Sunday, January 9, 2011

Going Bonkers

Ayo. I guess this is really my first post of 2011...everything feels so different and new!!! Not really, but I've certainly got some fresh tunes for you all today.

Boys Noize's "Yeah" dropped pretty late into 2010 but ended up being one of my favorite tracks of the year. Hearing Treasure Fingers play it out the other night on the booming sound system at D.C.'s U-Street Hall helped me realize that. I give you the remix world's first stab at the track, coming from a man they call AC Slater. It's a pretty simple reworking, some extra drums and claps here and there, but the original upbeat sound and feel of it are still very present.

This certainly isn't the latest release from Flemish duo Geht's Noch? but it's bangin' nonetheless and I hadn't heard it until yesterday. The boys who brought us "Body Jack" a while back have demonstrated that they've gotten that pounding jacking house sound down to a science.

Nightriders are craazyy good. Everyone who reads this blog should know that by now. I'm not gonna sit here and write about how awesome they are because we've made that very clear in the past. Their latest release, "Hey", is disco-house perfection in banger form. Seriously, I've listened to it about as much as I possibly could and I'm still not tired of it. Good luck not bobbing your head along to the melody and that sweet whipping flare sound.

I stumbled upon this remix while checking out outher B&S favorite Hidden Cat's "Get With It" EP earlier this week. My mind was subsequently blown as this intricately layered noise clusterfuck invaded my eardrums. That's basically the only way I can describe it. This mix from Gianpaolo Dieli, whom I know nothing about, is a complete reinterpretation of the original, the 'Get With It' vocal sample aside. I don't know how I'd classify it, but it's beautiful and definitely worth giving a listen.

Last up is kind of a mash-up (!!!), but it's quite enjoyable. I got this a while ago and now that I've seen all these other blogs post it I decided I might as well do the same. Not sure who is responsible for it, but they did a damn good job. That first buildup is sweeeet.



  1. the new player is lookin goooood. wasnt working for me for a while but alas, it lives!

  2. Hidden Cat reminds me slightly of Flying Lotus. Nice.