Monday, January 24, 2011

Talk Is Cheap

Less talk,

NC vunderkid
Porter Robinson smaashes "Seek Bromance" with this remix the way he seems to smash everything he touches, by slamming together the dirtiest bits of trance, electro, and dubstep into one filthy sound. Not recommended: playing this anywhere near the vicinity of your local retirement home.
Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Porter Robinson Remix)

Some deeper, proggy type goodness from a man who grows nearer and dearer to my heart with each release I hear from him: Bass Kleph. Beauutiful drop around the 4:00 minute mark.
Jesse Voorn - Somewhere (Bass Kleph Remix)

The French just do it better. The piano synth line in his remix from Ed Banger all star DJ Mehdi is absurd. Everything else ain't bad either.
Eli Escobar - Love Thing Pt. 2 (DJ Mehdi Club Remix)

It's hard to resist checking out some good o'l Bart B More that I haven't heard before. Stumbled upon this edit yesterday as I was browsing through some older Fred Falke goodness. The Dutchman takes an absolute classic from Falke and his longtime co-worker Alan Braxe and gives it a bit more thump, certainly making it easier to mix with, but still maintaining its original sound and feel. How about I give you both?
Fred Falke & Alan Braxe - Intro

Fred Falke & Alan Braxe - Intro (Bart B More Edit)

The musical marriage of two disco-house heavy hitters could never be a bad thing. Second City Rhythm, aka longtime friends Ghosts of Venice and Adulture, just released their first production for free on their soundcloud. If that's not a deal I don't know what is.
Second City Rhythm - You Got Me

And finally, I give you a preview for a release I'm verrry excited about.I hope Highbloo is on everyone's radar at this point, cause the dude's got talent. "Time to Change Pt. 2" sounds like a dance-floor destroyer. Is that a Michael Jackson sample?
Highbloo - Time To Change (preview) by lektroluvrecords


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  1. didn't know who Highbloo was... I do now. I like part 1 A LOT.