Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Relax Post

This can be a super stressful time of the year for most people; if you're a student you're probably mired in loads of work for exams, and if you have a job you're probably loaded with end-of-the-year stuff to do. So, today I have a special treat for you. All of the songs here have one function: they're really, really relaxing. This is my go-to playlist for whenever I'm trying to kick back and unwind a bit, so I hope you appreciate it and that it helps you out.

Nosaj Thing - Aquarium

Little Dragon - Scribbled Paper

Thievery Corporation - Treasures

Washed Out - Feel It All Around

Moby - Inside

Lemon Jelly - Space Walk

Digitalism - All Things Flow (Sufjan Stevens vs Digitalism)

Zero 7 - The Space Between

Kaskade - 4AM (Adam K & Soha Mix)

Stay Classy,


  1. I'm a big fan of this post, it just kept getting better and I saw big names I've always privately obsessed about in my music library. Good sh!t, but where are freeworm - steeps, talvin singh/kid loco - taveller and Zero 7 - crosses?!


  2. im glad you appreciated the post! there were a lot more songs i wanted to put up, but i had to widdle it down to my favorites in the interest of brevity. I actually hadnt heard any of those songs before but im glad that you suggested them because they're awesome! definitely getting added to my music library.

    thanks for the feedback!