Friday, January 21, 2011

Workin' the Machines

We've been having record numbers of daily visitors over the past week here at Bright and Shiny, and I just wanted to thank you guys for choosing B&S. One day, you'll all be able to say "Oh, yeah, I knew about them way before they were famous," and everyone will fear and revere you. Happy Friday boys 'n' girls.

First up today is a great deeper house track by Para One. It really comes into its own right around the 1 minute mark with some great guitar synths and whistling. Trust in me, just in me, you'll like what you hear.

Empire Ants is one of my favorite tracks off of Plastic Beach, and true to their nature, Miami Horror slays this remix. They add some great stabbing chords and a more dancey kick to create a really nice upbeat feel to the whole track.

Bag Raiders song turned bang0r thanks to the wiz production of Light Year. At the 1:03 minute mark, spontaneous combustion.

Electro + Hiphop is generally a winning combination. Bright and Shiny favorite Vodka & Milk unleashes the hounds on this J. Cole track. Lights please.

Clock Opera makes some seriously catchy electro. High flying melodies and harmonies mesh perfectly in this remix to create that 'bright and shiny' feel that you guys crave. Get it while it's hot.

What I really love about RAC remixes is the subtlety they use in their instrumentation. I love their synth choices, and how they so readily maintain the integrity of the original while still enhancing it and making it their own.

Flight Facilities seems to produce music for my ears specifically. Vocals courtesy of electropop sensation Cut Copy off of their new album Zonoscope. The brushed bell synths and the seagulls create a summery beach feel that will have you yearning for those long carefree days. This song has been stuck in my head all day...


Nightrider's newest remix is absolute FIRE.

Charmingly funky original track by Mr. Gonzo.

Love, Patrick

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