Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walk, don't run, to the nearest exit

First up we have a very elegant track by DiscoTech. This trio consists of Miami based DJ/Producers Joe Maz, Danny Daze, and Gigamesh (!!!). They have quickly gained notoriety and are getting plays from DJ's all over the globe. Look out for these boys.

Kindness is a UK band that doesn't seem to release very much information about themselves. As far as I can see, they're a quirky disco minimalist 80's dreamwave pop group. Whoa. Ok you decide.

The French just seem to know where it's at music wise. This French rock/electro duet caught my attention because of their genre crossing style. Props to Destronics, especially for their well shot music video for This Night A Soldier.

This 8 minute track really eases you into things with its relaxed demeanor. My man Axwell rarely disappoints though, so give this one a listen. Those guitar riffs are worth repeating.

This last one by Them Jeans is unadulterated depravity. Try not to lose your sanity, I dare you.


Happiest synths. Get'em while they're hot.

No joke, I was blown away by this Sebastien Tellier video. So imaginative.

Love, Patrick

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