, January 28, 2011

Yes or Not

Two of the Netherlands most exciting talents, Tiesto and Hardwell, combine their strengths on this MASSIVE, still unreleased tune to make a progressive sounding dutch masterpiece with more raw energy in it than a nuclear bomb. This is a radio rip, since the track isn't released anywhere, but the quality is better than just about any radio rip I've ever heard. This track isn't set to be released for more than a month, so help yourself to a serving of unreleased epicness.
Tiesto & Hardwell - Zero 76 (Original Mix)

 Felix Da Housecat's most recent production clearly shows him trying to take his sound in a new direction. While the familiar, rave-leaning hi hat heavy sound of Felix is still present on Zaman, the track is clearly an attempt to imitate the big room sound we've come to expect out of artists like Kaskade and Laidback Luke. I think Felix succeeds for the most part, considering I find the song highly enjoyeable, but still it's a little disconcerting to see one of the games oldest and most respected names trying to warp his sound to conform to the contemporary vogue. Either way, this one is huge and it deserves to be bumped as soon as possible from your speakers.
Felix Da Housecat pres. Thee Nese Djouma Projesi - Zaman (Club Mix)

You might remember we posted Lazy Rich's remix of the Porter Robinson single Wildcat. You might also remember that the remix was multiple levels of badass. At the time, you probably thought that the reason we were giving you this remix must've been that the original itself by mr Robinson must've been somehow deficient. Not so. In fact, the original single itself hadn't been released yet, but it was released recently and it's even more of a banger than the Lazy Rich remix. Porter robinson reaffirms here why he's one of the fastest growing names in electronic music, and all signs point to that he's here to stay.
Porter Robinson - The Wildcat (Original Mix)

The Parisian madman known as Danger has released another remix, this time of the dubstep leaning group Nero. When I first saw the combination I thought it would be an interesting match, considering the two artists' preponderance for a darker, harder-edged sound. The track delivers on the darker edge of the spectrum, as the opening grinding electro chords suggest, but the track quickly develops into a more melodic, bouncy, french filter house sounding tune. Overall it's a seriously worthwhile effort from one of the most mysterious producers in the game.
Nero - Me & You (Danger Remix)

Sultan & Ned Shepard strike gold again here, crafting an epic remix that retains all of their big room sound while introducing a really interesting streak of electro-house to balance it out. I really love this direction of their sound, hopefully we get to see more of it. The drop around the 3:00 mark really pulls everything together.
Thomas Sagstad - Meiri (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)

I don't like Rihanna, so if I'm posting a remix of her, it's a pretty solid indication that the track is really good. That's exactly the case here as Dave Aude uses plucking strings and a trancey progressive feel to give this track a complete makeover.
Rihanna - S & M (Dave Aude Club Mix)

Le Troublant Acid is, as the name would suggest, an Acid House song. But it's probably an Acid House song like you've never heard before, considering it restrains the normally frenetic acid sound within the tight, filtered parameters of a french-house sensibility. The result is a dreamy, Daft Punk sounding track that's perfect for a relaxed day at the beach. I found out about it through this review, in which RA gave it a 4.0/5.
KZA - Le Troublant Acid

All of the tracks from here on out are about to be overwhelmingly, soul-movingly deep, so if deeper, techier sounds aren't your thing, consider yourself warned.
Personally I think this one could do without the vocals, but it's still got an irresistibly catchy groove and an awesome, rhythmic feel that begs to be blasted out of a huge soundsystem.
D.O.N.S. & Shahin feat. Seany B. - Rollin' Deep

Rule # 4080: Tribal drums and a sexy woman's voice are always a winning combination.
Bastian van Shield - King Of My Castle (Original Mix)

Found this one in a DJ set Umek played in Poland. So, yeah, it's completely nuts. The vocal sample and the pounding techno vibe make this one a must have. Here's the set if you're interested.
Alex Di Stefano - Yes or Not (Original Mix)

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