Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Noises, sequenced into rhythm

Ok so today is the first time we're using our new music player, let us know what you think. We think you'll really enjoy it, it has higher quality audio than our old flash player and you dont have to go through zippyshare. All you do is hit the play button next to the song to play it and right click---> download linked file to download the song. Onto the music..

This track has been blowing up the blogosphere, but not without good reason. Lazy Rich takes this Porter Robinson track to the next level here, combining grinding electro with splashes of prog-house chords to make a dancefloor killer of massive proportions.
Porter Robinson - Wildcat (Lazy Rich Remix)

I don't know much about the Canadian Lazy Rich, but this other remix has been in my library for a while and it's equally wonderful to listen to. He kind of reminds me of some older Wolfgang Gartner.
X-Press 2 - Lazy (Lazy Rich Remix)

After watching him literally tear apart hundreds of concertgoers at Hard Haunted Mansion, I've thought that Brodinski is one of the most exciting talents to emerge for a while. He's done a lot of work with fellow Frenchman, Noob, such as the older (but still really awesome) Oblivion Remix which I've added below the new track. Both of the two artists have a deeper, sort of techy, but also sort of dutch sound, that's distinctive and highly addicting. This new track they've done, Cajou Club, seems to be an evolution of the sound that was present on Oblivion. I like where they're headed
Noob & Brodinski - Cajou Club (Original Mix)

Brodinski - Oblivion (Noob Remix)

Speaking of Ed Banger, if we ever get around to making a best of 2010 list, I'm sure Cassius' I <3 U SO will be near the top as one of 2010's greatest set-closers. JFK has done a complete reworking of it here, twisting the slower anthemic ballad that it was into a newer, disco-electro fueled dancefloor monster. JFK has been really impressive lately, although it'd be nice to see some new MSTRKRFT every once in a while..
Cassius - I <3 U SO (JFK Remix)

This new Jokers Of The Scene track was released on Fools Gold, which was a little surprising to me since a 9 minute epic electronica piece doesn't really seem like something you'd associate with mr A-Trak. I suppose it just means the man knows talent when he sees it. Either way, this track is beautiful and expansive. Bright & Shiny approved.
Jokers Of The Scene - Joking Victim (Original Mix)

I was browsing around youtube the other day only to find this hilarious and kind of awesome video with a Dada Life song I was unfamiliar with. After a little research I found out it was basically their first song to get them noticed. It sounds surprisingly mature considering it was one of their first tracks, almost a little more controlled than some of the stuff they're doing now. Anyway, if you missed it like me when it came out, check it out below.
Dada Life - Vote Yes!

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