Friday, December 3, 2010

Hands Up

Get excited, it's Friday.

Up first is a track that got a lot of love during HARD Haunted Mansion this year. Massimo Massivi, who I unfortunately couldn't find any info about, is responsible for "Hands Up". This is a banger if I've ever heard one. A steady buildup leads to a diabolical drop of siren type synths and a fat thumping bass drum. Do I need to say it? Blast this.

Next is a wonderful little remix by Casino Gold, a Los Angeles duo who specialize in energetic, pumping electro, of Will Bailey's "Chip Shop". The original, which is pretty big itself, is really pretty tame by comparison. The Casino boys assault the track with pitch bended synths, quick hitting drums, and a vocal cutup from the original.

Who is Discosamurai? No one really knows, but that doesn't really matter so long as he/she keeps churning out tunes like this...

Go Go Bizkitt! has been on the Bright & Shiny radar for a while now; no surprise really when you find yourself mindlessly grooving to his bouncy, disco tinged productions. Here's a great remix he did of Mr. Oizo's "Rubber".

More disco house, this time from a duo I really can't get enough of: Nightriders. These guys have the production of quality nu-disco down to a science. You can always count on them to provide you with some great sampling, beautiful filters, and a killer bassline underneath it all. Here's a remix they did for Aniki I happened upon the other day.

Patrick posted a preview of this track a while back, and I don't think it really got the attention it deserved. Fortunately, I snagged a 320 version of it recently to re-share with you all. It's a typical remix from Italian 7-footer Phonat, and by typical I mean fucking brilliant. With an ethereal, pulsing intro, it drops into a bassline heavy bomb with some classic Phonat cut-ups. The remix comes off of the Travellers EP, which is pure gold. I also recommend the equally genius Sharooz edit of the same track, which you can check out here.

About a week ago, Steed Lord uploaded "Don't Hurt Love" onto their soundcloud, or first glimpse of their upcoming Eddie House EP. The song is a return to the Iceland trio's house roots, and it's got me very excited for the release of their EP. Take a listen below..

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