Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ock and Shaw

Issac Tichauer from Rainbows of Death, whom I've posted several times, sent me over his excellent remix of What Have You by Diamond Lights. Piano stabs central. Get it while it's hot.

Broken Bells have seriously impressed me with their debut self-titled album. I have been listening to it non stop since March. Here's one of my favorite tunes from the album, complete with beautiful string arrangements and acoustic piano melodies.

Norwegian duo Lemaitre really brings something special to the table with this atmospheric journey. Can't go wrong with children's choir...

Realboy is a relatively unknown group from LA. Here we have a very jazzy, swing type electro house track. I have to hand it to them, this track is unique and original. They've really forged their own style.

Com Truise is an excellent producer. You can hear the intense texture and attention to detail in his tracks. In this remix, he creates a expansive sound scape that demonstrates his awesome abilities. Keep this coming Mister Truise. Great website too...

One of my good friends, Austin, showed me this next track. The Brazilian Girls (consisting of three men, and one woman... none of which are Brazilian) come at you with an extended mix of one of their most popular songs Lazy Lover. In this mix, they throw down one of the sexiest, jazziest, funkiest bass lines I've heard in a good while. The layering of this song is amazing. I was entranced by the almost eerie vocals from the very first listen.


Fare Soldi as usual... absolutely killing it.

Here Russ Chimes throws some predictable big room epicness onto this Booka Shade track.

Love, Patrick

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