Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reset, Default, Automatic

Italian Broke One appears to be on a mission to bring back those old-school Chicago house sounds and vibes based on what I've been hearing from him recently. This remix he did of Evil Nine's "Auto" serves as a good example as he layers together a distant synth background over the originals vocals, adding in a hint of acid underneath it all.
Evil Nine - Auto (Broke One Remix)

We've posted about him before, and with "Pantera", Frenchman and Shiny Disco Club crew member Kartell has definitively paved a bassline heavy path straight to my heart. Smooth, sexy, and funky as fuck are all terms one might use to describe this jam. Save this one for the lady-friend.
Kartell - Pantera

I believe we posted the Laidback Luke mix of Carte Blanche's "Do! Do! Do!" a while back, but personally, I'm much more of a fan of what Strip Steve has decided to do with it. Heavy on the hi-hats and heavy on the bass, this one just begs you to dance along.
Carte Blanche - Do! Do! Do! (Strip Steve Jacked Up Remix)

I really don't know much about eSQUIRE aside from the fact that he's from the UK, but he's managed to give one of my absolute favorite Daft Punk songs a delectable thickness that would destroy any dance floor. Sounds like my kind of guy.
eSQUIRE vs. Daft Punk - High Life 2011

Alright so I'll switch gears here and bring you guys some harder stuff, beginning with a bomb from Bart B More. Admittedly, that's a term that gets thrown around a lot here when describing big tracks, but seriously, this is a bomb. Download it immediately and let it pulverize your sound system.
Bart B More - Gilles (Original Mix)

HolyshitSharooz. Unfortunately, that's all that's whats left of my brain is able to process after listening to the La Bombe label boss's latest release.
Sharooz - Hysteresis (Original Mix)

And to close things out, why not some good ol' reliable Chuckie. I mean seriously, you can always count on this guy to bring the heat, just as he does with this mix of Diddy's "I Hate That You Love Me". Although it's got more of a progressive sounding buildup and drop, it'll certainly do the trick.
Diddy - I Hate That You Love Me (Chuckie's Marquee Remix)


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  1. swear to god i just pooped my pants listening to that sharooz track