Monday, December 6, 2010

You think you invented being bad?

Here's some pretty cool stuff:

Fare Soldi just does it better. Santana Pasta and Luka Carnifull make up this disco loving Italian duo and they're here to make you dance. And dance you shall.

A seriously bass driven Flashworx remix of a sassy Rosin Murphy single. Compelling track, as per usual with Mr. Hammer.

Burns, Fred Falke, Mix Chopin, and Ghosts of Venice all brought together on one track? I wonder what genre this one is gonna be. (Just kidding I don't).

Poka is setting some new standards in French house recently despite his Greek nationality. Right as you think things might be getting a wee bit repetitive, he drops in the vocals. Hook, line, sinker.

Remix Artist Collective (RAC) is a powerhouse of talent. Comprised of three artists, these guys manage to pump out consistently superb remixes as well as individually being involved in many other creative ventures from Entourage to Ra Ra Riot.

Now this track is a bit of a curve ball. As you may or may not know, I'm an avid indie music enthusiast. I love my Ra Ra Riot, my Fleet Foxes, my Vampire Weekend. Today though, the focus is on Noah and the Whale's new single: Wild Thing. Infectious guitar riffs, warm atmospheric synths, calming vocals, interesting lyrics. Check it oooouuuuuutttttttt yeah?


So I'm really struggling here. There's this amazing Shinichi Osawa album that recently came out, and along with it, a remix album titled SO2. There are several amazing remixes on this album and I'd really love to buy it, but this Japanese itunes thing is tripping me up so much so that I remain without this fantastic collection of songs. Remixes from Hidden Cat, Cosmonaut Grechko, LightsOverLA, The Kids are Radioactive, Fabian, and the list goes on. My personal favorite is a very Japanese-y sounding funky remix of Love Will Guide You by Robotaki.

If you manage to find out how to buy it, you can rest assured it's money well spent.

Carte Blanche and Kid Sister really Do! Do! Do! it right with their newest video - watch it!

Love, Patrick

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