Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All This Gobbledeegook: Mega Post

I come bearing a cornucopia of songs. Tears of joy will spring from your eyes and streak down your face as your ears are bombarded with note after note of unadulterated perfection. I suggest taking a seat or finding something to support your wobbly knees as we proceed to today's track selections.

This one here is yet another demonstration of Keljet's masterful way with the synth. Rivaling his fantastic remix of Any Which Way, Keljet masterfully molds this Adele track into his own. Just wait for that massive guitar synth solo at around 3:10.
Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Keljet Remix)

Now the original of this song is equally amazing in my opinion, but I really love the direction that Leo Zero has taken with this one. This track maintains a fairly relaxed feeling throughout, but the strange vocals and trippy repeating synth line provide enough entertainment to keep you listening.
Hercules & Love Affair - My House (Leo Zero Remix)

Here we have an irresistibly upbeat rework by Kap10kurt. This tune would be great for those summer days at the beach. Captain Sensible's vocals are really weird... Strangely catchy. "It went bang! I said shutup."
Captain Sensible - Wot (Kap10kurt Rework)

Never heard anything from Drop Out Orchestra before, but I'm loving this funky rework they've done. I could listen to this smooth killer all day. Can't get enough of all the retro-ness going on in this throw back track.
Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) [Club Cut]

Shook has crafted yet another great remix. Full to the brim with their signature scratchy bass synth that was so present in their wonderful remix of Penguin Prison's 'The Worse It Gets'. Like the title of the song says, your gonna wanna replay this one over and over.
Electric Youth - Replay (Shook Remix)

Yeasayer is definitely one of my preferred indie bands, and although I wasn't entirely thrilled with their latest album, they have a lot to be proud of. Yellow Ostrich, aka Alex Schaaf, is a one man show from Wisconsin. I've got to hand it to him, this cover of Yeasayer's 'Tightrope' will be in my rotation for a while.
Yellow Ostrich - Tightrope (Yeasayer Cover)

Groove-tastic Swede Chris Jylkke and German producer Satin Jackets come together to create a down tempo throwback disco track that will have you movin' to the beat in no time. Slathered in great piano chord progressions, this timeless track is a trip down memory lane.
Toto - Gregory Porgy (Satin Jackets & Chris Jylkke Edit)

Pyramid is entirely unknown to me. Whoever this mystery man is, I commend him for his efforts. He has taken an almost untouchable classic by Air and brought it to new heights. Serenity and peacefulness floating through your speakorz.
Air - La Femme D'Argent (Pyramid Remix)

'96 Bulls are still relatively new on my radar, but that is not to say they are any less deserving of praise than the rest of my favorite producers. These guys are quickly making a name for themselves by releasing quality remix after quality remix. This beauty landed in our inbox yesterday, and it was too good not to post.
The Knocks - Dancing With the DJ ('96 Bulls Remix)

Moullinex just released a FREE original on his Soundcloud. Generous AND talented. What a guy.
Moullinex - Love It Is, Then


DFA Records' golden children, Holy Ghost, just uploaded this absolute gem of a track a couple of hours ago on Soundcloud. Enjoy the delicious bass.

Rivaling Duck Sauce's remix of Hot Mess, Oliver tries his hand at the track. Epic epic epic results ensued.

Love, Patrick


  1. Thanks for the post, I appreciate you post my remix :)

  2. Il s'agit d'un remix vraiment incroyable. Si vous faites plus, s'il vous plaît envoyez-les nous:

    - Patrick from B&S

  3. Merci, c'est gentil !
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