Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Hope everyone had a great time celebrating the systematic destruction of hundreds of Native American men, women, and children. Haha no but really... I hope you did. Here are the tracks that you've been needing for that playlist you've been meaning to make.

I have something special for you guys today. My meanderings through Soundcloud have rewarded me with many a fantastic track, but a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon an artist with so many fantastic tracks, I basically need to show you his entire disco funk ensemble. All the way from Sydney, Australia, I bring you Flash Mode.

He's done a series of remixes that really mesh well with my ears. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy his adaptations, but I also really love all of the original tracks that he decided to remix.

I want to show you his first original track, but unfortunately he hasn't included the 'embed' option on his soundcloud, so you're gonna have to actually go to his page and give it a listen. Now remixes are one thing; a reinterpretation of an already formulated idea... But this, my friends, is one helluvan original. He really gets down and dirty. The chord progressions, the funky bass line, the cheesy 80's synths, the excellent production quality. Here's the link: Redshift

Never heard of these two boys, '96 Bulls, but based on this awesome remix of this Little Red track, I can't imagine its the last we see of them.

Treasure Fingers remix of an Eric Prydz track... Need I say more?

Breakbot just kills it regardless. I love him. You all should love him too. He's got them production skills like my heroes Daft Punk. I think he makes music specifically for me...

The C90's haven't exactly been on my radar until now. This little remix really gets the job done. Also if you stop by their Soundcloud, you should pick up their awesome November mixtape (free download!).

Poka has shown up a few times on Bright and Shiny. He really nails that french touch. With its chopped vocals and intro from Fear and Loathing, this track pushes itself to the top of my playlist.

Never heard of Turbogaz, but I'm really diggin' his remix of Homeboi's Schrimps (AWESOME original track btw).

Bonus y'all:

Go Go Bizkitt! is on a constant music making rampage, and no one is complaining. Now I Crave Paris has been so overplayed, but his reinterpretation gives it the face lift it needed to work its way back into my daily rotation. Enjoy.

I really tried to find a DL link for you guys on this one, but you're just gonna have to wait for the release. Thanks Gigamesh.

Herr Styler's innovative little video for Snow in Paris.

Love, Patrick

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