Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Frenchman and Shiny Disco Club member Kartell lays down some serious funk with "La Jeunesse Retrouvée". This is baby-making music if nothing else; just don't ask me to pronounce that title..
Kartell - La Jeunesse Retrouvée

I happened upon this gem from Mix Chopin the other day. Though it's a bit old, the bassline and synthwork are simply too good to ignore, so check this out if you haven't before, or if you're unfamiliar with Chopin's filter-house goodness.
Mix Chopin - Ecliptic

House super-duo Duck Sauce attack Chromeo's "Hot Mess" in their latest remix, dropping a discotheque rockin' beat over some looped Elly Jackson vocals from the original. A-Trak and Van Helden prove time and time again with these releases that together, they can do no wrong.
Chromeo ft. Elly Jackson - Hot Mess (Duck Sauce Remix)

I've posted a track or two from these guys before and I've been even more impressed by the stuff I've checked out since then. These New Zealand bros are the real deal. So if you haven't already, add the name Chaos in the CBD to your music radar and look out for some more of their stuff here on B&S.
Blaze Tripp - San Fierro (Chaos in the CBD NZ Funky Refix)

We've ranted about Deadmau5 before, but "Limit Break", which he released for free on Christmas day, is a much needed return to form. With production reminiscent of earlier tracks like "The Reward is Cheese", this will literally knock you to the floor if you're not prepared for it. I strongly advise you to set yourself in a firm, athletic stance before that first drop; it's a doozy. Those of you who follow us on twitter already have this techno jameroo, but for those of you who don't, consider this a final warning: follow us on twitter, or else... you won't get all the cool stuff we put up there!
Deadmau5 - Limit Break


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  1. dear the unknown pk...limit break...i listened to it when it came out and haven't listened to it again until now and it still blows. This is not a song; it lacks real musical form to me. I agree that some of the sounds are reminiscent of some his earlier tracks, and i love his older stuff. But dude this whole song reminds me of how he ended his first gig at the 9:30 club earlier this year; he ended with a huge build, never dropped it, then just walked off. That is how this song feels to me, the song is all a build and then, oh wait...he doesnt drop it, it just kinda diffuses really fast and then ends.....thats not cool, i don't want to hear that.

    I'm sorry to disagree with you so meanly peter, but i'm so disappointed in the mau5's recent direction: sofie needs to go with the dubstep that hes doing now. Limit break is joel trying to be cool and different like "oh what if i make a long build then never drop it yea thad be dope no one would expect that, id be so cool." no joel this blows: bring back the random album title sound. Thats just my opinion though brotha.