Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm Ready to Rock This

Maya Jane Coles is a name I haven't come across before, but after giving this track a listen, I expect to see it a lot more. She hails from London and brings some real old-school house elements to her tracks. This one's been sitting pretty high in the beatport charts, and once you take in its deep 90's style beat you'll know why.

Bonus: More old-school vibin house from Azari & III. Props go to Sir Real for showing me this a while back.

These Bingo Players guys have impressed me a lot. Each track they unleash has such a unique, stripped down and simple sound that I honestly can't get enough of. This one's got their signature formula; don't be surprised if you completely lose yourself in its hypnotic rhythm.

Hopefully you guys realize how much we all love Chuckie at this point. I'll be seeing him Nov. 18th when he comes to St. Louis with Paul Oakenfold's Facelift tour. Maybe he'll drop this guy. Only Chuckie can make a drop of out Lil' Jon saying "WHAAAT?!"

I've got huge track from the Dutch big room master himself, Laidback Luke to give you all. When this man does it right, as he so often does, you're in for a treat. Here he gives Robyn's "Indestructible" the heavy treatment, transforming the relatively tame original into a certified banger.

I was pretty disappointed with Surkin's Silver Island EP; it just didn't have the quality I was expecting from the young Frenchman. I came across this excellent remix of "Fan Out" from Light Year recently. It maintains a very Surkin vibe, especially with the vocal chops, but lays it over a nice bass-y synth line and some quick hitting percussion. Quality.


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