Thursday, December 9, 2010


What's good everybody. Today's post will be somewhat of a sampler. I've got a smattering of nu-disco to set the mood, some prog house to lift you up, and some bangin' electro house and dirty dutch to smash you into oblivion. These songs will leave you about as satisfied as I am that I just used smattering in a sentence.

We'll start off with a nice little remix from an artist I've only recently become familiar with, but one I'll certainly be monitoring diligently in the future. I speak of none other than La Bombe label boss Sharooz. If you recall, I posted a killer edit he did of labelmate Opptimo's "Travellers" last post. I'll continue the magnificence with his remix of David Sugar's "Flea Market"

Mo' Sharooz.

Typical feel-good jam from Bit Funk. Although I didn't think it possible, the dude continues to exceed our expectations with his productions, garnering the love of the entire B&S crew. One needs only to skim through the history of our blog to see how much love we have for this guy.

Seriously uplifting synths define this stadium-filling tune from Max Vangeli and that other Angello, aka AN21. The aptly title "Swedish Beauty" comes off of the Size Matters compilation, which was mixed by the two Angello brothers.

Massssive remix from LA Riots. The duo have been flaunting a bit more of their big room side lately, and I can't say that I'm upset about it. I don't even want to think about the destruction this tune would cause if it were to be carelessly dropped in a live set...or maybe I do want to think about it.

Huge, gigantic, big, holy shiiiit, and where the fuck are my pants are all words I would use to describe the official release of Dutch madman Afrojack's Replica. Everything you've heard so far has been leading up to this guy, so pump up the volume, clear the room of all pregnant females and house pets, and press play. Then show the man some love by purchasing it here.


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