Friday, November 19, 2010

No Brains

Villains have been at it a while now, honing their disco-tinged and dirty electro styles; making them a force to be reckoned with in the blogosphere. Their approach to this track is no different. Villains transform Mark Ronson's solemn, reggae-inspired affair into something bleepy and danceable, liberally using Andrew Wyatt's vocals above fuzzy synths and clean, tight drums.
Mark Ronson & the Business Int'l - Somebody to Love Me ft. Boy George & Andrew Wyatt (Villains Remix)

If you're using your brain for anything other than the receiving of sensory input whilst at a rave, then you're doing it wrong. French DJ and producer Etienne De Crecy, also known as Etienne De Crazy, knows what that's all about seeing as he's been killing it since the mid-90's, working alongside influential artists like AIR, Alex Gopher, and Cassius; channeling that brainless madness we all love in a pounding, monster electro track. The No Brain EP is out now on beatport, featuring remixes from Munk, Disco Villains, and TAI.
Etienne De Crecy - No Brain (Original Mix)

Belgian producers Mumbai Science have had a breakout year. They released their first EP, Woof, in March after signing with Lektroluv Records. But it was with the release of Ancova this June which put Mumbai Science securely on the map as a duo who love to make basic, driving electro tracks. Gold again exhibits Mumbai Science's signature style, making you go batshit with their ever-ascending bleeps and fat drums. The Gold EP is out now on beatport, and features fantastic remixes from Noob and NT89.
Mumbai Science - Gold (Original Mix)

The-Dream is the master of today's pop/R&B radio hit. If you don't believe me, then listen to this shit. And if that didn't impress you, then fuck you. The man knows what he's doing. U-Tern reinterprets Kris Menace's interpretation of The-Dream's "Walkin' On the Moon," resulting in a juggernaut of a track, covered in disco synths and that feeling you get when you fall in like with a girl.
Kris Menace - Walkin' On the Moon ft. Emil (Respect to U-Tern Extended Mix)

I have long considered the Ghost Buster's theme to be one of the catchiest and funkiest melodies in the history of film. French clubhaus wizards David Guetta and Joachim Garraud take this song out of your VHS collection and take it right to the dancefloor, transforming it entirely while preserving the retrofuture-funk of the original theme with Chris Willis singing about inalienable rights over top.
David Guetta & Joachim Garraud - My Freedom ft. Chris Willis (Extended Club Mix)


This first track is nothing ostentatious, but everything right. All relentless buzzing synths and clean drum hits, this deep track from Eric Prydz' tech house alter-ego, Cirez D, is firing on all cylinders. How prolific can this Swedish man get? He's got his hands in every subgenre this side of the Mississippi. Pick up the rest of the new Size Matters EP, mixed by Steve Angello & AN21, here.
Cirez D - The Tumble (Original Mix)

Every remix I've ever heard of Stardust's legendary, one-off track "Music Sounds Better With You" has disgraced the original, trying too hard to augment what is a classic song. If you don't know, Stardust is a one-time collaboration between Alana Braxe and Thomas Bangalter: mindblowing shit. This bootleg from Kid Massive does right by the original by attacking the song with pin-point prudence, transforming the French house classic into a straight house track perfect for the clubs of 2010.
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Kid Massive 2010 Bootleg)

Alex Kenji & Manuel De La Mare have made a track which belongs to both sides of the beautiful Mediterranean. The woodwind sample reminds us of the Middle East while the light, Balearic drums and throbbing bassline remind us of nights spent on the islands. Also, when AN21 drops it on a crowd, shit goes off.
Audio Junkies - Let's Make a Party (Alex Kenji & Manuel De La Mare Remix)

Finally Chuckie has released this monstrous track from himself and Gregori Klosman on his Dirty Dutch label. Mutfakta, taken from the Turkish word for "kitchen" is a beast of a track; I'll let it speak for itself. Oh, and if you thought the first drop was good, be sure to hide any fragile belongings before the second one, because there's no telling what you might do. Get the rest of Dirty Dutch, Vol. 2 here.
Chuckie, Gregori Klosman - Mutfakta (Original Mix)

Also from the Dirty Dutch, Vol. 2 release comes this incredible remix of Ambush, Chuckie, & Hardwell's "Move It 2 the Drum" by Promise Land. One day this summer as I listened to one of my many favorite Chuckie tracks, it dawned on me that Dutch house is simply a new-age, high-pitched reinterpretation of acid house. Promise Land take the acidity of the original and make it the main focus of the track, interrupting these divine bleeps only to slam you in the face with euphoric prog house synths.
Ambush, Chuckie, Hardwell - Move It 2 the Drum (Promise Land Remix)

Hardwell never fails to deliver massive euphoric, progressive house tracks that I can't wait to hear on the biggest systems. This time he teams up with Franky Rizardo to craft something spacious and deep that would be sure to fill the dancefloor in any club the world over.
Hardwell & Franky Rizardo - Asteroid (Original Mix)

Only 4 more days til the weekend.


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