Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gold Rush

Today's post is truly a post of epic proportions. Each week I go searching for music, I scour the internet with you guys in mind. Obviously I'm looking for good music to fill my own ears, but I'm always considering what tracks I will be passing on to the readers. Today you will all be getting the royal treatment of songs. From high flying synths, to funktastic bass lines, to prog. house heavy hitters, this one will no doubt be a complete playlist in and of itself. Happy Thursday guys.

First up today is a remix of a Treasure Fingers track by a relatively unknown Italian man by the name of Gabriell. According to his facebook, he is a fashion designer as well as a musician. Just based on what Treasure Fingers has to say about this awesome remix, I think you can all conclude that it's great pre-listening. "Nice work man! All the other unofficial remixes I've heard have been pretty bad haha. So thanks for making some good funky shit. Send me more jams if you got them also" - TF

Here we have Oslo producer Pelifics. This is the first I've heard of this guy and I'm pretty impressed. I look forward to more disco tinged remixes. Also gotta give some love to Fabian.

Shazam is truly a wizard with the music making. He really pumps up the funk quotient of this track, masterfully complementing the super cool Mobroder/Amanda Blank vocals.

Disco funk group Small Pyramids here, bringing you a sly killer of a tune. Complete with chopped vocals and a beat that could give a grandmother smooth swagger.

This one is for all you progressive house fans out there. Here we have Steve Angello (1/3 of Swedish House Mafia) and AN21 (Angello's younger bro) + Max Vangeli. This remix really strips bare an otherwise complicated Pendulum track. An epic build leading to the repetition of the main hook of the song really gets the job done. Be sure to bump this one at 3:02 mark.

Tesla Boy has released consistently good remixes for your listening pleasure. This particular one was brought to my attention thanks to my friend Matt Hickerson. The track takes a light hearted approach to a great Anoraak song, really giving it a nice disco sheen.

Before today, I had never come across Villains in my travels. Luckily, this Los Angeles group caught my attention with their rendition of Thriller. They took some key elements of the song, then flipped it on its head. Chopped vocals and a grimey bass synth make this tune one for the dance floor.

The Twelves are definitely one of my favorite duos. Straight from South America, these boys churn gold out of lead. Alchemists indeed. Without further ado, the bass line of all bass lines.


The other day I posted the Soundcloud preview of Breakbot's new remix of Aeroplane's Without Lies. Finally the whole track is out, and it's just as good as we all imagined it would be. So much love for both Breakbot and Aeroplane. "I prefer the cherry"

Last but not least, the hypnotically colorful video for Acid Washed.

Love, Patrick

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