Monday, December 13, 2010


Underground rapper Donnis has been on for a while now but this shit is unprecedented, with Needlz absolutely tearing it up on the beats. The ultimate pregame jam, bump this shit in the whip with a jay in your right and a cup in the left.
Donnis - Gone (prod. Needlz)

And check out the chillin' ass commercial I jacked this jam from. Props to adidas for successful branding.

the Clubhaus

This rarity escaped from Afrojack's brain somewhere around two years ago when some crazy person saw fit to release it to the masses.
Afrojack - Esther

The mad dutchman Chuckie can make bumping, techy progressive house, too? It seems there are no bounds to this man's producing prowess.
Erick Morillo, Eddie Thoenick - Live Your Life ft. Shawnee Taylor (Chuckie Remix)

Denzal Park have been working together for two years now and have made a name for themselves in the Australian club scene. This progressive track has all the funky, high pitched bleeps you could ever ask for, complimented beautifully by a deep, rolling bass line. Thanks to resident Bright & Shiny™ DJ Ruthy Lopez for throwing this into our second ever Saturday Essential Mix which is available here for download!
Keewix - Mariachi Loco ft. Messinian (Denzal Park Vocal Mix)



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