Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's a sunny day out here in california, and it's a thursday, which means the weekend officially starts right now, so I'm gonna keep this post brief in preparation for the calamity that probably lies ahead.

An aptly named electro thumper.
Mightyfools - California Roll

I found this one after reading a stellar review of it over on Resident Advisor. It's got a relaxed, authentic feel that kind of reminds me of Tensnake. Another spot on release from DFA Records.
Jay Dee - Snake Bite

Solid progressive house banger off of Chuckie's recent Dirty Dutch Volume 2
Simon Gain & Joey Seminara - Provence (Original Mix)

I love the bell-type synths going on in this one..
Kolsch - Lorely

I don't normally post dubstep, but this song strikes me as being different from your typical dub-whomp filled track. It starts off trancey, then drops into a glorious, beautiful piano respite, only to build into the most massive electro synth drop you can possibly imagine. It transforms into a bit of dubstep, but honestly I think the contrast between the piano section and the electro-dub makes this track a lethal weapon for any dj if it's used properly.
Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood - Morph (Mark Sherry's Outburst Remix)

Popof has been a Bright & Shiny favorite in the realm of deep house ever since we heard his massive remix of the Chemical Brother's Horse Power being dropped by John Digweed at Electric Zoo. The frenchman simply has a knack for the basic intricacies of what it takes to make a solid, delicious beat. This is one of his newer tracks, and it has a pretty similar feel to the Horsepower Remix.
Popof - Devil Monkey (Original Mix)

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  1. hope you had a great weekend, cheers for the music!