Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You've Succeeded Admirably: Mega Post

Let's get right to it, shall we?

The New: Hot off the press

First things first. Here we have a reimagining, if you will, of Aphex Twin's On by Lazydisco. In this remake, Lazydisco adds a lot of texture and depth to an otherwise scant original track, creating what I feel is a great homage to Aphex Twin.

Known as Azari & III, Dinamo Azari and Alixander III are responsible for this next track. Fusing elements from older house music and their own unique futuristic style, these boys put together an impeccable original that will have you yearning for more.

Bag Raiders recently came out with a full length self titled album filled with electro pop gems. After several listen through's, some of the tracks are really beginning to grow on me. This 'charming' tune is a bit off the beaten path, and all the more addicting for it.

Mustang is a brand new collaborative effort between DJ Renaud Deru (Cosy Mozzy) and Andy Faisca. Based on their latest remix, I'd say they're off to quite a good start.

Flight Facilities can do no wrong. Here they've 'righted' all over an already superb C90's original track. This remix is dancey, upbeat, and downright adorable.

The Old: Treasures from the past (anything more than a week old...)

Shinichi Osawa (aka Mondo Grosso) is hands down one of my favorite producers. His influential style has brought him all over the world and reached many different musical genres, from jazz to house. With 5 solo albums and a whole slew of remixes and singles, I bring you the Japanese heavy hitter Shinichi Osawa.

Based out of California, Robot Science (aka Charlie Yin) truly captures the essence of robots. Bleeps and Bloops galore, this melodic serenade will soothe the mind and body.

I don't know much about mysterious producer Amtrak, but what I do know is that his track Alto is a masterful fusion of genres that continuously evolves with each passing second, culminating in a fantastically polished track.

This one is hilarious. Soulwax throws it down in their re-edit of a predictably classy Miss Kitten track. "Uh excuse me, uh... Would you mind to... pump?"

Ishfaq, experimental electronic producer from UK, tries his hand at a great track by The Roots. Cruisin' to this smooth killer.

In case you haven't picked up Flying Lotus' album Cosmogramma, go do it right now. Full to the brim with colorful experimental tracks that will blow your mind, Cosmogramma is an amazing album from start to finish. Here I present you with one of my absolute favorites from the album, and his work in general.


Extremely creative video for The Avalanches' Frontier Psychiatrist. Big thanks to Jimbo Slice for this one.

Love, Patrick


  1. I love B+S because its great for finding new music

    Buy Flylo? I can't think of someone who would regularly check this site but hasn't heard of Cosmogramma. And Frontier Psychiatrist came out a full ten years ago.

    Those tracks just feel like filler.

  2. First of all, thank you for expressing your love for BS, we all appreciate it.

    Secondly, shut up. I listened to Cosmogramma back in May when the album came out and loved it, but due to the speed of the industry, my constantly growing music collection buried it. I recently rediscovered the album and fell back in love with its amazing originality, namely Intro/A Cosmic drama which is dripping in beautiful string and harp arrangements. Despite what you might think, the track got a significant amount of downloads and I believe it was worthy of being brought back to the surface. Furthermore, I wouldn't consider Flying Lotus "filler" in any context, he's brilliant.

    And as for the Frontier Psychiatrist, it was about the innovative aesthetics of the video, which I had never seen before. I neither mentioned the quality of the song nor put a download link.

    With the amount of material that we post here at BS, no one is concerned with looking for filler. As you can tell, we consistently find plenty of music to share with you guys. We are simply here to bring excellent music to the people.

  3. @Mike... To disprove your points... I check this site all the time and haven't heard of Cosmogramma so I'm happy I was introduced to that. He stated above the last group of songs that they were older. I doubt after posting 11 songs he's looking for filler tracks. I'm not a fan of the song, Frontier Psychiatrist, but that's a sweet video so accept it for what is.