Thursday, December 16, 2010

He Has Spoken

Quick. Take these. Hurry.

Oliver is a stellar team comprised of Oligee and U-Tern. You gon' want dis.

Ed Banger All Stars, Busy P and DSL, come together on this uncharacteristically down tempo remix. I am extremely pleased.

Futurecop! does it again. Welcome back to the 80's.

Not only does Breakbot continuously create top notch remixes time after time, but he chooses such quality tracks to reinterpret.

Gigamesh is doing a lot right these days. Once again, enjoy.

Miike Snow puts on a great live performance. Here they take a very interesting original track and do it some serious justice by creating an true electronic sound scape.

Happy Holidays or whatever it is you celebrate...
Love, Patrick

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