Thursday, December 2, 2010


[UPDATE: the zippyshare previewers don't seem to be working at the moment, but we can't do a thing about that. Sorry for the inconvenience. Download the songs.]

A friend of a good friend has made an incredible remix of "Famine Affair" from of Montreal's most recent LP, False Priest. He goes by the name of Animals Deluxe and he is now on my radar. According to his soundcloud he specializes in chillwave, although I'd recommend he make the move to whatever the fuck he's doing on this remix. Animals Deluxe takes the vocals from the original track and ignores the rest, favoring a punch-drunk attitude over the paranoia of the original track. He does well in this, creating a stoned soundscape dotted with Atari synths and lazy, studdering kicks and claps, all arranged with a kind of haphazard precision. Beautiful stuff ideal for both a quick session or a rager.
Of Montreal - Famine Affair (Animals Deluxe Remix)

But that's not all. Of Montreal believe in democracy, god bless 'em, so the power to propel Animals Deluxe to the top spot in the contest lies in your hands. He's already doin' great by himself, but let's help him out since his track is far and away the best entry. Click HERE TO VOTE. Its very simple, just click the vote button on the soundcloud widget; no signing in, no hassle, just 10 seconds of your time.

This second track is from our good friend and hip-hop producer extraordinaire, Adam Boulesbaa. It's a fun foray into house/disco forged from the discarded melody of some old song no one's ever heard of. Get some funk in your diet.
Adam Boulesbaa - The More I'm With You


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