Monday, January 31, 2011

Shadow Dancer [BNR // Manchester, UK]

Allow me to introduce you all to Shadow Dancer, two brothers from Manchester whose prolific careers I had not been privy to until two days ago when I stumbled upon their new EP, Murder Room out now on Boys Noize Records and available on beatport. Signed to BNR in 2008, the brothers Farrier have been consistently churning out banging tune after banging tune; it's honestly quite astounding what these boys are capable of. From electro, to old-school house, to acid house, these dudes do it all and, most importantly, they do it really fuckin' well. If there's ever been an artist who reminds me of the legendary techno wizard known as Boys Noize, it's these young men with their technical skill and seemingly boundless production knowledge.

Murder Room EP
Shadow Dancer - Lo Fighters (Original Mix)

Shadow Dancer - It's The Everything (Original Mix)

Shadow Dancer - Cowbois

Shadow Dancer - Lower Left (Original Mix)

Boys Noize - Nott (Shadow Dancer Remix)

AutoKratz - Always More (Shadow Dancer Remix)

For more Shadow Dancer check out their incredible 2009 LP, Golden Traxe

Speaking of BNR, last Friday saw the release of Boys Noize Presents: Super Acid. Yep, that's exactly as sick as it sounds: an entire Boys Noize curated compilation of brand new acid tracks from your favorite BNR artists. If you wanna know more about how the compilation came to be, read this absurd description of all things acid house by none other than Boys Noize himself. My favorite track from the selection comes from Strip Steve who has been absolutely killing it as of late. Check out his groovy acid track below and be sure to grab the whole release on beatport.
Strip Steve - The Beast (Original Mix)


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